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Ann Taylor Loft is having an amazing sale right now! I wanted to share links to the items I found along with the current sale info. I know they’ll be running other sales as we approach the holidays, too.

I love this new flower dress with my fun flower earrings. I got tons of compliments on my outfit today.

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Have you been shopping on Amazon Prime Day? I know I have! I love shopping on big sale days. I kinda hold out to see if what I have in my "wish list" will be on sale.⁠⁠
This Prime Day has several of my favorites on sale!! I love my Garmin watch, which I got last Black Friday. I also REALLY love our new Roomba. I got that on sale several months ago.⁠⁠
This Prime Day, I got a dog monitor (yes, I'm now that dog mom) and the hand mixer that you see in this picture. ⁠⁠
So many fun sales happening today! I wanted to share a few of my favorites. And, yes, I have my book on there — because every day is a great day to master a little mayhem in your home. 😁⁠⁠
Check out my special Amazon Prime Day list here and on my Amazon shop. Happy clicking and happy shopping!! 

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Cardiff Crack! Have you heard of it? It’s the most amazing trip tip ever! To celebrate Wade’s 13th birthday, we are grilling some tonight! I had it in the freezer and it’s not defrosting fast enough. I pulled out my new vacuum sealer and sealed in all the goodness so I can stick it in some water to get it fully defrosted for the grill.

It’s funny how I kinda geek out on kitchen gear! I have big plans for my vacuum sealer this summer. I have a sous vide that I haven’t used much and I think marinating my meat and vacuum sealing them will help me use it. 

I’m going to be sharing lots more fun summer essentials here  You can also find me things linked at my Amazon store — both are linked in my bio ➡️ @KristiClover ⬅️ as LiketoKnow.It Picks + Amazon Store!    #liketkit #LTKhome   #founditonamazon #kitchenessentials #costcofinds #summercooking #sousvide #vacuumsealer @seasidemarket

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I have a different opinion on spring cleaning than most people. I think it’s a little crazy to take on a massive cleaning and decluttering project when spring hits. There’s so much going on in March, April, and May! Even June can be a little busy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love deep cleaning and decluttering! I just prefer to do it in the summer. I guess if I do it in mid-June when we’re officially done with school it’s still technically spring. 😁 I guess you could say that I’m more of a “summer cleaning” gal. 

I am a big believer in having the right tools for the right jobs...especially when I’m trying to be efficient in getting cleaning done AND involving my kids. So, I’m sharing a few of my favorites here. You can see all my favorites in my Amazon shop or my new account. Be sure to follow me in both spots and check out all my favorites there. (Link is in my profile @kristiclover) #liketkit #LTKhome #LTKfamily #masterorganizerofmayhem #springcleaning #summerprojects #cleaninghouse #hgtv #housecleaning #tidyingup
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Happy Holy Week! We love celebrating Easter by decorating our home. I’ll admit, I just pulled my bins out to get started adding touches of spring and Easter throughout my home.

I found lots of new favorites for Easter on Amazon for this year! I created an entire Amazon favorites list with all our favorite books, decor, serving dishes, and more. Okay, I added chocolates, too! In fact, can you spot the chocolate in this picture? It’s pretty, so you may have missed it at first.

Organization Hack: I store all our Easter books in my Easter bins. This allows the books to stay special for the season. I do this with all our holiday books. It also helps to keep them from getting lost.

What’s your favorite Easter book or home decor item?

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Clover Day is here again!! Well, it’s Wednesday...and I guess officially it’s St. Patrick’s Day. But here in the Clover House we love all things Clover Day!

We have so many traditions for March 17th. Aside from dressing in green and clovers, everyone’s favorite thing to do is eat Lucky Charm Treats! It’s basically Rice Krispie treats made with Lucky Charms.

We decorate the house right after Valentine’s Day for Clover Day. I’ll admit I wear my Clover apron year round because it’s just so pretty. Plus I’m a Clover so it’s fitting.

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Do you have any Clover Day traditions?

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Coffee Station Reveal! This has been a little secret nook I create when we renovated our kitchen. It’s one of my favorite new additions to our home.

We designed the pot filler to work perfectly with our Keurig. You should have seen us trying to figure this out with our plumber when there were no walls. It turned out perfect. I love having a hospitality station for our family and friends. I store my mugs in the cabinet above and all my coffee pods and teas in the drawer below.

Definitely one of my “must haves” for any kitchen. If you are considering updating your kitchen space, be sure to ask your contractor about adding a pot filler in your coffee area.

FUN NEWS #1: I’m a new affiliate, which simply means many of my new pictures will be shoppable. You can click the link in my bio or head over to to find my favorites and see all the fun things I’m sharing there.

FUN NEWS #2: I’m going to be going LIVE on Amazon!! I’m hoping to get all set to kick off my little “QVC” style show this weekend. I’ll share more details here and in my next newsletter with the times. What’s so cool is that I can set up promo codes for some of my favorite things!! 🎉 

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All this is new for me, but I’m so excited to get to share things we love and that have helped us create a simple and efficient home. I’ll be revealing more design elements from our renovation as we go, too! It’s going to be so fun!

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