Nordstrom shopping finds. Jeans- TTS, sweatshirt - XS

 #LTKSeasonal #liketkit

Nordstrom shopping finds. Jeans- TTS, sweatshirt - XS #LTKSeasonal #liketkit

Blouson Sleeve Mix Media Sweatshirt | Nordstrom
Cindy High Waist Destroyed Hem Straight Leg Jeans | Nordstrom
Knotted Faux Leather Headband | Nordstrom
Air Max 90 PRM Fur Lined Sneaker | Nordstrom
Imitation Pearl Hoop Earrings | Nordstrom
Mother of Pearl Huggie Hoop Earrings | Nordstrom
Coin Layered Necklace | Nordstrom
Herringbone Chain Necklace | Nordstrom

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My client was shocked this was the same shirt I posted about recently because she said the shirt looked so big on the website. I knew exactly what she meant because when I tried it on from the box it felt big and puffy, which made me start doubting my purchase. But I pushed through because I really liked the bold color and pattern of this top, and I was really excited about it.  I put my styling hat on and got to work. I tied the top so that it wasn't so open and low cut and big feeling (I love it when brands give you a tie option!). Then I pushed the sleeves up a bit so you cold see more of my arms and less of the puffy sleeve all the way down. Then I tucked it in all the way around. Viola! My top got less puffy and big with a few minor styling adjustments. If you have a top like this in your closet, try a few of these tricks.  If you're not a fan of tucking in, try knotting the top at the waist or sloppy tucking. If there's not a tie, you can even use a tack stitch at the v, or turn the top around (see previous post). If you use one of these tricks, let me know how it works out or send me a pic! #liketkit
You'd never know it, but I'm wearing this dress backwards. I've posted about this trick before. In fact, I've been called the wearing backwards queen before, and rightly so! I use this trick all the time! This dress was a little too low cut for my liking, but when I turned it around, it was perfect. The two new tanks from Anthropologie I bought (the bow one and ruffle one in the feed, linked in this post) I wear backwards for the same reason. Sometime I like the cut of the back more than the front, or sometimes I like the gathering of the back more. And, switching tops around can give you a whole new look without spending a penny! Do you use this trick a lot, or is it just me? P.S. This room has suitcases and dirty laundry all over the floor right now, and this picture just got me motivated. It's so hard to keep a tidy house in the summer!!!! Amirite? #liketkit
I found a new cute pair of workout leggings! You guys asked for me to find another pair! Here you go! Size up, they run small. #liketkit
I went to the Aspen/Snowmass area in CO for the first time a couple weeks ago with some girlfriends, and wow! What a beautiful place! So beautiful, I convinced my husband to go again! Any recommendations?! P.S. I found a new cute pair of workout leggings for the trip! You guys asked me to share if I found another pair! Here you go! Size up, they run small. Swipe right for a closer look. P.P.S. We had just had a fabulous afternoon buying hats @kemosabe. If you go to the area, that’s a really fun activity to do with your people. We walked in there to help our girlfriend buy a hat. We all walked out with one. 🤣 #liketkit
I’m headed to the beach this summer, so I’ve been looking for a new swimsuit. I was looking for a one-piece specifically because, although I have nothing against two-pieces, I find that I reach for my one-pieces so much more. So, I decided to really spend sometime looking for a one-piece, and wow! I found a lot of cute options (linked on and on the @ app). Also, last year I splurged on a swimsuit. When I wore it, I felt really cute because the style was really different/unique, and the material was really good. If there is one time I want to feel really cute, it’s in a swimsuit! So now I’ve decided a swimsuit is definitely worthy of a splurge. What do you splurge on? #liketkit
Victoria Emerson x Scheaffer Told Me To collaboration - BOGO FREE! #liketkit #LTKsalealert
This tee was actually part of a pajama set, but I bought it separately to wear as a tee because I find good looking animal print hard to find. I also rolled up the sleeves and used a tack stitch to give it a cap sleeve look. I’m wondering what other items I have in my closet that I could break out of their category? I’m thinking maybe some workout tanks? Or a dress I can use as a cover up or vice versa? What items do you wear out of their categories? I want to know! 🙋🏼‍♀️ P.S. Just found these jeans in an amazing new wash. They are on preorder, and I already snagged myself a pair. They're a good price. #liketkit #liketkit #liketkit #NSALE accessories #LTKsalealert
#NSALE shoe picks #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKshoecrush
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale staples #liketkit #NSALE #LTKsalealert
I just found out that these amazing "best selling" pants (according to the sales associate) are on MAJOR SALE! I'm finding that clients are needing more casual workwear clothes, and these pants are perfect for just that! They can be worn in the summer with sandals and just as easily in the winter with mules and a sweater. They have stretch and zip side pockets, which make them both flattering and comfortable! #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKworkwear
CODE: BOGO50 #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKbeauty
My sister (@tellittoyourneighbor) has a new(ish) (she picked it up during quarantine ha!) enthusiasm for @clarevivier. She sends me lots of links, and now I'm officially hooked! Have y'all checked out their product mix lately?! I love how you can mix and match straps to give their bags a whole new look.  Plus, they're really great quality without a designer price tag. I linked a few of my favorites. I especially like the thought of a monogramed denim tote. #liketkit
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I tease my husband because he's a collector. He likes to collect a bunch of different things, and I really like to get rid of a bunch of different things -hahaha! But it seems I have found something that I collect! When I looked in my earring drawer recently I had to chuckle to myself, because clearly I’m a “collector” too, a collector of earrings! I come by it honestly. I remember hanging out in my mom’s bathroom watching her as she got ready, and she always had a ton of earrings to choose from! She also used to put her book on a stand and read it while blow drying her hair. She passed on her love for reading to me, too! Anyway, I found two new earring brands that I can’t get enough of, so I’m so excited to share them with you guys (head to or this post on the app).  One of the reason I love earrings so much is because they are an easy way to give new life to a favorite top or dress without buying a whole new outfit! Throw on a new earring and you’ve got a whole new look! What do you collect? For my exact earrings head to #liketkit
25% off Colleen Rothschild with code FAM25 #liketkit #LTKbeauty #LTKsalealert
Let’s talk about denim with regard to the @nordstrom Anniversary Sale…

I recommend only looking at or buying high-waisted denim from the #NSALE. The shirts, tops and sweaters out right now are short or cropped and can really only be worn with high waisted jeans. So, although they are offering mid-rise denim, I don’t recommend buying it.

Head to (link in bio) for popular cuts I know work well on lots of different women! 

Now there are always a few exceptions to my recommendation of only buying high waisted denim- ha! Rules and recs aren’t set in stone. Included some of these picks too on the blog! #liketkit #LTKsalealert #liketkit #LTKsalealert #NSALE
Moonlight pajamas Nordstrom on sale #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKhome

This isn't one of those "16 Blissful Years of Marriage" posts because, honestly, those make me gag (hahahahah - just kidding... kinda). I remember seeing those kinds of very sweet posts during, well, you know... one of those regular days of marriage when I just wouldn't call it blissful, and it made me feel like what we had wasn't valuable. But that just isn't right. You see, I'm not perfect, and he isn't either. I'm growing as a person, he's growing as a person, and sometimes those growing moments/pains as people aren't the prettiest moments (amirite?). Those growing moments were some of the toughest years of my life (and they would have been ugly with or without him), but we did them together! And don't get it wrong when I say, "we did them together". It's not like I was completely there for him through the ups and downs like some movie or book, and vice-versa. I'm imperfect, selfish, and human. Therefore, I let him down and don't get things right a lot. I have looked to him for my happiness and blamed him for my unhappiness for more years than I'd like to admit. BUT, I've stopped looking to him "to complete me" (ahem, Jerry Maguire) because I believe only God can do that! I've also stopped hounding him to be different/better (because only God can do that, but mostly because it just flat out doesn't work -ha!). I've started to work on myself and worry about myself because that's the only person I can control. I've started to focus on what we have vs. what we don't (some days this is easier for me than others. I'm a work in progress). And I think I'm finally learning to look to God to fill all the voids I feel and not expect my husband to do that. When we got married, I was 23. I've grown up a lot since then (I'm not done), and he was there through it all! We share that together. We know, know each other (the icky and good). We have a gritty and vulnerable love for each other. Now that, to me, is really valuable and beautiful. Blissful? No. Beautiful? Yes!  #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKtravel
I'm sharing all about my new favorite Amazon workout tanks that cover both the front and back, as well as my new workout leggings and fanny pack I found for my recent girls trip to CO on the blog today! Head to to get all the details. I promise I won’t bore you with pictures of someone else’s trip (been there, done that. I won't put you through it- hahahaha), but this is actually a funny moment because we lost track of time at the spa and ended up in the fanciest restaurant in Aspen (or at least one of the fanciest) in workout clothes and no makeup. When we were leaving, I made us all take a selfie to remember the moment by. The restaurant staff could not have been nicer or more accommodating. They even got little tables for us to put our spa bag/gym bags on. You should have seen the looks we got when we were walking to our table -hahahaha! Makes me chuckle just thinking about it. And this doesn’t even compare to the moment when we got in someone else's car and almost drove it out of the parking lot before realizing it wasn’t ours. #liketkit
I was in a boutique recently, and I was so disheartened because every top I liked was in the $300 price range. Humph. I'm always on the hunt for unique tops that don't break the bank that not everyone has, so when my s-i-l (@mallorylbates) posted on stories about a cute new top she bought from @shopmille, my curiosity was peeked! I ordered this top and another one (may top in red zinnia) that I found out just shipped (yay!). Anyway, check them out before their prices go up! Ha! I've linked this outfit and really great Mille favorites in this post on ltk. #liketkit
I have two tricks when it comes to bows. 1.) They’re easiest to tie when they are not on you. I tried to tie the bows on this shirt a few times. Finally, I took the shirt off and tied them, viola! 2.) They don’t have to be perfect. In fact, sometimes I intentionally try to make a bow look messy or slightly undone. I’m pretty sure no one really notices bows anyway. It’s the general concept or over all visual that matters, not the exact tie. Are you a fan of bows? I’m making a case for bows! Check out the bow products I linked, and tell me which one is your favorite! #liketkit
I’m in my happy place with my people. It’s like Christmas in May! Anyone have any new recommendations for the 30A area? I love trying new places! #liketkit
Of all the different denim styles, I find straight leg denim especially hard to make look flattering. There are a couple of tricks I've picked up on while working with clients, so I thought I'd share. Elongating tricks really help make straight leg denim look more flattering. Imagine a downward arrow where the horizontal line of the arrow starts at my waist and the end of the arrow ends at my toes. Anyway, the longer you can get that arrow, the more flattering the bottom will be. So in this case, since the straight legs jeans are high-waisted jeans, this allows the arrow to start higher, and my platform shoes add even more height that creates a longer arrow from my waist to my toes. If I had pointed toe shoes on, my arrow would look even longer!!! Clear as mud?! Ha! The point is, any time you can make the arrow longer, the better!!!  Swipe right to see the arrow. #liketkit
I’m sharing a tutorial on IGTV on how I get a little volume in the front of my hair while wearing headbands. #liketkit #LTKbeauty