The absolutely best skin care is on MAJOR SALE right now! 30% off the entire site with an additional 15% using my code ADAILYDOSE 💗

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The absolutely best skin care is on MAJOR SALE right now! 30% off the entire site with an additional 15% using my code ADAILYDOSE 💗 #LTKCyberweek

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Okay be honest…. How many pairs of pants do you own?! I truly am scared to even count mine 🤣🥴 If you don’t have “too many,” you should strongly consider adding these to your collection! I have them in several different colors AND they’re 30% off right now 🎉

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So nice I bought it TWICE 💗👏🏻 All of my favorite Crown & Ivy pieces are still on major sale! Including this fun new dress (size down). Use code HAPPYHOME to get it 50% off at checkout 🎉 Happy Tuesday! 

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OOTD 💗 #teacherstyle 

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#TeacherOOTD 🍿

TEACHER FRIENDS…. Or really anyone who enjoys being comfortable 🤣 These are the best shoes! Not gonna lie, I got pool shoe vibes at first but once I saw them enough and especially once I tried them on, I was sold 👏🏻 They come in so many different colors & are totally worth the splurge! Happy Wednesday 💗

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Affordable gold earrings 🌴✨

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Spring colors but make it warm since it’s only 40 degrees outside this morning 🥶 Anyone else ready for warmer weather to get here and STAY?! 🌞 

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#LTKworkwear #LTKSeasonal #LTKstyletip
Urban Garden Prints strikes again 😍 I’m in love with how our guest bedroom turned out when I mixed the mustard yellow with the pink 💗 SO happy with it! 

TEACHER TIPS…. Let’s talk EXIT TICKETS ❤️✏️📮 What better way to wrap up a lesson than with an interactive exit ticket, am I right?! This week we have been learning all about the syllable types, specifically silent “e” words! I use the vowels from my magnetic letter kit (HIGHLY recommend) to let students fill in the missing vowels in our weekly words! Such a fun way to quickly check for understanding 🎉 Happy Friday everyone!
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1 MORE DAY UNTIL SPRING BREAK 💗🌸🌴🌊🌞 Being an adult really isn’t that bad when you still get the same breaks as kids do… sorry for you if you aren’t a teacher 😬 Contrary to popular belief, teaching does actually have some perks! Speaking of teaching, shop my #teacherootdthursday details now in the LTK app 💕

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Idk why this lunch container brings me so much joy but it surely does 🤣👏🏻  #bentobox #lunchcontainer #teachertips
It’s officially denim jacket season ✨ Am I the only one that owns at least 5 of them? 🙈🙈🙈 Endless ways to style them! I’ve linked all of my favorites here! 

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UNPOPULAR OPINION… I genuinely love coming home and cooking dinner 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyone else?! Obviously these shrimp aren’t cooked yet but this is the best week night meal! Bacon wrapped shrimp with sweet baby rays 🍤👏🏻 What’s on your menu tonight?! 

Really tested out the “new” ankle in 4 inch wedges yesterday… luckily it went well 🤣🤪 Speaking of the wedges, they’re my favorites ever & on major sale right now! I also found some super cute similar tops that I wanted to share! Everything is linked in the LTK app 🖤💃🏼 Happy Sunday!! 🌞

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Teacher OOTD Thursday 💗

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Well one things for sure…. I’m glad I didn’t put my sweaters away for the season 😅 One day you wake up and it’s 62 and the next 32! Good ol North Carolina weather for you 🎉 On another note, I got SO many questions about these jeans this weekend so I’ve linked them today in the LTK app! Best Amazon find ever 👏🏻🙌🏻

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Last nights outfit details 💗

#LTKstyletip #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50
Well I thought my outfit was cute until one of my students said, “Mrs. Wemyss, why do you look like you’re going to ride your motorcycle?” 🤣 Never a boring day being a teacher, that’s for sure! Whether you’re going to ride your motorcycle or not, I think this outfit is cute 🤷🏼‍♀️ All details are linked! 

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Literally life saving 🙌🏻  #tula
Teacher #ootd Tuesday 💙 

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 💚🍀✨

#LTKstyletip #LTKworkwear #LTKSeasonal
One of my favorite parts of being a teacher is celebrating student successes.. big or small 💗 I just love giving these out every week! Such an easy way to make students feel special and also a great classroom management tool 👏🏻 I linked some cute ones in the LTK app! #teacherthings #elementaryteacher #teachertips #classroommanagement 

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Y’all I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like to wear 2 shoes again…. I don’t even know where half of my left shoes are at this point 😳🤷🏼‍♀️ On another note, I had to share my #ootd today because Spring is coming and bright colors are back 🌞🌺🌸🌼 (not that they ever really leave with me 🤪). ALSO- My phone case is 20% off today and I truly cannot recommend it enough! Use code SEMI20 at checkout 💗 

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Just something about a pink shacket that instantly makes my day better 😍💗 Obsessed with it paired with my favorite teacher tee! Shop all outfit details in the LTK app now 👇🏻

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Girls days are good for the soil… and by girls day I mean lunch & a Home Goods shopping spree 😍👏🏻 Shop this adorable top that’s UNDER $20 & comes in several other colors in the LTK app now 💚 

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Already searching for similar styles to this @maryandmak tie dye sweatshirt because I’ve worn it 26849573 times and it’s almost sold out (only small left) 🤣 It’s just so cute and comfortable! ALSO RANDOM QUESTION- Is cereal soup??? Why or why not? 🤪 

#LTKSeasonal #LTKunder50 #LTKstyletip
Happy Friday Eve! I got lots of messages about this outfit last night so I wanted to share a better look with you 🖤 ALSO- TODAY IS THE DAY! Please say a prayer because I go back for my blood clot follow up appointment this afternoon. Hopefully they will see that it’s shrinking and going away 🙏🏻🙏🏻 

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It’s just something about pink and red that makes me very happy 😍 Not to mention this sweater was only $10 so that certainly helps 👏🏻 It’s linked in my story & all other outfit details + similar styles (boot not included) are linked in the LTK app 🤪 

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Valentines Day lesson planning + fresh new nails are good for the soul 💗 Happy Friday friends! 

Worlds best Amazon find 👏🏻
If only you knew how long it took me to learn to balance to “stand” on one foot like this, you’d appreciate this picture a lot more 😂 but really… we are (hopefully) only 8 DAYS AWAY from being able to put weight on my foot 🙏🏻 Seriously cannot wait. In other news! I wanted to share this adorable sweatshirt I wore today with you guys because it’s perfect for Monday’s 💛🙂 I got it for Christmas from @lillymaesnc but I linked a dupe here that’s only $25 and comes in multiple colors 👏🏻 Shop it + other outfit details here in the LTK app! 

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Teacher friends, I cannot recommend this lesson plan book enough! On sale now for only $15 🙌🏻 #teachertips #confetticlassroom #lessonplanning #lessonplanbook #teacher #teacherlife #teacherthings #elementaryteacher

For those asking about the crutch pads, they’ve truly been a lifesaver! Come in multiple colors and include all 4 pieces 👏🏻 #crutches #crutchpads