this used to be a true “toy corner” in the living room. but now that we have the playroom, there’s only a couple baskets of stuffed animals and books left. none of this is really speaking to me (actually i’m not sure any of it ever spoke to me) and i’m just totally stumped. the more i stare at it the more bewildered i become. what would you do here?! #farmhousedialfano #liketkit #LTKhome

this used to be a true “toy corner” in the living room. but now that we have the playroom, there’s only a couple baskets of stuffed animals and books left. none of this is really speaking to me (actually i’m not sure any of it ever spoke to me) and i’m just totally stumped. the more i stare at it the more bewildered i become. what would you do here?! #farmhousedialfano #liketkit

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Debating paint colors for our bedroom…

#clare #paint #bedroom #homedecor 

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I know not all of you agree but the more I envision the kitchen in the end, the more I’m leaning towards doing the cabinets in a color similar to the tile. It feels old world like. It feels right. It also means creating a custom color so wish me luck…I’ll take you along for the adventure! Swipe for a mock-up. #farmhousedialfano 

Afloral sale…get a jumpstart on spring! 20% off orders $75+ with code BLOOM  

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Missing this whole situation in our last bedroom. The wheels are still turning for what to do in our current room, sharing a few thoughts in stories… #farmhousedialfano 

This side of Max’s room is done! Well, for now cuz let’s be honest, I’m never done and looking at this picture, I know I need to adjust the art spacing a bit 🤷🏼‍♀️ But she’s pretty right? Max loves it and that makes my 🤍 happy.  Sharing a closer look in stories... #farmhousedialfano PS. wall color is @farrowandball Smoked Trout. PPS. rug isn’t staying.

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The Sunday Edit / 1.23.22 

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I’m so anxious to get this carpet out, trim completed, moulding painted, and this gallery wall more filled in. But I’m trying to force myself to “finish” Max’s room (in quotes because let’s be honest, I’ll keep making changes) first. Will I stick to my plan?! #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKRefresh #LTKhome
Radiator covers are coming soon to #farmhousedialfano!!! And yes I am that excited about it. Especially in this room where the window seat can come to life and look more polished… ✨ #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKhome #LTKRefresh
The updates to Max’s room (are you watching on stories??) mean some updates to our room too. I never really designed it and had the painters slap some paint up but the color doesn’t do anything for the space and while it’s a good size, working around the angled wall and radiator makes it all a bit tricky! More to come... #farmhousedialfano 

Fresh jasmine. A new sconce. And a wreath I can’t quit (though I did ditch the ribbon). #farmhousedialfano 

Been thinking a lot about this ceiling and this light fixture, and how I can incorporate both into the new house (can I even still call it new after 6 months??). I’m considering installing the light over the dining table + using battery bulbs until we can hardwire but the ceiling is at an angle + it might may not work well. And while the plan is to still add a ceiling treatment to the big room, perhaps the playroom or entry would be beautiful with this planking!? So many ideas, so little time/money/energy… 😂 #farmhousedialfano

The Sunday Edit / 1.16.22

A curated list of covet-worthy items. 

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Woke up to 5 degrees, it’s up to 13 now. ❄️ We’re taking some time today to weather proof and do some radiator adjusting to hopefully get the house more comfortable! Feeling hopeful… #farmhousedialfano 

So many questions about this cutie sconce! It’s the Prairie Sconce, handmade by @hueylightshop and it’s every bit as special as it looks. ✨ #farmhousedialfano 

New Frame art + afternoon sunlight. ✨ I’ve got something planned for this area…stay tuned! #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKhome #LTKRefresh
Styling at a client’s  

#LTKRefresh #LTKstyletip #LTKhome
Tiling the inside of this awkward inset window is my favorite decision in the kitchen this far. It now feels intentional. Café like. And I think when I paint the cabinets I should paint the window trim to make it stand out even more. Darker? Lighter? #farmhousedialfano @fireclaytile 

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The Sunday Edit / 1.9.22

A curated list of covet-worthy items #target #sconce #bench #vintage #greenery #baskets #sweater

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That post snow glow. Anyone else get snow yesterday? ❄️✨ PS. I’ll finally be talking about our couch later in stories! Make sure to check in. #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKhome #LTKRefresh
This view is a mix of good + bad for me. The previous owner added a half bath downstairs (100% needed) but it cut into the big room. Hence why you see the black cabinet where it is. And while I love love love this cabinet from the old house, it’s just not working here. I’ve tried!! It’s too dark and the top moulding is out of place. And this is OK, sometimes we need to live with something before knowing if it’s right or wrong…. #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKRefresh #LTKhome
Will this be the week the kitchen cabinets be painted? Will it?! Spoiler: doubtful. #farmhousedialfano 

A clean slate in the true sense of the meaning! I’ve been getting the den in order…the fireplace + wall paneling weren’t in until right before the holidays so this is all new for me! Some notes/thoughts…

I added seeded eucalyptus to the mantel because I’m not ready to say goodbye to greenery. 🌿
THAT VINTAGE MIRROR from @chairishco. ✨
I still need to style and hang art over here, and decide whether to re-paint the walls a richer color and/or color for the moulding, whether to get a matching @luluandgeorgia swivel chair or keep it mismatched (the latter feels more “me” but don’t necessarily love this one), and lastly whether to hang the mirror. The ceilings are low but the mantel is also low so might need to raise for some height. ✨

Phew, you still with me? I’m also rambling in stories so head over to get further caught up. #farmhousedialfano 

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The Sunday Edit / 1.2.22

A curated list of covet-worthy items  

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I took this the last time it wasn’t raining…the day after Christmas (hence the dishes). So it’s been a fun vacation week! 🤪 Most of the interior holiday decor is now down but some greenery + wreaths remain and I think they’ll actually stay for a bit because as excited as I am to decorate for the first January in our house, I’m also worried about losing that holiday warmth and am focused on maintaining winter cozy! Is your house clear of all holiday?! #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKhome #LTKSeasonal
Your favorite photos from this year…most from the old house! What a year and I’d be lying if I said I’m not exhausted. All around. Grateful for our new home, for your dedicated support, and wishing everyone a happy + healthy (!!) start to 2022. Be safe. Please. ✌🏻 #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKhome #LTKRefresh
New Studio McGee for Target pieces finding a home around #farmhousedialfano! 

#LTKhome #LTKRefresh #LTKstyletip
As promised, holiday is still here but I’m starting to swap in some moodier winter elements too (and new decor accents like that wicker vase from the latest @studiomcgee x @target line!). Anyone else going Fall-ish moody post-holidays?! #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKhome #LTKRefresh
Nope, not coming down yet. You? 🌿#farmhousedialfano 

#LTKHoliday #LTKhome
Grateful for science and for negative rapid tests. For our new home that we are hosting in. For the inch of snow that’s down. From this Jew, I’m wishing you all the healthiest and happiest holiday. Thank you for your support + friendship. ✨🤍 #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKHoliday #LTKhome
Just a slightly different view. My new happy place… #farmhousedialfano 

#LTKhome #LTKHoliday