Current Vibe: Feeling Fabulous ☀️
outfit details linked via  screenshot to shop! #liketkit #ootd #fashion #LTKunder100 #LTKworkwear

Current Vibe: Feeling Fabulous ☀️ outfit details linked via screenshot to shop! #liketkit #ootd #fashion

Women's Short Sleeve Wrap Waist T-Shirt - Mossimo Black M | Target
Women's Striped Wide Leg Cropped Soft Pants - Wild Fable Black L | Target
Gold medallion Necklace, Gold Disc Necklaces, Medallion Necklace, Sun Necklace, Eye Necklace,OPAL ne | Amazon (US)
ORIbox Compatible for Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm,Soft Silicone Sport Wristband for iWatch Series 5/4 | Amazon (US)

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Favorite Sephora Lip Liners - use them as lipstick!!

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Favorites of the week! July 23
Quick date night makeup! #liketkit
I want to love the biker short & oversized shirt trend. I really do.  It’s me, not you. I just feel like sweatpants shorts are my kinda hot girl summer 😂☀️

Shop look in the app (@bethzushchuk) #liketkit
Summer sandal favs #liketkit
This simple figaro necklace is only $9..... and I’ve gotten more compliments on it than most of my other jewelry! Simple classic style that’s affordable.  It’s my jam. #liketkit
took a risk today...

upgraded my sweats to flowy pants & a crop sweater.

live on the edge friends 😂 #liketkit
You can say what you want about UGG boots, but their sandals get me everytime. ✨

comfy. stylish. long lasting.  love every pair I’ve had! #liketkit
Easy minimal everyday makeup #liketkit
What will people think?

If you’re constantly in a state of “what will people think”, you’re erasing possibilities of what could be for you.

“What will people think” leads to inaction. keeps you playing small. And leads to pleasing everyone but yourself.

not every single one of the billions of people on this planet will like you.  and most of them won’t know or even give what you’re worried about a thought.

What could be? that’s the key question 🔑 #liketkit
you give life to what you give energy to.  one trick I’ve learned with anxiety is that anxious thoughts, especially ones of fear or anticipating something bad happening, are thought of anticipation- of future scenarios. 

when you work on being present and not thinking of the future or the past, you breath will calm.  Your mind will calm. And you can give life to just that moment.

it’s not always easy, I know.  But give life to this moment right here, right now.  Give yourself energy to get through this moment, then the next.  As you practice this, you’ll notice more energy, more positivity, and more life in your moments vs worry. ❤️ #liketkit
Embrace the curves. All of them.  The ones from middle, side, back, and yes....even the chin 😁.

These leggins feel like I’m wearing nothing, but in a good way and they fit my curves perfectly.  Crop tanks are new for me, and it may be awhile before I wear them without a cardi..... But I feel good. I feel comfortable.

Embrace the curves.  Even the ones life throws at you.  Their yours.  And that what makes your beautiful. ❤️ #liketkit
One thing my husband and I will * 𝗻𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿*agree on?

the thermostat.

He’s from Ukraine and tells me I don’t know cold.  I say, cause I don’t want to know that kind of cold!! 😂

So I have to have an “indoor wardrobe”.....but I’m not mad at this neutral sweater set. 

Who wins the thermostat game in your house? #liketkit
Another pair of comfy booties and they are the perfect dupe for the Gucci ones 😉 #liketkit
What if I told you I found the perfect booties? 

Are you ready? Let me introduce you to the The Steve Madden Howler Bootie in Sand Suede.  

One of the most comfy pairs I’ve ever put on, perfect height on the ankle to wear with jeans, dresses, and even shorts.  The color is perfect for spring/summer and can get away with them in winter. 

Want more comfy finds? Get all of my  favorite styles and be the first to hear of sales with my newsletter.  Click link in my bio or DM me “SALES” with your email to be added! 💕 #liketkit
Hey beautiful.  Want to know something? 

Your booty looks good today!! ❤️

I know first hand how hard being on the curvy side is when trying to find jeans.  If they fit in the waist they don’t in in the hips.  Or if you’re tall & curvy like me, regular length is almost too short but if we buy the long length then they are too big in the waist.  It’s frustrating, I know.  I’ve walked out of stores many times. 

I have found one brand that seems to be very true to size and so far I’ve loved they styles purchased.  In this photo I’m wearing the Marilyn straight leg and they are built to last.  

Have you ever been really frustrated with trendy store sizing? 🙋🏼‍♀️ If you have a favorite jean style & brand we’d love to hear it!!! #liketkit
E.L.F. Cosmetics Favorites #liketkit
You do not have to get it perfect. Just get it going ❤️. #liketkit
It’s officially sweata weatha 🖤
What do we think about the gray  jeans 👍🏻👎🏻??? #liketkit
The magic to business instagram accounts? 


it’s not about the # of followers, but if your content isn’t being’re not getting sales & engagement, and your community won’t grow. 

so what’s the magic with insights? 

insights tell you a lot about your customers & community.  their age range, their location, and most importantly, when they are engaging on social.  if you constantly post at 7am but your community is most engaged at 12pm, they most likely aren’t even seeing your content. 

Also, if you aren’t engaging (commenting & saving) on content from YOUR followers and across Instagram, your insight #s will be in the negative.  That means less than 10% of your followers will even see it.

my tips for growing your business account?
👉🏻 comment on at least 10 of your followers accounts daily and it should be a minimum of 4 words.
👉🏻 engage in stories (responding to followers stories & create interactive stories on your profile.
👉🏻 reels & the save button are very important to Insta’s algorithm.  I promise the more you incorporate doing this, the more you will be seen.  

Listen to your insights.  If your #s are in the negative, ask yourself....what could I be doing to help my community more 🖤. 

Are you running a business account on Insta? What’s one thing you’ve learned or something you struggle with? #liketkit
come as you are. oversized sweatshirts are now considered high fashion 😉 
Kimono style #liketkit
We will never be too old for ⁣
•polka dots•⁣
Just Iike we will never be too old to chase our dreams.  ⁣
There is no such thing as a missed chance.  The world is just waiting for you to start. ⁣
Write down exactly what accomplishing your dream would look like ➡️⁣
Is it 8 hours of sleep a night?⁣
Is it a debt free life?⁣
Is it waking up to the sound of the ocean?⁣
Is it being able to wake up everyday excited for what you are doing?⁣
Is it beings stress free?⁣
Write it down.  Exactly what your day will look like if your dream was achieved. ⁣
The only thing it takes to make the dream happen, is to start. And then do it day by day, week by week.  Work on 1 thing everyday that gets you closer. ⁣
The world is waiting for your story.  The world is waiting for you uniqueness.  The world is waiting for  YOU. ✨⁣
⁣ #liketkit 
August is here & it brings my birthday!!! I’m about to embark on a new decade, but first, can we talk about these cute pants from Walmart?!?! #liketkit
Buttons & Pockets OH MY!!! I loooove this cardigan  so much....and bought it in multiple colors 😁.  Light enough to wear all year round, wear with pants, dresses and did I mention it has POCKETS?!?! Link to cardi is in my bio, rest of outfit linked via #liketkit .
How to dress up a t-shirt? 
1. Tie knot on side
2. Strut your stuff 😉 #liketkit