This handheld mandolin slicer is a constant go-to when I cook! The blade is sharp and adjusting is easy. When I need to quickly slice something, this is the best because it doesn’t require counter space or taking time to set up the traditional mandolin. Super affordable, too. 🔪✨

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Small/Lightweight Mandoline

This handheld mandolin slicer is a constant go-to when I cook! The blade is sharp and adjusting is easy. When I need to quickly slice something, this is the best because it doesn’t require counter space or taking time to set up the traditional mandolin. Super affordable, too. 🔪✨

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Kyocera Black Adjustable Mandolin Slicer | Walmart (US)
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This silicone pop tray is so fun and easy for summer treats!! 

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“Every woman should have a blowtorch.” ~ Julia Child

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Love placing this gorgeous pitcher on my countertop each morning with fresh fruit and mint leaves. Sets such a lovely time for the work day! 🍋🍊🌿💦

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The perfect housewarming gift. I keep this coasters out because they’re such a beautiful accent piece in my living room. 

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If you’re like me and live in an apartment building with no grill or frequent access to one, this is absolutely the next best thing. 🔥 Superb quality. I’ve had mine for years.

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Perfect for your little Pizza Friday helpers. This makes learning about the senses, counting, reading, and social and creative skills so fun.


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Comfort and Elegance 🖤✨
🖤Size: S, runs true to size
🖤Length: Runs long and has a bit of a train. I am 5’7 and wearing 5-inch heels, and it was grazing the ground. Plan ahead if you need alterations.
🖤Can’t beat the price for this gorgeous gown.
🖤Shoes: super comfortable but I was comfortable in a full size up.

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A beautiful book. Similar to the IG account but you can take notes, take your time, and really go inward with this book. Very therapeutic and eye opening for manifesting positive energy.

These are also my favorite pens ever. Great color and quality, no bleeding.

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Amazing book! Highly recommend 📚

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I mixed and matched my dishes when I registered for my wedding. I wanted a unique set but something still quite neutral and traditional AND oven/microwave/dishwasher safe for the long haul.

This set allows me to have flexibility over time because I can introduce outside funky colors, trends, and more local/small shop pieces as my personal taste grows and evolves.

Juliska dishes are so beautifully made and they’re built to last. I love these dishes!

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Perfect for big Sunday dinners! And tons of every other recipes and meals. 😍#LTKGiftGuide

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These bows are gorgeous and stay in my daughter’s thick and curly hair all day long. They’re gentle and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. A pair for literally any and every outfit. She loves picking out color(s) of the day each morning. 🎀✨

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Love this outfit. Perfect with stilettos or sneakers, for work, date night, or a night out with friends.

Top is size XS and pants are size 0. They run true to size, maybe a tiny bit big. I’ve linked some of my fav shoe options!

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Our two year old loves this! It’s sturdy and safe, and the colors are beautiful. Vintage feels for sure. 🤍✨

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My daughter loves getting ready with me every morning, so it’s time for her own little vanity. She loves it and it’s the perfect size, even for apartment living. The edges aren’t sharp either so they’re safe to play on their own a bit.  

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My daughter and nephew are obsessed with these tiles. They’re amazing for sensory and creative play, and the colors are so pretty. The tiles are sturdy and don’t break easily. 

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If there’s one piece of clothing to invest in, it’s a sleek black dress you can wear for any occasion and feel fabulous. This dress is one those pieces you’ll have forever and wear a million times.

Also perfect for #NewYearsEve 🖤🍾

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I need athleisure pieces I can comfortably wear all day, from workouts to errands to fun adventures that lead us to the beach.

Fabletics is the perf option.

I also looooove the classic leggings from Gap for my daughter’s everyday outfits. We have them in every color.
Get a pair of these absolutely adorable, warm, long lasting tights in every single color for your littles! Pro tip: they’re so much easier to get on a squirmy baby than spandex tights.😉😅🙏🏼

They are just the cutest ever with the teddy bear on the back. My daughter has been wearing them since she was six months old. She’s now two.

They run a little big so sizing down may be wise.

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Handcrafted in France, this copper pot is one that even my chef friends favor. Mauviel is a reliable brand and known for fine copper ware. Copper is one of the best materials to cook in mainly because of its ability to heat and cool quickly. 

If this doesn’t make you want to open a bottle of wine and cook a French meal, or book a flight to Paris, I’m not sure what will!

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This Essential block set by Shun is so special. It is artistry and masterfully designed. I use my Shun knife block set for everything from weeknight meals to special holiday feasts. 

The block is also gorgeous, so it sits stylishly on your countertop for daily use. Taken care of properly, these knives will last for many many years. They’re such a special, beautiful, and dream gift for the home cook.

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This classic chef’s knife is so versatile and ideal for daily use. It’s reasonably priced which is really difficult to find for a knife of this quality. A classic keepsake for your kitchen. I use my Shun knives for everything from weeknight meals to special holiday feasts.

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In addition to being sleek, sexy, and gorgeous, this chef’s knife is so versatile and ideal for daily use. It’s reasonably priced which is difficult to find for a knife of this quality. It’s stain resistant and made with super steel.

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These utensils are the perfect traditional toolbox for the home cook and look beautiful sitting on your countertop. The silicone is durable, and the wood keeps the heat from traveling. Plus the colors are just chic and sleek. 😍

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Forget spending $10 on a French press or pour over coffee! Not only does that take way too long but it’s also expensive, which is how I fell in love with making my own at home. Life. Changer! Make your own delicious coffee at home in literally five minutes with this French press from Public Goods. It’s chic, sleek, and the glass keeps the coffee hot, too.

Public Goods’ overall brand mission is to use wholesale ingredients and no toxins or chemicals, which I absolutely love. 

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This 12x9 Epicurean cutting board is chic, sleek, and built to last. I’ve had mine for years, and aside from a huge wooden butcher block, this is my go-to and the go-to of my chef friends. The grips work well and food doesn’t get stuck. It doesn’t scratch easily and is dishwasher safe. Love this cutting board!

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My fav leggings! The Ultra High Rise Elation Tight from Athleta is the ideal everyday pair of leggings. I wear these for everything from yoga, to barre, to meditation, to running around the city to finish errands or walk with my daughter to the farmers market and the park to play. Perfect for any time of year. The fabric is so soft but not loose at all. They also wash SO well and the high rise falls at just the right point. I am 5’7.

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This cast iron pan is absolutely amazing. The color options are gorgeous, the pan is expertly made and built to last. I use this cast iron pan all the time for everything from stove top seared steaks to Dutch babies in the oven. It’s one of my favorites. An amazing gift for the home cook.

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This set is very well made and a good size. Big enough to feel realistic and like real cleaning products, but small enough to store in a toy corner. My daughter loves it! So fun for imaginary and sensory play. 

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So fun to create smoothies! The blender actually spins. It’s a very fun, casual, and natural way to encourage an interest in healthy and nutritious foods. We’ve had it for months and my daughter still hasn’t lost interest. That’s saying a lot about a toddler with a toy!

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So cute and fun. My daughter “makes coffee” every morning while we do. Now we’re getting into giving her an order from the menu, as well. 

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Such a sweet gift for baby’s first baby doll ♥️ My daughter received this for her first birthday, just turned two, and still plays with this baby doll every single day. The accessories range in price as well, so it’s fun to explore more gifts for the doll as time goes on.

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This is so compact and practical and weighs almost nothing. We store it in a drawer and then place it on the coffee table when my daughter wants to do arts and crafts. Living in an apartment, we just don’t have the space or need for a large easel right now, so this is perfect. Storage is a bonus. Great for travel as well to do activities on the go.

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My two year old loves this spinning seat and occupies herself spinning on this chair and sharing it with her baby dolls all the time. It’s not huge, so ideal for smaller living spaces, but is a good size and sturdy for ages 1-3. A great gift for sure!

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These are amazing for freezing stocks, herbs, and soups for long term use. You can also bake in them since they’re oven safe! They’re chic, durable, and versatile. AKA musts for the home cook and make ahead family meals. Also great for batch cooking and food prep.

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I mean, tea but make it FASHUN. This is the perf gift for the cook, tea drinker, entertainer, minimalist, etc. in your life. So chic, so sleek. Love this kettle.

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