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The R13 run small and the Levi’s run true to size. I prefer both in the black wash and be sure to chop the hem on the black ones to make them look right for the style. 

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Favorite Jeans
It’s time to order your Valentines Day party supplies! This is our party in a box. Every year I throw a family Valentine’s Day party in our kitchen and we listen to fun music and eat dessert and wear our Valentine’s Day clothes. PJs are such a fun way to add excitement to the upcoming holiday! 


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Valentines Day Home Party
Details for the ballet tonight. Just got a fresh Cherry manicure and wearing this great mini kelly inspired bag- such a great price. I got it monogrammed but wish I just got it plain (might order another plain one 💁🏼‍♀️). They take a few weeks to arrive so order now for Valentine’s Day/ mother day etc gifts and spring break! It’s a trending bag on LTK. 

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Mini Kelly Bag
Our kids love instax cameras. Tonight I gave them each a pack of film and let them shoot around the house. Birdie turned her photos into a book of our family ❤️

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Fun & Memories
This company makes beautiful baby clothes for great prices. I will warn you, items can take a long time to arrive, but when they do, they are so sweet and soft. I bought these one at a time- we just kept using and needing them. 

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Baby Under $40
Boyce loves his Defender 90 toy! And it’s pretty cute sitting in the kids bunk house at our ranch. 

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Toy Car for Kids
I snagged this top for both of our boys. They LOVE Dinos and this top is too cute to miss. 

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Boy Dreams
How gorgeous would any little girl be in this look! Such adorable details. 
Get 15% off the order when you sign up for the newsletter!

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Little Ladies
This tote is perfect for your best friend and for the beach! I brought mine on my beach trip this week and would be a great holiday gift. Linking exact below  

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BFF gift under $60
Texas native, Hunter Bell, has designed some beautiful western inspired pieces, like this dress, and they are such classic pieces. I layered it here with a super small denim shirt (actually is so small it doesn’t even button on me) and then a Ralph Lauren sweater. 
My pendant necklace is by another female designer, Jane. It is a Texas pendant with a star on one side and a bluebonnet on the other. It’s such a special gift for Texans of all ages! 

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Texas Pendant
Picked up these bottle tags from the Essential Market. They are a perfect addition to any bottle of wine to give as a gift for the holidays.

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Cristal is really the top of the line when it comes to champagne (I’m pretty sure there are a fair amount of rap songs that include it 💁🏼‍♀️). If you need a high-end gift to impress, this is a safe bet for men and women alike. 🥂

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For the Bougie
I got this Texas necklace for myself for Christmas. You can choose whatever chain you like and as a proud Texan, this is a special pendant. I have never come across one of these before and it will make for such a special gift for the Texas woman. 

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For the Texan
These two gifts are for the home hosts and will elevate any table or party! Add a personalization to these wine glasses to make them even more special. These bamboo silverware sets are a designer look for a fraction of the price. Linking exact items below. 

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For Men & Hosts
BeautyBio has some of my favorite at home do-it yourself products. This micro-needling set is perfect for anyone looking to step up their at home spa game. Linking my exact set below. 

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Beauty at All Prices
LED light therapy is one of my new favorite treatments. This helps reduce dark spots and even out your complexion. Can also be used on your chest! 

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Beauty at All Prices
This line of necklaces is by a mother/daughter duo and I have now collected so many of their pieces! Jewelry is a great gift for all ages and the value on this designer is excellent. 
I also ordered some colorful personalized pieces for my daughters and nieces. 

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Jewelry for All Ages
My most used product with the kids- this wagon! It’s easily collapsible and fits all the kids. Definitely a smart investment if you have multiple kiddos. 

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For the Parent
It is so nice to have cute gift tags ready to go when you need them! I grabbed these from our gift pile today and we looked so prepared for a kid birthday party. 
FYI we got them kid cameras- which my kids LOVE! 

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For kids!
Some of the beauty products I use regularly are the Essie gel nail Polish, Tarte juicy lip, and my terry cloth headband. All under $20 and would make great stocking stuffers. 

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This Yeti backpack color is perfect for tailgates and road-trips as it fits perfectly behind your seat. Raybans are a great gift that can be used all year round. Linking both items below! 

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These two gifts are my top picks for men this year. The ear phones are under $50 and a total score! They dial up animal and human sounds and depress harmful sounds.
This cooler is truly the best. Light weight and simple open top. Yeti is always a crowd pleaser. 

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For Him
Creed Spring Flower has been my favorite scent since high school. It is addicting!
For men I like Creed Silver Mountain Water. 

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Luxury for Her
I got this collapsible stroller when Birdie was born and it flattens down to fit in an overhead bin, inside a tote bag, and we keep it in the back of our car for easy use. It is great for small children! Very light and easy to expand and collapse. 

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New Parent
You know La Vie Stylehouse for their caftans and they just released a beautiful new candle just in time for the holidays! This under $100 gift is perfect for the fashionista who will appreciate the designer label. Oh, and it smells wonderful! ✨

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Designer Under $100
My husband loves these hunting / shooting headphones. They protect your ears from harmful sounds while letting you dial up soft sounds and human voices. 
These are SO much better than your usual ear protection and they are so well priced! 

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These are some of my pics that would be perfect for any special lady in your life. I will be gifting some of these pieces to my mother-in-law and best friends this holiday season

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For the Girls - Under $70
Rounding up some of my kids favorite items including clothing accessories and toys that would be perfect for Christmas gifts. 

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For the kids 
This wagon has been my best mom trick lately. Today I brought the three littles to Birdies school for a Halloween parade and it was so nice to throw them in the wagon and roll them around.
There are two seats- one on each end- but as you can see, more kids can fit. 
It folds flat so we keep it in our trunk. 
SUCH an amazing investment for families.

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For the Family
This front bag is new and it’s the size and shape of an Hermes Mini Kelly bag. I did get my initials on it, as the company offers, but if I were to order it again I would not get initials- it’s more true to Hermes without the initials. 
I’ve wrapped the handle in a real Hermès twilly scarf. This is a great gift but you need to order now because it takes around four weeks for delivery!

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$125 Fashionista
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