All Rhodes Lead Here by Marina Zapata :: 9/10 ⭐️ This book was just so cute! I found myself saying “aww!” Out loud a few times. It just made my heart so happy! This sweet romance follows Aurora de la Torre, who starts her whole life over in a small town she grew up in, after a divorce from her husband. She finds her landlord, Tobias Rhodes, to be a nice, difficult to read, distraction. This book explores love of all kinds, loss, and nature and the last few chapters had me in a puddle. I really was rooting for Aurora and felt like I was cheering on a friend. I was expecting a lot more raunch, but there was only one part of the book that got real raunchy, and it had me kind of rolling my eyes a little lol, but it was just such a sweet book, and I definitely recommend if you just want to read a happy book, with just a little sadness haha. #LTKGifts book / thrillers / romance / travel book / good reads / booktok books / book recommendations / on my bookshelf / kindle books / audio books / kindle girlie / kindle unlimited / amazon books / amazon reads / amazon readers / reading / reading must haves / trending books / kindle accessories / books accessories / books


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