Summer Saturdays  at the  Pool !  Orlando is hot and us girls are going to relax!  


Summer Saturdays at the Pool ! Orlando is hot and us girls are going to relax!

Pacific cushy strap sandals | J.Crew US
Out From Under Mia Lace-Up Romper | Urban Outfitters (US and RoW)

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If the weather could only make up its mind.  I’m totally prepared either way.  Comfy in the in-between season with an oversized tee and leggings.  So easy to layer and so cozy I might have to considered it part of my lounge wear.  

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Weekend recap and another successful trip to @charmatthefarm with my friend @ginapennington5.  Such a great time  Scroll to see our fun!!

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Happy Sunday friends. 
The bootiful weather has arrived!  I wasn’t sure about this shirt/jacket #shacket trend but I’m thinking I kind of like it.   What do you all think?   I’m loving the length and how versatile it’s going to be to layer this season.  Follow my page for details  

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I like to update my travels cases every couple of years.  Walmart has the cutest and roomiest makeup travel bags.  Three colors to choose from and a great price!

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TGIF friends.  Here we are capturing our last sunset on the boat 2021.  Weather and sunset couldn’t have been more perfect.  Now it’s time to put her away for the season.   Dress is still available in several colors and sizes  

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Babes supporting babes sweatshirt!

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Hi friends!  Hard to believe its October and what’s even harder is the #dresscode.    My favorite go to’s are t shirt dresses.  This light weight sweater dress is perfect for the in between season. It’s also at a great price point and in two other colors.  I finally found booties and these were a surprise. I’m particular about shoes and how they fit.  I can usually tell right away if they will work or not.  These will be on repeat all season!  Check out my shopping page for details. 

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Lilly Sale did not disappoint.  I took a chance with this Evalyne dress and I’m wearing a Small for reference.
Show support for your loved ones during breast cancer awareness month.
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Summer keeps hanging on and those end of summer sales are still happening.  Make sure you pop on over to @oldnavy and nab this cute dress.   I have both colors and they have been a summer staple.   Mild fall days or nights throw on a denim jacket and your set. 

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So @loft is having a sale.  I haven’t purchased jeans in a while and I’m really liking these button front frayed jeans.   Add an oversized  boyfriend shirt, some accessories and your styled.  I hear It’s a #trend this season to have cropped jeans at least two inches above your ankle to see your “booties”.  Well petites it is.   New booties coming soon - stay tuned!
Are you ready for the @lillypulitzer sale!
Happy Friday friends.  No pumpkins or mums on this front porch.  Just not ready to let go of summer yet and neither is the weather.  According to the calendar #autumn is a week 1/2 away.  My flowers are still thriving so before I decorate for the next season I’m going to have to get creative.   I’ll start with this cute T Shirt!  

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September rolled in some cooler morning temps.  I can’t believe summer is coming to an end.  Of course the weather will be fickle for a while so I’m prepared to mix some cute long sleeves and shorts for a while. Shop this top by following me on the @shopltk 

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What a happy way at to end a busy weekend.  My future daughter-in-law said #yes to the dress!  She is going to make beautiful #bridetobe!

Mermaid style. Sharing my discount PAMSORA20
Weekly Amazon picks!

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Cutest transitional dress.  This will follow me into the fall season!  Creamy white and navy.  Wearing a M! 

August is here and it brings intense heat.  It’s so hard to think that Fall is around the corner. While everything from summer seems to crisp up no matter how many times you water,  fall colors seem to creep in and change the scenery. It also changes our wardrobe and even colors.  I picked up this  #targetstyle orange stripe midi and love how it will transition into fall with a simple jacket or sweater.   I’m trying to hang on to what’s left but I’m also preparing for the crisp cool fall mornings.  

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Two buckle shoes are my go too before and after golf.  I really wear them everywhere They are that comfy. These daily tab socks are a must in my golf shoes.  Happy 👣 feet!

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Hottest dress on Amazon.   I’m loving the versatility.  Golf, tennis or just simply running errands 

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Our favorite crewneck sweatshirt is back!!

Sometimes ya just need a few days to recharge yourself.  Its important no matter what stage of life your in.  As I do this from time to time I like to reevaluate and prioritize what’s important.  

I see that I have a few new followers so let me start by re- introducing myself.  

I’m Pam from #ohio who loves her summer season hence aforeversummergirl. My passion has always been fashion and travel.  

When my husband and I entered the empty nest stage in 2018 I decided that I wanted to start a “blog” and bring #IG followers tips and ideas about fashion and places to travel.  It’s kinda like my hobby until I fully retire. So like me, my blog is not perfect but goals to improve the sight and content are in the works.

IG and algorithms can be frustrating. I try not to stress to much because I’m here to have fun.  It’s a competitive world in fashion and travel but gifting knowledge to my followers is what I’m here for.  So thank you new and old friends for following me. 

That being said - 

Summertime is my favorite season (duh) Many weekends are spent at the lake house capturing sunrises, sunsets and making memories with family and friends. 

Summer will be ending soon and with gods grace I’ll look forward to another season as soon as the fist snow hits the ground. For those who are new here check out my first ever blog post about our “Lake house” 

O and these summer pjs from @lakepajamas are my fav! 

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Just posing next to a cool car that matches my dress!  This past weekend we took a trip to #orlando and attended the @mecum-auction show.   So many cool cars.  Sometimes it’s ok to humor your husband.  I love seeing him in his element and it was actually fun.  No cars were purchased but I did find two dream cars.  Stay tuned because if I get my way (wink) I’ll be up grading my current vehicle!!  My dress color is no longer available but two other colors are linked. 

Loving this ruffle pj set from @lakepajamas