Hello! Welcome! I’m Brandi Sharp. I’m a hairstylist turned full time content creator. I worked behind the chair with clients for 13 years. I worked in the Kansas City Salons and really dove into Styling in every aspect to really bring lifestyle to life for my clients. Hair , Makeup, Clothing, Special Occasions. I dove into all aspects of Style. Now I bring all I know and love online! So glad your here. I just filmed a get ready with me! My go to for filming are mock neck tops. They look so good on camera. If your ever getting professional photos done grab a mock neck you won’t regret it. So flattering! The camera loves it! Smash Follow! Xoxo Brandi Size 6-8 Midsize Size medium Minimal makeup Lashes DIY lashes Mock neck tops Dry bar hair products Gold hoop earrings Age 38 Married Mom Of Four! Balayage hairstyle Pinterest creator Instagram @glamqueen44 Summer outfits Summer outfits 2023 Smell good combo Skirt outfits Summer outfits 2023 fashion trends 2023 sandals 2023 planner Swimsuits 2023 Fall 2023 Spring 2023 Summer 2023 2023 fashion Summer 2023 Spring 2023 Fall 2023 Swimsuits 2023 Follow my shop @Brandi_Sharp on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusive app-only content! #liketkit #LTKFind @shop.ltk https://liketk.it/47F17 #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100


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