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I am redecorating my houseplant display table and these are all on my wishlist. I live the simple and modern design of these houseplant pot. Houseplant, indoor plant, plant pots, terra cotta pot, modern pot, houseplant bowl. 

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I LOVE this soil moisture meter for my large houseplants. It helps me determine when I should water my plants so I don’t overwater or underwater my houseplants. A plant water monitor is great for beginners and people who tend to overwater. soil hydrometer, plant water meter, soil meter, houseplant tools, houseplant help

Turning your front yard into a spooky Halloween graveyard for Halloween 2021? Here are my favorite outdoor Halloween decorations for a Halloween graveyard. Halloween decor, outdoor Halloween decor, Halloween graveyard decor, spooky Halloween ideas, spooky Halloween decorations 

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These pumpkin houseplant containers will put you in the pumpkin spice spirit! 🎃 I love how succulents look planted in a pumpkin shaped pot. Festive fall decor, fall house decor, Halloween decor, houseplant pots, succulent pots, fall houseplant pots

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Hanging a natural autumn wreath on your front door is a great way to add that finishing touch to your front porch 🍂🌾🍁 fall front porch decor autumn home decor

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This plant stand works indoors as well as in a protected spot outdoors. It also has a bottom tray for display & could easily be spray painted to match your decor. Plant stand, home decor, houseplants, patio furniture, indoor plant stand

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I love this Air Plant cradle. After I soak the Air Plants once a week, I arrange them differently in the cradle every time I put them back. It's a piece of living art! I bought it at a little plant shop in North San Diego County but fortunately they sell on Etsy. 

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We 💚 these small pots for succulents. Fun houseplant pots like these can add so much style and flair to your home, and make your succulents look extra cute! 2-3” succulents do really well in small pots, so try some of these out. 

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This mini succulent pot trio is so adorable and the perfect size for small succulents. I love the way my succulents look in these white, cement pots. They also come with trays to help catch extra water. Succulent pots, small pots for succulents, succulent, small houseplant pot, indoor succulents, little plant pot. 

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I love the look of plants in baskets. This one from H&M is the perfect shape and size for most houseplants. Plant baskets, baskets for plants, houseplant baskets, houseplant containers, houseplant decor

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Small succulents do great in small pots because they don’t have large root systems. I love these small pots for succulents. Fun houseplant pots like these can add so much style and flair to your home, and make your succulents look extra cute! 2-3” succulents do really well in small pots, so try some of these out. Succulent pots, succulent home decor, small succulent, Amazon finds, found it on Amazon, houseplant must haves, houseplant pots, small houseplant pot

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This woven wall hanger is great for displaying air plants. Small succulents would be cute in these too. Houseplant decor macrame wall decor macrame

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Here are my FAVORITE garden necessities that you can buy on Amazon! These are gardening must haves for your garden tools. 

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This 3-tier jute chandelier compliments the indoor/outdoor vibe of my home beautifully. Boho home. Natural home, home decor, boho home decor, boho chandelier

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This hanging houseplant planter came with a brown tray & I spraypainted it white. The wooden beads add a little somethin' somethin'. I love that it has a tray because it holds a 6" hanging plant beautifully. My Philodendron Brasil is touching the floor - time for a little pruning! 

Use code “SEPTEMBER25” for 25% off your purchase on now through 9/19. This is what I have in my cart. I love these plant stands, plant mister, watering can, plant tray, houseplant stakes, and hanging basket for houseplants. Houseplant, indoor plants, home decor, houseplant tools, houseplant watering can, houseplant mister, decorative watering can, indoor plant. 

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Sometimes this light fixture reminds me of a flower, sometimes a butterfly. The patterns it gives off is beautiful. I love my hall light!
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Using small baskets for houseplants is a cute and decorative way to display your small houseplants. These small woven baskets are perfect for 6 inch houseplants or small succulents. Houseplants, 6 inch houseplant, small basket, tabletop basket, tabletop houseplant, decorative baskets

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I grow a lot of indoor plants in every room of my home. This humidity reader lets me know if I have to turn on the humidifier for my houseplants. Most tropical and subtropical houseplants prefer humidity between 50-60%. Houseplant, indoor plant, houseplant must haves, houseplant tools, houseplants under 25, amazon finds, found it on amazon 

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Looking for a beautiful and functional way to display your collection of houseplants? This table from World Market works perfectly and fits all my favorite plants. 

Here’s some of our favorite indoor plant stands to help you decorate your home. This list includes 16 different stands for houseplants, so you’re bound to find something no matter your style or budget. 

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My soda stream is essential in the summer because after a few hours of gardening, a glass of cool fizzy water tastes so good. Soda stream, sparkling water, soda stream machine 

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Large houseplants look so beautiful in baskets. Woven baskets are a great way to add a natural look and feel to your home decor. Shop my favorite here. 🌿🪴

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Small houseplants and small succulents look so cute in these small Halloween pots for houseplants. Decorate your home with a pumpkin planter, skull pot, cauldron pot, hanging bat planter, or coffin planter for that cute Halloween decor look. Halloween 2021, halloween decor, indoor Halloween decor, houseplant pots, houseplant planters, small houseplant pots 

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I love the look of plants in baskets. These small baskets from H&M are the perfect shape and size for most houseplants. Houseplant baskets, plant basket, houseplant basket, plant baskets, houseplant decor, baskets for plant

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These Halloween inspired air plant holders make the perfect Halloween decor for houseplant lovers. These make great Halloween party gifts or October birthday gifts too! Air plants are easy Care houseplants and look extra adorable in these cute Halloween planters. Halloween decor, Halloween houseplants, Halloween gift, party gift, air plant holder, air plant container, air plant pot, skull pot, skull planter, pumpkin pot, pumpkin planter, spider plant pot

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My Rubber Plant is growing like crazy & taking up too much room in my kitchen. These 6' bamboo stakes are sturdy & attractive - job done!

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I love these plant pots because they're simple, modern, & lightweight. I move houseplants around a lot & these make it easy. Houseplants plant pots houseplant decor 

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This Talavera kitty planter is the cat's meow! It's great for displaying your favorite succulent.    
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I Iike the simplicity & texture of this woven plant pot. The dark green of my Sansevieria really stands out in this white fabric basket. I bought this at Home Goods two years ago so down below you can find three very similar ones you can buy online. 

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