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My Ted baker circle bag is on sale under $100! I love the black quilted leather and gold detailing. It says they ship by Christmas but double check before checking out!

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Bag Under $100
Outdoor toys, indoor games, active toys, learning, water, and more. 

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Gifts for kids
Last week’s most loved in gift ideas:
- Bose beats wireless earbuds 
- an indoor bumper car that kids would love
- a wine glass ornament 
- a faux leather jacket in white
- a mandolin with multiple blades  

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Last week’s most loved
Yesterday’s most loved includes some great holiday gift ideas:
- my butterfly white and gold purse
- bose noise canceling earbuds 
- classic short ugg boots  
- indoor bumper car for kids
- a brown heeled bootie 

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Last week’s most loved in gifts:
- a treat maker for dog lovers
- a telescope set for adults or kids
- a Nike long sleeve top 
- kitchen mandolin with different settings and storage
- little girls winter coat

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Most Loved Gift Ideas
Kids will go crazy for this paw patrol bedroom set! All four pieces are under $100 and the bed doubles as a ball pit! So fun. 

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Paw Patrol
Kids and teens alike will love this holiday gift: an electronic hoverboard under $100. 

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These bose earbuds are wireless and noise cancelling. On sale for under $100. 

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Kids will love this indoor bumper car! It’s safe around furniture and under $100. 

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Gift for Kids
Calling all OMG LOL doll fans. Girls will love this lol doll house that is on sale for cyber Monday under $100. 

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Gift under $100
Target practice nerf set that kids will love! Under $100 and a great holiday gift for kids. 

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Gift under $100
Gift ideas for kids including toys on sale! Most of these are under $50 for Black Friday/cyber Monday. 

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Toys Under $50
Gifts for her on sale for Black Friday/cyber Monday! All under $100 including faux leather jacket, wool coat, Uggs, designer sunglasses, purse, silk pillowcase, and more. 

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Gifts for Her Under $100
Fall and winter jackets under $100. These would make great gifts or be a good buy for yourself! 

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Coats and Jackets
Small appliances and gifts for people who love to cook. 

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Kitchen gifts
Kitchen items and small appliances on sale for Black Friday! Most of these are under $50 with one of them being under $70. These are great for new homeowners, those who love to cook, and anyone in need of a small appliances. There is an instant pot, Keurig coffee maker, spatula set with Christmas theme, pots and pans, mini mandolin chopper, and more. 

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Kitchen Gifts
Gifts for kids on Black Friday sale at target! All of these toys are buy one get one 50% off. Including gifts for a range of ages and genders, dolls and accessories, avengers toys, remote control car, horse doll, Play-Doh sets, fun tube, and mini piano. 

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BOGO 50% Off Gifts
Great gift ideas for video game lovers! Games for Xbox, Nintendo switch, PlayStation, and more including NFL Madden, NBA, Super Mario brothers, Spiderman, and more. Plus accessories like a headset, controller charging station, travel case, and keyboard. All under $50.

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Gifts for Gamers
Last week’s most loved in gifts: plenty of holiday gift ideas for Kids men and women.
- Nike cropped long sleeve shirt on sale
- puffer jacket for little girls on sale
- gimme beauty hair bands that I’m giving as stocking stuffers this Christmas
- dinosaur figure toys 
- a home telescope set for adults or kids  

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Most Loved Gift Ideas
Candles on sale and they have such cute fun sayings on them. They also have different scents and come in a beautiful box. 

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Gift on Sale
Fun holiday and Christmas gifts on sale! Snowglobe, gold accented bust statue, condiment cards set, wine glass ornaments, a picture book, and pretty gold accented vase. 

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Gifts on Sale
Great gift idea that anyone would love, but especially those who are always stress out or physically active. This massager fits right into a chair. Currently on sale for early Black Friday deal.

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Gift Idea
Winter coat for kids on sale and would make a great holiday gift. 

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Gift for Kids
Gift idea for kids who love to play dress up. This rainbow and pink Disney princess dress is a perfect holiday idea. 

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Dress Up Gift
Smaller size gift ideas for stocking stuffers or acquaintances! Makeup brush cleaners, LED strip lights that change color, a cooking thermometer, a book of jokes, and an automatic wine opener. 

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Stocking Stuffers
Dog parents or cat parents can make treats for their fur babies at home with this cute gift! Perfect for animal lovers. 

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Gift for Pet Lovers
If you still need holiday gift ideas for the woman or teen in your life here are some great gifts for her: vans sneakers, a leopard print purse, Kendra Scott earrings, a Nike longsleeve top, a classic style Nike hoodie, my butterfly purse that is finally back in stock in under $60, a pair of pretty wine colored combat boots, UGG boots on sale. 

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Gifts for Her
These toys would make perfect holiday gifts for kids! There is a wide range including kinetic sand, dinosaur figures, a drawing tablet, a learning set table with store, laser tag set, mini hippo golf set, seesaw, and more. 

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Gifts for Kids
Gifts for men: including jackets, sweaters, flannel shirts, active pants, dress shoes, and a great razor with blades. 

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Gifts for Him
Holiday and Christmas gifts for her on sale under $50!
- a classic nike hoodie
- combat boots in a cool maroon color 
- a white fuzzy jacket
- vans sneakers
- leopard print fuzzy jacket
- Kendra Scott black hanging earrings 

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Gifts for Her on Sale
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