Hostess gift guide. Something for every party or open house you are attending this holiday season! Pop over to the blog for more ideas. #liketkit #LTKholidaystyle #LTKholidayathome #LTKholidaygiftguide

Hostess gift guide. Something for every party or open house you are attending this holiday season! Pop over to the blog for more ideas. #liketkit #LTKholidaystyle #LTKholidayathome #LTKholidaygiftguide

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Williams Sonoma Traditional Maple Wood Salt & Pepper Mills | Williams-Sonoma
Iveta Abolina Birch Wood Cutting Board | Nordstrom
Duralex Picardie Set of 6 Tempered Glass French Tumblers | Nordstrom
Acacia Wood Paper Towel Holder | Nordstrom
Golden 2-Piece Salad Serving Set | Nordstrom
Smart Garden 9 Self Watering Indoor Garden | Nordstrom
Modern Classic Pie Dish | Nordstrom
Serving Platter & Ash Base | Jenni Kayne | Jenni Kayne
Reusable Straws, Set of 4 | goop
Tsuki-Usagi-Jirushi 16.5 Slim Enamel Pot | Nordstrom
Uncommon James Bottle Opener | Nordstrom
Night Lightning to USB Charging Cable | Nordstrom
Holiday Salmon Roast | Rastellis
Astrology Coin Necklace (Leo) | Gorjana
For the Host & Hostess | Pottery Barn (US)
set of 3 serve and store bowls | Kate Spade (US)
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Back to school means back to dance class for this little one. 

Preschool ballet 🩰 Is the cutest thing ever. 

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The Kerastase summer sale starts today!! 

20% off your favorite haircare finds with code SUMMER22

A few standouts

Initialiste scalp and hair serum Rejuvenates and protects hair and scalp.  Super hydrating and moisturizing. 

8h Magic Night Serum Serious magic.  Conditions and repairs while you sleep.
L’huile oil Instant shine with out weighing down the hair.  

Bain Nutri-Fortifiant Shampoo great for dry/coarse hair.

Bain Nutri-Fortifiant Shampoo great for nourishing hair after a day spent at the pool or beach.  This is a vacation must have! 

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Save 26% off at Skinstore this weekend! 

Rounding up a few of my favorite selfcare must haves  

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Thick hair but dry and coarse? And maybe color treated? 

This Miriam Quevedo shampoo is magic. 

Instantly smoothes hairs
Hair feels softer. 
Great for creating shiny hair too.
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Haircare for thin hair. 

Read about why I like for thin, thinning or tinn damaged hair over on the blog. 

Link in bio. 

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Upgraded to the BIG Oribe kit.  I love the new sustainable refill option.  

I started using the gold lust set about 60 days ago exclusively and when I was getting my hair done yesterday my stylist asked what I was using because my hair felt so good!! 

So basically, hooked on this set now.  

Shop it now at Cos Bar plus their 46th annual best of beauty award winners for some fun GWPs at checkout!

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Double cleansing helps remove spf, makeup and dirt/oil buildup from the skin. 

If you wash your face at night but still seem to break out or buildup switch to a double cleanse. 

The first step is an oil or balm to help breakdown spf and makeup. 

The second is a milk cleanser or gel to clean. The skin. 

Here are a few of my favorites for dry skin and combo skin that leans dry. 

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On Thursdays we wear all black. 

Obsessed with this Valentino and YSL moment right now. 

YSL collage bag is perfect for running errands and holds everything. This is the large size  

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Healthy scalp = healthy hair. 

This Kerastase serum is a must have for healthy hair and scalp. 

I like to use it at night with a scalp massager. 

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Forget baby milestone or month markers these cute handmade outfits are the perfect way to celebrate and remember. 

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Gone are the days of facial brushes and harsh beauty tools. These days it is all about nourishing your skin and not causing inflammation. Ice rollers, jade rollers and ultrasonic face scrubbers are gentler and effective tools to use between facial appointments. Rounding up the 6 Top Selling Skincare and Beauty Tools At Amazon this week!

Solawave – A current fave. This is an all-in-one tool. The Solawave uses heat to increase blood flow. Red LED light stimulates collagen, reduces inflammation, reduces breakouts, and diminishes the look of wrinkles. Microcurrent helps stimulate the muscles and sculpt the face. Apply the appropriate serum to the face and massage in upward movements! I noticed results at the 3-week mark after using nightly. I keep it by my bed and use it while watching tv.

Facial Skin Scrubber – A gentle way to de-clog and extract the skin. The key is to keep skin wet and then apply gentle pressure while gliding the scrubber. Blackheads just pop right out!

Facial Massager – Reduce puffiness and help sculpt with this easy to use facial massager. I recommend this one to all of my clients that grind their jaws or hold a lot of tension in their face.

Home Face Steamer – Keep skin hydrated and plump! I love this steamer for travel and home. It helps relieve the dried-out mess that airplanes and AC create. I like to steam each night while I watch TV then follow up with hyaluronic acid serum and my regular skincare routine. Skip it on the night that you use retinol.

Ice Roller – Soothe, cool, depuff and sculpt the skin. This tool is great for hot vacation spots, after the plane, after a night out, and post a big crying session. I like to use it every morning to wake up and refresh my skin.

Dry Brush – this tool is great for stimulating blood flow, exfoliating and helping to stimulate lymph nodes. Here is a little how to guide to dry brushing and getting started.

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A weekly roundup of designer handbag sales and finds  

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This cute hat was perfect for sunny walks in the country on our last vacation  

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Cos bar best of beauty award are out now and this Susanne Kaufman body butter is a peaches and cream dream. 

The texture is soft and buttery. It absorbs quickly but is richer than a lotion so I like it at night or when I have extra time in the morning to let it really sink in. 

The smell (!!!) is a soft and lasting peach syrup. Everything late summer and early fall  are made for  

Like seriously this stuff is gorgeous. 

I just bought an extra for hand and foot massages in my studio! 

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The HG of vitamin C. 

Vitamin c boosts collagen.
It helps spf perform better. 
It brightens skin. 
Diminishes dark spots. 
Smoothes texture. 

Pretty much does it all

BUT the so many formulas are irritating to skin and volatile

Vitamin c needs vitamin e to full work. 

Skincueticals is a stable form of vitamin c and e that doesn’t irritate. 

Use it first thing after washing the face in the morning. 

Never use retinol and vitamin c together. They are not friends  

Get 20% off with code NEWBIE at checkout. Must be a first time client  

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Spa day from home checklist. 

A great candle 
The perfect bath soak
A luxury bath soap

A great facial mask

Jade roller

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The best finds from FASHIONPHILE this week. Designer handbag sale. #designer #handbags #fashionphile #gucci #louisvuitton #hermes 

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The ultimate skincare power couple. 

Vitamin C to help with firmness, dark spots, brightness and cell turnover. 

Peptide to help boost healthy new cells. Plump skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles. 

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20% off site wide at T3 Micro

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Moo Baa lala these Chuckle and Roar are the best first birthday present for your little one  

#LTKkids #LTKfamily #LTKbaby
The T3 Micro f&f sale is happening now until July 31st!  

Grab 20% off your favorite tools. 

I linked my faves plus the dry brush I bought this morning  

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All the books I read this week. A thriller, a few heart breaks and a handful of inspiration  

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Aromatherapy + body care 

Indie Lee’s sleep collection is a gorgeous scent and texture perfect for relaxing before bed. 

This body balm helps hydrate, nourish and relax the skin. So perfect for a long day out sightseeing or working. 

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Last minutes to shop and save at the Fahionphile designer sale  

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Clean beauty picks from Follain. 

A complete skincare routine for combo skin  

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Backyard oasis. Outdoor living room  

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Game night but make it chic  

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The perfect cleanser for dry skin! #tatcha #sephora #skincare #estheticiantips #skincareroutine

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All the cute watches for fall  

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Steam and red light LED make it a habit for happy glowing plump skin  

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One of the best dark spot treatments. Just know it takes about 6 months of consistent nightly use  

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Rounding up the best Colleen Rothschild skincare picks for dry skin. 

The acid pads are amazing for unwanted texture or breakouts. 

The cleansing balm removes every speck  no of makeup and spf. 

The body wash is the best  

#LTKsalealert #LTKbeauty #LTKcurves
A summer must have. Lord Jones Body cream. 

So great for after a day at the pool or beach or hiking. 

The scent is amazing. Texture is creamy plus fast absorbing. 

The CBD gives a little extra selfcare  

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The perfect bag for fall

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$100 Off Your Order of $1,000+ With Code SUN100
$300 Off Your Order of $3,000+ With Code SUN300
$500 Off Your Order of $5,000+ With Code SUN500

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Need a good beach read or book for the plane? I listened to this book in the car on my drive to work and could not put it down!! #ltkbooks #booktok #whatimreading #whattoreadnext

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