This pool float that has corn hole and basketball is a huge hit here. You can even use it on grass and fill it with water to hold it down. It’s been a hit so far. It’s also under $30.


This pool float that has corn hole and basketball is a huge hit here. You can even use it on grass and fill it with water to hold it down. It’s been a hit so far. It’s also under $30.

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Banzai 2-in-1 Cornhole & Basketball Target Toss Games, Ages 8 and up | Walmart (US)
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Frank shirt (not maternity wearing size M)
Lips and shades.

I used honey beige for lipliner and then first put on sierra lipstick color and then on top added Sam 😘

Such a cute and comfortable (non maternity) dress and comes in different colors under $100. 

#LTKbump #LTKfit
Sunglasses, lip combo and dress details. Lip pencil: Anywhere Caffeine and Lip color: warm light nude.

#LTKbeauty #LTKunder100
My Easter dress
New mascara 

This 4 in one brush is so light and cool! I’m so glad I got this!

Hudson’s booster seat from 40-100.
My dress is the NBD Marry Gown in black from Revolve🖤. Right now the color available is peach but there’s a waitlist 🙌🏼. 

#LTKHoliday #LTKfit
Hudson wore a tux from Amazon 😍🖤. Fit him great, sized up but he looked great and it was so affordable too!

Flower girl dress 🖤  loved working with this wonderful small shop! The owner was so kind and quick to respond and shipping was fast too!

#LTKunder100 #LTKHoliday
Found an amazing dupe for my bottega aviators. And they are under $20. I linked the ones I own so you can compare too!

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Super supportive and cute! I like the Mauvey brown color!
Twinning today with sis. Harper’s shirt is under $10 and mine is $17. 

#LTKunder50 #LTKkids
I actually finish my drinks because of these.
They haven’t stopped playing this for hours 

All my repeat sunglasses 🕶 #liketkit
These are the speckled version but I also have the black snd wear them non stop. They are cheaper than birks and haven’t melted 💀. I’m a 7.5 in shows and I got 7/8 and they are perfect. I love them! #liketkit
Harper loves this so much, even though I broke the key lol #liketkit
I usually keep cute bikini tops that are black and find moderate/full coverage bottoms to pair it with. Here are 3 I just bought and loved! I always get one size up in bottoms too. #liketkit
4th of July swim #liketkit
Such a good book! #liketkit
So far I’m LOVING this facial razor! And I like that it’s less waste. They even explain on their website how to use it and do’s and don’ts. I have a code for versed too: SHANITYFAIR10  (not affiliated). #liketkit
Really loving this umbrella so far! Great reviews, sturdy base (sold separately) but for the price it’s worth it. Both pieces took 15 min for me to assemble! And it looks good and easy to use. #liketkit
Skin feels softer, hair feels softer, pressure is AMAZING, the no nozzle thing is awesome, and it was easy to install and under $20  11/10. #liketkit
I do not have a filter in any of these pics, I hardly wear makeup anymore and feel more confident in my skin now than I ever have. I would spend thousands a year on random products to try but always knew these were elite and $$$. But if I would have known this the money saved would have been extremely helpful and helped me sooner. 

I follow all directions and use my face wash morning and night. 

1. Facewash
2. I press into my skin a few drops of the discoloration and let dry  
3. Press on my vit c 
4. Every other day I use the hydration in place of discoloration
5. Then put on my daily moisturizer (very little goes a long way)
6. Eye cream (little bit)
7. SPF

1. Facewash 
2. Rotate the discoloration or hydration
3. Then rotate the glycolic 
4. Triple lipid night cream
5. Eye cream #liketkit
I linked everything but the jacket, unfortunately this was one I found at a thrift store and have searched for and can’t find :( Zara is usually my go to and have they lots of options right now! #liketkit
Linked this tanner and the spray bottle I used. Def use a mitt when applying but this is a great deep olive color. I also linked Harpers shirt! Got it in other colors too!! Love it! #liketkit
I first bought the entire kit, then this time used the extra wisps and the glue from set. If you want just that, I added the glue I used and the wisps. If you want to have the kit with the metal tool to help apply them, I suggest getting the kit and extra wisps! I also included my eyebrow dye (IT IS NOT MEANT FOR EYEBROWS AND YOU CAN NOT GET IN EYES AT ALL) but it works for me! I use Vaseline around my brows so my skin doesn’t get dyed. #liketkit
Outfits linked #liketkit
Linked what I purchased from Sephora sale here. #liketkit
Def takes a learning curve. I used barely any glue on base of lash before applying and did not use the wand provided but used my Kiss metal applicator one and if it got sticky just wiped it down with lash remover. I even used the sealer from Kiss just to be safe too. Overall so far they don’t bother me and don’t poke/burn my eyes at all. #liketkit
Linked my skirt, shirt (which I knotted in front), my headband (it’s slip brand but linked others similar and WAY cheaper) and sandals similar to mine that are now discontinued. #liketkit
Hands down my fav glasses 🙌🏼🙌🏼 the style is good, the pictures to try on were legit end not warped, the prescription was right and they don’t slip down my face. 10/10. #liketkit