#ad I am partnering up with Arm & Hammer to tell you about my favorite new secret weapon when it comes to my family's laundry! Everyday dirt and stink linger longer than we think and no matter how cute those clothes and kids are, everyday odor does not discriminate! Now clean deeper with Arm & Hammer Deep Clean Odor Formula Radiant Burst Laundry Detergent. The most powerful odor-eliminating formula from Arm & Hammer yet! Featuring pH Power Technology with millions of ionic micro-scrubbers that penetrate odors and dirt deep between fibers. This high efficiency detergent eliminates odors leaving your clothes smelling so fresh and so clean! Works in all machines and at all wash temperatures as an effective laundry odor remover. #AHDeepClean #DeepClean #ArmandHammerPartner


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