Do you need a Halloween costume for your kids that won’t break the bank, these great costume finds are all $25 and under.

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Do you need a Halloween costume for your kids that won’t break the bank, these great costume finds are all $25 and under. Affordable kids costumes, costumes under $25, that costume, knight costume, witch doctor costume, wizard cape, kids Halloween costumes #LTKHalloween

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Costume Cape | H&M (US)
Costume | H&M (US)
Scary Skeleton Costume | H&M (US)
Bat Costume | H&M (US)
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Because you can never have enough stretchy bangles.  Mix and match them, wear one or wear 10 these stretch bracelets with gold details are the perfect price point, and tons of colors are on sale.

Fall jewelry, jewelry favorites, bracelets that go with everything, fall style, Fall accessories

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Can’t get enough of this puffer bag with a statement hold chain! Add this to your fall bags wish list! 

Fall style, fall accessories, fall puffer bag, One bag three straps, fall nags, fall purses

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Two great basics, a slightly flared pair of cropped jeans, with this perfectly cropped neutral colored pullover you can wear all season. 

Fall style, fall jeans, we can casual, school pick up outfit, outfit of the day, great fall basics, the perfect neutral pull over

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The softest blazer you will ever own.  Cashmere like feel with stretch, feels more like your wearing a sweatshirt then a blazer.  Throw it on with leggings or jeans, this grey plaid blazer is a closet staple for Fall.  Warm enough to wear alone.

Fall blazers, lounge blazers, plaid blazer, workwear, fall style, evereve, z supply, under $150

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My new favorite pullover of fall!  The gold zipper detail is everything.  Wear it with leggings or jeans, perfect for school pick up.  There is also a fleece version and few other colors options. 

Evereve, fall style, varley, mom style, fall pullover, casual style 

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Get the look with this great suede bootie dupe for just $39.99.  The waterproof chunky sole are perfect for winter, and the light beige suede color is on point!

Fall boots, winter boots, fall shoe style, fall shoes, fall booties, suede booties, affordable booties

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I needed these western style two-tone pointed booties in my closet as of yesterday. It comes in a ton of color ways and is absolutely the best boot for fall. It’s at a great price point too.

Fall style, fall booties, ankle booties, heeled booties, western style booties, fall shoes

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Silver Halloween home decor that won’t disappoint.  The jeweled skeleton will look fabulous on your bookshelf, a silver skeleton hand flashing a peace sign, and my all time favorite spiked silver pumpkins, jeweled skeleton napkin rings, and toss some red roses in this spine vase.

Halloween home decor, silver Halloween decor, silver home decor, affordable home decor, Halloween decorations 

#LTKhome #LTKunder50 #LTKHalloween
A modern take on black and gold Halloween Decor.  The gold skeleton middle finger band, a hanging string of skulls, gold skeleton feet vases, gold floral black pumpkins, and black skull branches.  

Halloween decorations, stylish Halloween decorations, black and gold Halloween decorations, best Halloween decor

#LTKhome #LTKunder50 #LTKHalloween
Seriously can't get enough of these black spikey pumpkins and jeweled spiders.  The pumpkins come is a silver version too!  These will definitely elevate your Halloween decor. 

Halloween decorations, jeweled spiders, Halloween decor, elevated Halloween decor, pumpkin decorations 

#LTKHalloween #LTKhome #LTKunder50
Are you hosting a Halloween party this season?  I’ve searched high and low for the cutest halloween party decor and supplies. If your looking for anything with eyeballs I have found it.  From eyeball balloon garland, gummy and gumboil eyes, hanging eyeballs, eyeball plates and napkins, and even halloween eyeball sprinkles.

Halloween party supples, halloween party plates, halloween party ware, 

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I think black and gold are perfectly appropriate colors for Halloween decor.  I can’t get enough of this cold skeleton along with his gold sneaky coasters. Just added the snake skins gold to my cart along with these black and gold pumpkins.  

Halloween decor, black and gold Halloween decor, Halloween decorations, snake Halloween

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This may be the best dupe ever of the kids modern play kitchen with gold hardware.  I own and love the more affordable version in grey.  It also comes in white too!  

Holiday gifts, kids play kitchen, affordable kids play kitchen, kids play kitchen dupe, modern kids played kitchen, stylish kids play kitchen, gifts for kids

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The chunky leather sole boot at two totally different price points.  You can trudge through a snow storm in these but still look chic.  A great winter work boot.

Winter boots, leather boots, ankle boots, fall style, boot dupes, the look for less, 

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These may be the chicest Halloween decorations I have ever seen!  The skulls come in both white marble and black marble.  There is also a snake version too.  I’m ordering the black and there is a smaller version too.

Halloween decor Under $30, black and gold decor, white and gold decor, Halloween decorations ,  affordable Halloween decorations

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This may be the greatest western bootie dupe ever!  This basic bootie will be great for transitioning into fall.  Both styles
Here’s our best selling links from last week for kids gear!  All the doll houses from the hearth and hand collection are currently 25% off, they are going to sell out soon. These cute Halloween PJs are also on sale and sizes are going quick.  My favorite outdoor metal kids table from summer is back in stock, And if I had a little girl I would buy every single style of this knit and tulle costume dress. 

#LTKkids #LTKstyletip #LTKhome
Here’s our top five selling links last week!
1. I can’t get enough of this $80 mirror from the opal house collection at target.
2. The sandal is the greatest dupe of the season, only $19.99 and comes in a ton of colors.
3. Skeleton martini glass, need I say more
4 and 5. Loving these orange glass bathroom accessories that scream fall, update your guest bathroom for the new season. 

#LTKSeasonal #LTKunder50 #LTKhome
Here’s our favorite Halloween Decor finds on Amazon. Starting with Jonathan Adler‘s gold snake coasters, a snakeskin skull, gold framed horror photos, black and white bottlebrush trees, and one creepy handwashing sign.

Halloween Decour, Amazon fines, found it on Amazon, Halloween style, Halloween home 

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I can’t get enough of these modern black pumpkins, no cheesy Halloween decorations here! 

Halloween Decour, Halloween decorations, pumpkin Decour, pumpkin decorations 

#LTKHalloween #LTKunder50 #LTKhome
Another great top that is now on sale!  This puff sleeve floral print button down is a fave. 

Bold prints, button down, Fall style, casual style, best jeans, Wideleg jeans, bell bottom jeans

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My favorite tee of summer is on sale, was $88 now $49.  It’s seriously the softest! 

Band tees, vintage tees, the doors tee 

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This sweater is only $25 and comes in two color ways.  And with this $20 denim mini skirt, you’ve got a whole outfit under $50

Did a mini skirt, fall sweaters, fall style, short sleeve sweater, target style 

#LTKunder50 #LTKSeasonal #LTKstyletip
One of my favorite swimsuits of summer is now on sale!  Sizes are going quick, I also linked more color ways! 

Beach style, favorite swimsuits, one piece swimsuit, farm Rio, beachwear, pool style, One piece cut out style, beach hat, straw hat

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Because I’ve always had a thing for black and gold and I love affordable finds.  Are you serving champagne at your Halloween party?  These black abs gold champagne glasses would be perfect, you can choose to spend or save.  There is also a shorter glass for wine or cocktails.  

Halloween party glasses, Halloween cocktail glasses, Halloween champagne glass, Halloween wine glass, black and gold glasses, the look for less, spend or save, Home fines under $20, affordable Halloween Decour

#LTKHalloween #LTKunder50 #LTKhome
Would you spend or save on this pumpkin punch bowl with matching glasses? Now the splurge is all glass and the save is plastic but pumpkins are so seasonal I would totally buy the plastic.  

punch bowl, Halloween party decor, Halloween serve ware, Halloween style, Halloween party, pumpkin Decor, decor under $20, Halloween decor under $20

#LTKunder50 #LTKhome #LTKHalloween
Hosting a Halloween cocktail party? This Spooktacular serveware is perfect for hosting.  There’s skeleton martini glasses, a pumpkin punch bowl and the perfect mix for a witches brew.  Slide the martini olives on the school toothpicks and pour the fuck up from a School decanter.

Halloween tableware, Halloween serveware, Halloween cocktails, Halloween cocktail glasses, Halloween wine glasses, 

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Halloween family matching PJs all $25 and under, they even have one for the dog and cat.

Halloween PJs, matching PJs, family Halloween PJs, Halloween pajamas for kids, Halloween pajamas

#LTKHalloween #LTKunder50 #LTKfamily
It doesn’t get much cuter than these toddler costume capes, your little one will for sure be winning the costume contest.  

Halloween costumes for kids, kids costumes, affordable kids costumes, costume capes, dress up capes for kids,
Our costume, flamingo costume, parrot costume 

#LTKHalloween #LTKkids #LTKstyletip
I can’t get enough of these costume capes, great for the kid who doesn’t wanna dress up for Halloween. They are all $35 and under, and there’s so many different ones to choose from. 

Halloween costumes, dress up capes, costume capes, boys costumes, dinosaur costumes affordable Halloween costumes, Halloween costumes under 30, Halloween costumes under 25, Halloween costumes under 35 

#LTKunder50 #LTKHalloween #LTKkids
Here’s our favorite Halloween pjs for kids currently under $25, sizes won’t last long! 

Halloween Under $25, matching pjs, Halloween pajamas 

#LTKHalloween #LTKkids #LTKunder50
If I had a girl I would purchase immediately,  these knit tulle princess dresses are currently on sale for $29.  Choose from Rapunzel, Cinderella, Minnie, and Snow White.  Not just for Halloween, sizes are selling quick.

Girls costumes, princess dresses, everyday princess dress, halloween costumes, girls halloween, halloween dress, costume dress

#LTKkids #LTKsalealert #LTKHalloween
 can’t get enough of these black and white bats, just purchased a pair for all four.  Even better all Halloween pjs are currently 25% off!

Halloween, kids halloween pajamas, matching pajamas

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Here’s the top products sold on my Amazon storefront last week.
1.  These Billabong boys board shorts are currently 60% off and couldn’t bet cuter on.
2. Giant bubble wand that really works!
3. Peekaboo Baby books, hands on interactive books that are great for traveling with babies
4. Snap bead jewelry is a personal fave of mine.
5. Magmen the most popular item, but you just can’t stop fidgeting with these magnetic people.  

Kids toys, amazon favorites, Amazon finds, Kids gifts, gifts for kids

#LTKkids #LTKunder50 #LTKfamily
Here are the top 5 bestsellers from last week.
1. The Hearth and Hand metal outdoor kids table that is currently on sale, which I own and love
2. Set of 6 monster cars that are great for the beach.
3. The Newly released Magna Tile Animal series in Arctic.
4. Pjs from the new Grayson Collective collection from Target that are only $16
5. A great outdoor kids picnic table that’s only $59