Holiday home decor ⛄️ 
Linked up the lights I use they are pretty great and only $13.58, arrives on time. 
Most of the other decor items all arrive on time besides the hallmark singing snowmen. 

Price ranges: $10-$92 

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Holiday home decor ⛄️ Linked up the lights I use they are pretty great and only $13.58, arrives on time. Most of the other decor items all arrive on time besides the hallmark singing snowmen. Price ranges: $10-$92

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Macrame Storage Baskets for Shelves and Closet, Boho Decorative Storage Basket for Organizing and Ho | Amazon (US)
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Amici Home Italian Recycled Green Water Tap Glass Bottle, 34oz, Set of 2 | Amazon (US)
Decor Geek Pampas Grass Large 3 Stems 4ft Tall Pampas Grass for Floor Vase | Pampas Grass Decor Tall | Amazon (US)
Enesco Foundations Three Wise Men Figurine, 10 Inch, Multicolor | Amazon (US)
43 ft 100 Led Christmas Lights Globe String Lights Plug in for Bedroom Decor Indoor Outdoor Fairy Li | Amazon (US)
Lulu Home 2 FT Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree, 24 Inch Tabletop Battery Operated Pine Tree w | Amazon (US)
Vickerman 18" Caramel Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit, Seasonal Indoor Home Decor with Decorati | Amazon (US)
2008 Hallmark Jingle Pals Seasons Treatings Musical Dancing Singing Snowmen with Christmas Candy Can | Amazon (US) Ibluelover Christmas Santa Claus Stretchable Leg Sitting Doll Ornaments Christmas Hom... | Amazon (US)
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I was very happy when I found these last night! How fun are those Patriotic dog collars. ❤️🤍💙 
They are still holding up great, we snagged them last year. Very bright colors and more adorable once they are on your furry family friend. 

They arrive on time before the 4th! 

Price ranges: $7-$15 
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This gold mirror is actually pretty great quality. Going on three years now and it still looks brand new. 🙌🏼 
The smaller sizes are the ones on sale. but what I have here is 65/22 

Similar floating shelves linked & that little planter basket is nice as well. 

Price ranges: $15-$70 
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These twist tie tab curtains really are gorgeous! Highly recommend them. We have the 50/108 & they really add life to the Master bedroom. 

On sale for $28.57
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Looking to rock something festive this Independence Day ❤️🤍💙
Found fun outfit options for us last minute shoppers. 
Walking around with the family watching fireworks or lounging with the fam. 
All arrive before the holiday! 

Happy early 4th of July friends 🙌🏼

Price ranges: $12-$35 
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Always on the hunt for good, practical kitchen items. Found some really awesome options for this hot summer season. 

(Durning these cruel dreadful summers; we tend to make more non heated food items. & lots of cooling summer drinks.) 
Really helps keep the home cool, & the body cool as well. 

Price ranges: $17-$99 
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This color pallet is gorgeous together. Diggin on these boho neutrals with a small pop of color. 

Amazon home decor finds! Picked & designed by me 😇 

Price ranges: $20-$462 
#amazonfinds #homedecor #bohodecor #neutrals 

#LTKhome #LTKSeasonal #LTKsalealert
Relaxed look for those lounging days. 👏🏼
Shorts: fits a tad loose. (Size down for a form fitting look) otherwise go with your true size. 
Tank: fits tts. 

Love! These fun smiley face slippers highly recommend. 

Price ranges: $9-$50 
#amazonfinds #womensfashion #cozylook 

#LTKshoecrush #LTKsalealert #LTKSeasonal
Pastel lilac: favorite color & so fun to wear! Summer look 💜 

(The Drop is such a great company, love their clothing.)

Price ranges: $25-$60 
#amazonfinds #womensfashion #pastelcolor #summerlook 

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Amazon outfit; Fun edgy look. 
Really want to snag those converse! 

Price ranges: $23-$102 
#amazonfinds #womensfashion #edgylook #graphictee 

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Neutral Boho Amazon home decor finds!
Perfect useful essentials for any space in the house.  

Price ranges: $33-$148 
#amazonfinds #homedecor #bohodecor 

#LTKhome #LTKSeasonal #LTKstyletip
Summertime outfit 🌸 

I own the SweatyRocks cropped hoodie tank, it’s pretty comfy! 
Fits tts 

Price ranges: $18-$50 
#amazonfinds #womensfashion #summeroutfit 

#LTKshoecrush #LTKsalealert #LTKSeasonal
We are very happy with the new switch! 
Doggie station for the win 👏🏼

They get their food/water elevated; which in turn is good for their bodies & I also get a cleaner look/area with no water puddles all over the place. 
(We have a total of three dogs) 

Added our little dachshunds new slow feeder bowl as well. Will do a video for y’all on that soon. But for now, I will say it is a life saver! He eats ridiculously fast .. and I mean fast 😂 It’s gone in the matter of a millisecond. 
So for this thing to actually work, was a huge surprise to us. Thanks outward hound!! (Not sponsored) 
Just love to share good products. 

Price ranges: $7-$44 

#amazonfinds #pets #dogbowls #petfinds 

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Very happy and excited I finally did a small update for the laundry space. 
Unfortunately, it’s located in our garage. So it’s kinda ugly haha. 
But, you work with what you got. Especially when you rent a home and cannot really do much to it.  
I will add a cabinet soon, so it completes the look. 

Really impressed with the glass half gallon jugs, I used one for Vinegar. The two glass jars with air tight lids are another good buy. Used one for baking soda and the other for my wool dryer balls and cactus static balls. 
Wooden spoon is perfect for laundry scooping. It holds exactly a half cup. I use two scoops for my laundry, making a full cup of baking soda for all my loads. 

The birthday essential oils smell so amazing! I am diggin on the birthday cake the most. 

Bamboo stands are pretty decent quality as well. Don’t wobble or anything, and was really easy to put together. 

Highly recommend updating/ditching your toxic laundry detergent & dryer sheets. Also, using glass instead of plastic is a lot cleaner looking. & if you recycle; well that’s a huge bonus for our planet too. 

Price ranges: $7-$60 
#amazonfinds #laundryspace #cleanliving #smallspace 

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Essentials are needed when you go walking or running. 
I always need to have a decent bag to hold all my stuff. (Keys, phone, etc.) sometimes even a small water bottle. 
Extra small backpack bag does the trick. Over a year now and she is still a vibrant lilac purple. 
They have tons! of fun colors & come in bigger sizes too. 

Sneakers: seriously the best I’ve ever worn. It’s been well over three months now and they still do not hurt my feet, or given me a blister. Fits tts. Size 7.5 for reference. 

Shorts: love the super high waisted look. They fit and feel great, and the panty liner is a huge bonus. Fits tts, size  M for reference. 

Tank: really like that it is padded & I also love the material. Great for holding in sweat. (Just sayin) fits on the smaller size. I would suggest sizing up 2 if you can. Bought a M and it’s still tight. 
Linked the low cut socks I love wearing. Plus the best claw clips ever! 

We’re now doing just about 3 miles a day total at 5am. Really enjoying how my body is feeling on the daily. 
I highly recommend getting on a morning routine, if you can 🙌🏼 

#amazonfinds #workout #fitness #running #walking 
Price ranges: $12-$38
A little bit of Boho, in my life! 

I like how you can mix up banners and create your own personal look. My macrame wall banner is not available but I found a very similar one. 
The gold moon phase banner is exact. 
Have had both for over three years now. 
Also linked other banner options for different fun ideas! 

Price ranges: $9-$29 
#amazonfinds #homedecor #boho

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Amazon work out tops! 

I have mentioned this set of six cropped racerback tank tops before but I really love these. The material is very nice and soft, plus they just fit well. Which I am a huge fan of, as some are uncomfortable in the armpit area. These don’t rid up if you get your correct size. Unfortunately they do only come in small,medium,large. But I will say they stretch a tad. Over time after washing, they’ll stretch out even more. Making the fit even better! 

The padded fitness crops are very nice quality. Great if you are a sweater like myself. The sweat does not come through the material and show on the outside of the top. (If you get what I mean. That’s my personal experience with them) however, I will say size up two sizes if you can. These babies are super tight. I went with the medium, as I am in between sizes. But, I should have just exchanged them for a large. 

Ribbed tank was just a throw in with my work out tops. Can be worn out and about too. But I don’t really care for the cut on this one, so I just use it as a work out top. Decent material, not the best. Still, they have tons of colors so it makes up for it. Fits tts. 

Added my favorite scrunchies & claw clips as well. All quality & hold up hair nicely. 

Price ranges: $9-$26 
#workouttops #fitnessoutfit #amazonfinds #hairaccessories 

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Practical items to make your laundry space more functional. Clean living is on the rise, who needs harsh chemicals & clunky plastic bottles in their homes. Step it up a notch 🙌🏼
All products have great reviews. 

Price ranges: $12-$60
#smallspace #amazonfinds #laundryroom #organizationtips 

#LTKSeasonal #LTKsalealert #LTKhome
Keep it simple with your laundry. 
Less toxins and just all around better for you and your family. 
Found these fun cactus static/fabric softener balls, and they work so well!! I highly, highly recommend them. 
I have seen such a difference in our laundry sense I made this switch, in softness and drying time  

Baking soda and vinegar only in the washer. 
Cactus balls, wool dryer balls with essential oils in dryer. 
Super happy we stopped using dryer sheets & toxic laundry detergent. 

Price ranges: $7-$70 
#amazonfinds #laundry #cleanliving 

#LTKhome #LTKsalealert #LTKSeasonal
Amazon work out shorts for this Spring/Summer. 
All are great quality and fit tts. 
High waisted to mid rise your sure to find one that you’ll love. 
I usually go for size medium for a more relaxed fit, because let’s be honest who wants to work out constricted? 
Socks are the best I’ve ever wore. 👍🏼 I always liked Vans ankle socks but lately the grip on them suck. Especially for long distance walking. 
But so far now; two maybe three weeks in, these bad boys in this five pack do just great. 
Everything washes well too! Just separate your colors. 
(I use baking soda & vinegar only when washing. Drying, I use static cactus balls plus wool drier balls with essential oils.) 

#workoutshorts #workout #amazonfinds #summerfinds 
Price ranges: $16-23

#LTKfit #LTKSeasonal #LTKsalealert
We don’t have the most stunning shower, but our new shower head seemed to make it a bit more glamorous. Always wanted a rain shower, so saw this lovely and snagged it. 
Wanted to give you a relaxing video to remind you, that the shower is a peaceful place. So make sure to add things that will sooth you. In our case; the calming sound of rain fall. 

Highly recommend 🤙🏼 

Under $60 
#bathroomfinds #amazonfinds 

#LTKbeauty #LTKunder100 #LTKhome
We really needed a better solution for this small space by our bathroom/shower area. I wanted to have quick access to the towels, plus towel warmer. Which by the way, is the most amazing invention ever. 
Well I found it with this rack! Very happy with how it came together. Sturdy & easy to install, just find studs. 

New towels are not that bad!!! They actually don’t shed; I washed mine in cold water with baking soda and vinegar. Only! & they came out perfect, soft, and fluffy. Super absorbent  
Using our old toilet paper basket, filled it with small hand & face towels. 

Also linked my favorite and most used face products 🙌🏼 highly recommend them all. 

Price ranges: $10-$156
#amazonfinds #bathroomfinds #smallspace 

#LTKunder100 #LTKhome #LTKSeasonal
We snagged this recliner last year for my elderly father to relax in and it still looks like new to this day. Heat & message really does the trick! can be a bit loud when on, but it’s not horrible. The comfort on this bad boy is very amazing! & the faux leather is actually pretty nice. 
Super happy with it, so it’s always a good idea to share the comfortability.  

Price isn’t bad under $325

#recliners #homedecor #amazonfinds #cozychair 

#LTKfamily #LTKstyletip #LTKhome
So happy we finally bought a tv wall mount for our living room. Just makes the space look a lot cleaner. Holds up our 45” perfectly, and was very easy to install. Love that I can turn it in either direction. Now just to hide those cords. Linked what I found & will be possibly purchasing. 

Price ranges: $12-$60

#homefinds #amazonfinds  

#LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert #LTKhome
Any fun events or special occasions coming up? This stunning dress has great reviews! Same with the pumps, chunky chain bag and pearl hair clips. 
Sassy, on a night out on the town. 

Price ranges: $10-$33 

#amazonoutfit #amazonfinds #womensfashion 

#LTKshoecrush #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip
Gorgeous green & neutrals for your relaxing space. 
Really wanting to snag that blanket ladder myself ✨ 
Amazon home is always a great idea for all your needs. 

Price ranges: $14-$350 

#amazonfinds #amazonhome #smallspaceliving 

#LTKhome #LTKSeasonal #LTKsalealert
Beetles gel nail polish is the best! 
Highly, highly recommend. 
Goes on nice and thick, lasts a good 2 weeks if you seal it correctly. 

These pastel colors have my heart 💜 
20 piece set with lots of other fun colors. They are very small, tiny bottles. But with how many you receive it’s worth it. 

Also linked my new rings I snagged  

#amazonfinds #gelpolish #pastelnails

#LTKSeasonal #LTKunder50 #LTKbeauty
Pastel colors this Spring season 🌷

Amazon walking/running outfit for the win! Everything fits tts 
Sweat shorts are good quality, really like that they’re a longer style. 

Cropped ribbed tank top is okay, material isn’t the softest & the cut could be better. But for the price you can’t really go wrong. Plus they have lots of other colors. 

Sneakers are amazing for being an off brand from Amazon. I have walked in these for a solid three weeks straight and my feet have not hurt once. We do just over 2k a day and I love the comfort they provide. 

Side bag: cute, cheep, and fun! Holds a  ton and can be used for any occasion. 

The viral claw clips that everyone is raving about are actually very amazing and hold up nicely. 
I snagged the new zig zag style  

#walkingoutfit #runninggear #workoutlook 

#LTKshoecrush #LTKSeasonal #LTKfit
This small velvet love seat was one of the best purchases I’ve made. The seats feel good on the bum and the look is even better. Comes in other colors as well. 

Boho pillow covers are very good quality and wash well too. Goes nicely with the boho wall banner. Going on three years now and that banner looks just like it did when I first ordered it. 

Moroccan rug is another gorgeous boho accent. Good buy for your money, plus cleans well. 

Price ranges: $13-$270 
#bedroominspo #bohoaccents #bedroomvibes 

#LTKhome #LTKstyletip #LTKSeasonal
New bedding for Spring 🌸 

The duvet cover is super soft to the touch and very breathable to sleep in. 
The tie details are what caught my eye on this and I really like that it is not a tight fit on my king size duvet insert. I wanted a more relax and fluffy look and it totally delivered. 
I also purchased new king size pillow inserts by the seller Feel&Sense; unfortunately, they do not have King pillows available right now. But the queen and standard are. I highly, highly recommend this pillow brand as it’s the softest and most comfortable pillow I’ve ever slept on. 
The Queen size pillows we snagged (in the white silk cases) from the seller DolceLuna are decent. I do still like them, but they are more on the firm side. 

Cozy house sheets: always will recommend them as they are very soft and cool on the body. 

The Mandioo faux leather pillow covers are also a very good buy. Great quality for being a FO leather material. really thick & well made too. 
(A top seller of mine.) 

Price ranges: $23-$55
#bedding #duvetcover #bedroominspo 

#LTKhome #LTKSeasonal #LTKstyletip
Those white faux silk pillow covers are actually pretty nice for the price. (Set of two) Soft/cool on the face, and even better for your hair. Snagged new queen size pillow inserts also and they are decent. Fluffy & firm but still very comfortable. Highly recommend. 

Price ranges: $23-$40 
#cozybedding #silkpillow 

#LTKsalealert #LTKSeasonal #LTKhome
Got the hubs some Champion Slippers; they did not disappoint. 
Comes well packaged. 
He says they are very comfortable. 
Normally wears size 10.5 got him the 11 & they fit great. 

#LTKshoecrush #LTKmens #LTKSeasonal
Cute slippers to keep your toes warm while lounging. How cute are these smile slippers though? 
Comes in other colors! 

Sizing: grabbed the 7.5/8 but they are a tad loose without socks. 
I am a true size 7.5; I think it’s save to say they run a little big, But just barely. 


#LTKMothersDay #LTKshoecrush #LTKGiftGuide
Amazing quality cuticle oil. Milk & Honey: Smells even better than it sounds. 💛 lots of other scents as well. 
Could be a nice Mother’s Day gift  

#LTKGiftGuide #LTKMothersDay #LTKbeauty
My two favorite pairs of SOJOS sunglasses 🕶 good quality. 
Would also be a great Mother’s Day gift  

#LTKMothersDay #LTKsalealert #LTKGiftGuide
Another decent pack of 4 crop tank tops that I found on Amazon. Not the best in material quality, but, they’re bare-able. fits tts, size M 
Has lots of other color options 

#LTKsalealert #LTKSeasonal #LTKstyletip
Best crop tank tops I found so far on Amazon. Really comfortable, soft, and stretchy. Good value for all 6. Fits tts, size M

#LTKSeasonal #LTKstyletip #LTKsalealert