Took a little upstate breather last weekend to clear my head and start thinking about everything that I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. It was a great chance to reconnect and unwind and why not look good while I’m doing it, right? Wearing a few new Fall looks from @Bonobos - chocolate burgundy shirt jacket, lace up boots, and their new eco jeans which are made up of sustainable material. Shop the full look here with this link:  and head to my stories for the swipe up! #ad #BonobosPartner #liketkit

Took a little upstate breather last weekend to clear my head and start thinking about everything that I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. It was a great chance to reconnect and unwind and why not look good while I’m doing it, right? Wearing a few new Fall looks from @Bonobos - chocolate burgundy shirt jacket, lace up boots, and their new eco jeans which are made up of sustainable material. Shop the full look here with this link: and head to my stories for the swipe up! #ad #BonobosPartner #liketkit

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The Corduroy Shirt Jacket | Bonobos
Stretch Eco Jeans | Bonobos
The Blake Lace-Up Boot | Bonobos
Stretch Eco Jeans | Bonobos
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There’s nothing like exploring your own city- especially if that city is NYC. Decided to trek across the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend and do a bit of sightseeing in my @jockey Made In America 100% Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt. As the name suggests, this light-weight tee is American-made and it’s a part of Jockey’s efforts to help revitalize the manufacturing industry here in this country. The Jockey Made in America Collection is grown and sewn at home and therefore has a small footprint which creates a big impact and more jobs here in the states. The tee is made of premium supine cotton and has staycool tech if you’re trying to keep cool in these warmer months. Tap the link in my stories to check out the collection! #madeinamerica 

#LTKtravel #LTKmens #LTKstyletip
New York City stylin’ in my head-to-toe look from @saks! Wearing an Ami Paris Ami De Coeur Sweatshirt and Theory Zaine Neoteric Slim Fit Pants @TheSaksMan #SaksPartner #SaksStyle

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Tune in and turn it up! Life without music would be such a bore so why not listen without any interruption or interference #ad These certified refurbished @Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus from @ebay are ergonomically designed to fit snug into your ear and allow you to enjoy the most optimal sound. @ebay has the best selection of certified refurbished products for way less than you’d pay from the brand name. These products are professionally restored and come fit with all new accessories and are backed by a two-year warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee. Check them out via my link #liketkit Can you guess what song is playing? #ebay #ebaypartner #ebayfinds
Giving you 80’s Miami vibes on the streets of NYC today in my abstract print shirt and drawstring joggers from @forever21! Catch me in pops of color all summer long☀️ #F21xMe #foreverbabe #ad #liketkit
Looking good and smelling even better! An outfit isn’t complete without a signature scent to finish off the look [AD] Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect match but you really can’t go wrong with @armanibeauty’s Acqua di Gio Profondo from @sephora. It’s the greatest blend of bergamot, rosemary, lavender, and lentisk with a woody masculine base. Shop via the link in my stories and complete your outfit with the perfect scent #armanibeauty #acquadigio #Sephora #liketkit
Comfortable and cool for the start of the summer in my full @express look! ☀️ Shop the whole outfit via or swipe up in my stories #expresspartner #expressyou #liketkit #LTKmens
You may think I’m joking but it’s always been a dream of mine to visit Malibu, California one day and look 👀 my dream became reality! Catching some rays and walking along the water in my new beachy look from @forever21. The perfect white jeans and lightweight striped shirt for a day of fun in the sun! Shop my full look here: #liketkit  #ad #F21xMe #foreverbabe 🌴
It’s beginning to look a lot wallet will be empty by the time the holidays are over. Bet you haven’t heard that one before! It’s our simultaneously favorite and least favorite time of year again: holiday season! @eBay makes it easier to find gifts for your loved ones and even has an Authenticity Guarantee feature that authenticates some of the items you find so you can be sure it’s the real deal- like this luxury Breitling on my wrist. @eBay is one of the largest luxury watch market places in the world selling a watch every second! Full look found on @eBay and linked right here on :  #ad #eBay #eBayPartner #eBayFinds #liketkit
Following my dreams by going back to bed! You’ll have to come over and pull me out of bed now that my bedroom sanctuary is complete thanks to my new Casaluna bedding and fragrances available at @target #ad The best night’s sleep I’ve had in quite some time! Now that we’re spending so much of the day/night at home it’s time to stock up on all the bedding essentials and these are the ones you absolutely need! Check out the products via my stories, my new blog post, or by using this link: #liketkit #LTKhome #LTKmens
Colors speak louder than words! @Lacoste recently launched their new Motion Collection with the most wonderful array of colors paired with an urban and technical feel. The new line is versatile and a great way to brighten up any wardrobe. Shop the collection via the app or shop my look here: or swipe up via the link in my stories! #liketkit #LTKmens #ad #lacoste
Cue the Jock Jams soundtrack! Reliving my high school days in this look from @Walmart. Think we’d be friends if I went to school with you? Shop my full look via the link here or the swipe up in my story! #ad #walmartfashion #wedressamerica  #liketkit
This is how excited I get about holiday shopping..said literally no one ever. But! I did snag these great pieces from @walmart for myself and also picked up some gifts for my loved ones - see, my holiday shopping is almost done😂  #walmartfashion #ad #wedressamerica shop my full look via this  link #liketkit
Guuuuys! Guess what starts tomorrow! Yep, you guessed it, my birthday month 🎉  Bought myself some early presents online at  @ebayfashion including that pretty little thing on my wrist! Shop the full look via #liketkit #ad #eBaystyle #HappeningoneBay
This just may be my favorite look I’ve put together in quite awhile! And where did I find these pieces you may ask? Online at @ebayfashion, of course. Wearing some staple pieces along with an awesome kimono jacket and a sleek watch to compliment the look. Shop it all via the link here: #liketkit #LTKmens #ad #eBaystyle #HappeningoneBay
Who says that since June is over we still can’t celebrate Pride?! Let’s continue that momentum and keeping loving who we are, who we love, and what we believe in throughout the whole year! To celebrate pride this year, @bonobos introduced a collection of pride socks and donated proceeds to the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in NYC which provides health care and other services to the LGBTQ+ community regardless of their financial situation. Shop my pair of crew socks via my stories! #BonobosPride #ad  #liketkit
Making a roar of a statement in my new @poloralphlauren sweater. This sweater is the perfect piece for those brisk and sunny Fall days. Shop the sweater and other options from the Polo U collection at #liketkit  #ad #ralphlauren
Does my outfit compliment the leaves or do the leaves compliment my outfit? This @poloralphlauren lightweight cotton canvas jacket is the perfect Fall staple and comes with a removable vest! Shop the jacket at #liketkit  #ad #ralphlauren
Reminiscing on those college days when the only care I had was if I had another meal on my meal plan. Wearing my new @poloralphlauren letterman jacket and thinking of the good olds before adulthood happened#ad #poloralphlauren #liketkit
Made my way back up to my old stomping grounds on the Upper East Side this weekend to visit the #ralphlauren store. Picked out my favorite piece from their new @poloralphlauren collection! #liketkit #LTKmens
Welcome to my new apartm- LOL just kidding, I wish. Maybe some day though! Until then I’ll just pretend in my new Modal stretch @jockey briefs and my Pima Cotton tee #jockey #ad #liketkit #sinkinthecity
Just call me captain underpants I guess. And yes, someone did say something funny during this shot 😂 Cackling in my new @jockey Signature Men’s Pima Cotton briefs and tee  #ad #jockey #sinkinthecity #liketkit
There’s nothing like brunch on a Sunday to start your week off right. Ate my weight in egg sandwiches this past weekend in my @jockey Signature Men's Pima Collection tee. Tell me your favorite way to spend your Sunday #ad #jockey #sinkthesun #sinkinthecity #liketkit
At this rate, I might be doing shorts and a tee until there’s snow on the ground 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not letting go of summer just yet! Wearing my new favorites from @nordstrom #liketkit  #LTKxNYFW   #nordstrom #ad #sinkinthecity
Apparently I’m still in summer mode, probably because it’s 90 degrees out still. Wearing some of my faves from @nordstrom which you can shop via #liketkit #ad #nordstrom
The “it’s almost Labor Day Weekend” smile. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain. What are the plans this weekend people? Tell me because I need some 😂 Shop my weekend look from @nordstrom right here #liketkit #LTKmens #ad #nordstrom
Hand on my head so the air condition mystery liquid doesn’t drip on me. Welcome to New York City! Wearing my favorite Summer denim from @abercrombie. Shop the outfit here: #liketkit #AbercrombieDenim #ANFPartner
Flowers for Spring? Yes. The answer is always yes. @riverislandman has the best selection of floral shirts just in time for the “it feels like summer already” weather #liketkit #imwearingri
Spring: When you hear, “It’s like too cold for a jacket but too cold to like not wear one” way too much. Just go put on a damn cardigan and some light jeans and you’ll be fine 😂 wearing jeans from @riverislandman #imwearingRI #liketkit #LTKmens
Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Time to start a new week! Wearing @riverisland @riverislandman #liketkit #LTKmens
Need to figure out what a “transitional spring moment” is because I think I’m still stuck in winter. Outfit by @riverisland #liketkit #LTKmens #imwearingRI
The face you make when you’re too thin so you try to eat more in order to gain weight and then you gain too much weight so now you’re a bit chubby and you need a jacket to cover it up. All covered up in @riverisland. Shop the jacket at #liketkit #imwearingRI
Is it bad that I choose cheaper and more comfortable over stylish more expensive? I don’t think so. Talking about how I budget my shopping sprees up on sinkthe☀️ Also be sure to check out #liketkit #riverisland #imwearingRI
Having two 'full-time' jobs is a bit overwhelming at times. I need to keep track of meetings, emails, phone calls, etc. and in order to do that I need something reliable and readily available. The @diesel #DieselOn Touchscreen #smartwatch has everything I need right on my wrist so I don't miss a thing #sponsored #liketkit
*feels like -5* Wearing some @riverisland to keep me somewhat warm from #liketkit New blog post about how cold is it up on sinkthe☀️ #imwearingri photo by @devinshallop
Ringing in the new year in Miami at @shoreclubsouthbeach #liketkit #iwearRI #shoreclub #worldofsbe photo by @dbcmurray