6 spring trends we're loving in our new Spring 2024 Outfit Plan...AND why they're trending! 👇 1. Olive Bottoms- Earthy tones are making a comeback! Olive bottoms offer a fresh pop of color and versatility, perfect for any style, from casual to business casual. They're lightweight and easy-to-wear, replacing traditional athleisure choices. 2. Trench Coats- Timeless and versatile, trench coats are back with a bang! These classics are being reinvented in unexpected cuts and eco-friendly materials, aligning with the growing sustainability trend in fashion. 3. Striped Button Downs- Stripes never go out of fashion, but this Spring, they're stealing the show on button downs. The relaxed, moneyed aesthetic is back, and these versatile pieces are perfect for both casual and updated business casual styles. 4. Hot Pink Accessories- The fashion world is embracing colors that express optimism and individuality, and hot pink is leading the charge. 5. Multicolor Neutral Sneakers- Minimalist fashion is in, and these sneakers are just the ticket. Sleek, modern designs in neutral colors are perfect for those who love subtle style. 6. Structured Jackets- Sophisticated and powerful, these jackets are key to the modern 'business casual' look that's gaining popularity. Get immediate access to 30+ outfit ideas using these pieces when you become an Outfit Formulas member — click the link in our bio or go to OUTFITFORMULAS.com/product/membership/ today 😘 #SpringFashion #OliveBottoms #TrenchCoats #StripedButtonDowns #HotPinkAccessories #MulticolorNeutralSneakers #StructuredJackets #FashionTrends #Spring2024 #OutfitGuide


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