Hey Brad, I think you’re hot! 😜 Valentine’s Day is coming and guess what this lady likes!? TOOLS‼️ I’ve linked my fave brad nailer I’ve been using to put up wall molding in my home, plus a few other useful goodies for your first or next DIY project! 


Hey Brad, I think you’re hot! 😜 Valentine’s Day is coming and guess what this lady likes!? TOOLS‼️ I’ve linked my fave brad nailer I’ve been using to put up wall molding in my home, plus a few other useful goodies for your first or next DIY project!

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RYOBI Multi Surface Laser Level-ELL1750 - The Home Depot | The Home Depot
DEWALT 165 ft. Green Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with (3) AAA Batteries & Case-DW088CG-Q... | The Home Depot
3/8-in x 11/16-in x 8-ft Unfinished Pine Wood Half Round Moulding Lowes.com | Lowe's
FrogTape Multi-Surface 1.88-in x 60-yd Painters Tape Lowes.com | Lowe's
RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless AirStrike 18-Gauge Brad Nailer and 2.0 Ah Compact Battery and Charger Sta... | The Home Depot
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Easy DIY project to elevate your outdoor (or indoor) space! 

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I’m “rooting” for you! Shop more planters that will root on your #plantlife journey and jazz up your space! #planted #planters #ltkhome

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Presently having a few chats with my plants because you know Ya Girl over here is a recovering plant killah 🫠

Couldn’t find this exact planter but linked a few others along with plant essentials in my Like To Know shop. Come DI•trY with me 🤗

Links for countertop 

Get the light!

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 Beginning to style the built-in window seat

What I used to build a built-in window seat #ltkhome
Another great tool aid to have in your DIY arsenal !
The drill you didn’t know you needed until you needed it!
Keeping things together with these screws. #LTKhome
Using these tools to build a built in window seat. Shop now to add to your tool arsenal! #LTKhome
For a novice DIYer like myself, you’ll find this multi-tool easy to assemble and operate. #liketoknowdiy #liketoknowhome @kholmes_incolor on IG
The travel companion that easily stores away in the glove compartment your car but comes in clutch when needed! Shop this item now and thank me later 😉 #travelbuddy #travel
The #travelbuddy you never knew you needed. Shop now; thank me later 😉 #travel #traveltools
Make this plant wall with a few tools. #LTKhome
The best starter kit for DIY is this miter box and saw if you’re doing minor cuts like the wall molding I did in my home. All 45°
cuts were made with this tool. You can subscribe to the relaunchincolor.com blog to see the finished results! 
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Looking to change your life with just One Word? I encourage you to explore this book and apply it to your New Year! This has been far better than resolutions, in my opinion. I think you’ll like this idea and the stickability of it (yes, that’s a made up word 😆). Shop now for the book that has changed my life and will certainly change yours too!


Ya girl, Kim!


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My first big tool purchase was a miter saw and admittedly I was intimidated at first. BUT NOW! This baby is my friend! Respect the safety rules and you’ll do fine. I’ve tagged some others you may like and within a high to low range (be aware some do more than others hence the price difference) #DIYtools

When you serve the car line with these LEWKS‼️ This coat is just the right amount of grinch meets Mrs. Chancellor 😆 Shop similar ones and S E R V E em the richest plate of green eggs and ham! 

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Tis the season to BUY NEW TOOLS! I see so many posts with tools geared towards men. 🙄… We ladies like a few good tools too! #LTKhome

Determining my holiday outfits that include multi-wear and interchangeable items… all leading to ultimate lounging! 

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Making this floating shelf? Here’s a shopping list for this build that has given this bathroom total spa vibes #LTKhome
Bath mats and affirmations in one #LTKhome

Mirror mirror on the wall… @marshalls will have you wanting them all! Finally found the perfect mirror for the Guest/Teen bathroom update. It sits crazy good under those lights I installed myself! Shop now! #bathroomupdate #diybathroom #bathroomdesign

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I know it’s not fancy schmancy but can we talk about the cute comfort @hanes is delivering? DIYing can get a little cold with some parts of projects needing to be done in a non-heated garage. Hoodies offer warmth that can be worn with joggers or thrown on with a cute blazer and a pair of sneakers for a quick supply run that still will catch a cuties eye 😉 #diyglam #easycutecomfy #sheworewhat

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Going out vs Staying In. Either way, a good time will be had!
#OneRoomChallenge… Week 1 ➪ Sourcing decor for the bathroom and trying to figure out my #designstyle at the same time.

Every design quiz I take gives me ‘eclectic’ as my style. I’m thinking abstract lines, but still a clean minimal look. Is that even a thing🤷🏾‍♀️ ??! Maybe eclectic pieces but this girl is afraid of color 😬 I’m working on it y’all (very slowly).

It matters not if modern, minimalistic, eclectic is a thing because I’m going to make it a thing for myself! Choose your “thing” that is genuine to you; not what everyone else in the world is doing. You are uniquely and wonderfully made… LIVE like you know it 😉 I’ve shared a few cute abstract shower curtains on my #LikeToKnowIt; try something new. 

#genuinelifestyling #madeforyou #bathroomupdate #mydiymydecor

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Some of my DIYs (okay most) take me so long because I do a combination of singing, dancing and cleaning. Using my @eurekavaccums is always a win, and I’ve been winning with this particular vacuum at least 13 years now‼️ Gotta love replacement vacuum fillers and an awesome brand ♥️

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Hooked on you… found these hooks for my bathroom remodel. If you’ve got a DIYer who just so happens to be looking for a “differently” shaped hook, these are cute rectangular ones that stray from the typical rounded versions.

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𝗖𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗻’𝘀 𝗟𝗼𝗴: 𝗕𝗮𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗼𝗼𝗺 𝗨𝗽𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲➡️ Mirror Mirror Off The Wall

🪞 I’ve got a secret… I wasn’t going to take the bathroom mirror down for my bathroom remodel. I was afraid of the whole process.

🪞Then I remembered I don’t need to have all the answers to start; I simply needed a willingness to take the first step.

🪞 Dallas we’ve got that builder’s grade mirror off the wall 🙌🏾 

🪞And it only took a few tools to get it done 🙃 shims; hammer; painter’s multi-tool; don’t forget your gloves!

Shop my LIKEtoKNOW.it and let’s make our bathrooms into what we’ve always desired 🥰

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This Ryobi ONE Drill/Driver is a great starter drill kit to keep in your arsenal of tools. #LTKdiy

What’s not to like about a quick and easy wedding look?! I’ve linked some alternative looks that will work well for those upcoming weddings or whatever event allowing for some much needed social connection. #happyshopping

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Power tool newbie here. Learning how to DIY my home or as I call it DI-trY! Here are a few similar tools I’ve found most helpful for my start that you can buy for your DIY adventures.

• Drill set with different sized drill bits
• Miter saw (not as intimidating as it looks)
• Circular saw (full transparency… I’m still working with this one but I know it’s useful)
• Leveler

Only 4 months left in 2021! Can you believe it!? Being a busy mom means I need to keep our plans in order, and I love hand writing out my plans in my daily planner found @homegoods. I can’t find this exact planner but I’ve linked a few you can try.