We traded our empty nest in Seattle for a new simple life in our farmhouse in Maryland. We share easy recipes, mindfulness tips, and farmhouse decor!
We love beautiful colorful cupcakes! 

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Start your day with a glass full of healthy and delicious! Smoothies are packed full of vitamins that your body will thank you for! 

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I love beaded bracelets for men. They are such a strong statement. 

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The season of Red is here! From ruby turtleneck sweaters to garnet jackets, this is the time to wear Red! 

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As a Creative Director, many of my daily tasks are just to be creative, come up with ideas, and take my inspirations and turn them into something different.  That’s why I always have a journal full of ideas close by! 

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Dogs are the best kind of friends to have. 

Check out our list of cool dog inspired items! 

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When the babies have all grown up, the dogs take over! Check out some of our favorite Gifts for Dogs! 

Valentine’s Day is coming quickly! Fill their hearts with toys and treats they will enjoy. 


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Ruby red cups and saucers, decadent chocolate. The good things in life! 

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Creamy, sweet, tart popsicles are always a treat! Make them at home with your favorite flavors! 

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I love handmade hearts and rustic decorations. They feel like they belong in my farmhouse dining room. 

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What do you love about this space? What would you add? 

I love the burnt orange pillows and plants! So inviting! 

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This is how I start my day! I have a funky playlist playing through my noise canceling headphones in my office. No distractions! No excuses! 


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Who doesn’t love a good treat? Our pup Riley will do just about anything for a tasty cookie. But we are strict about choosing healthy, nutritious snacks for our fur babies.

Check out our list of favorite goodies for dogs! 

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We are a dog lovin family. Sometimes our feed is just taken over and filled with all things dog! 

We like to share fun items you will enjoy using with your furry friends. From collars to coats, we are letting our feed go to the dogs! 

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Working out never looked so chill! Wantable’s personal stylists gather your essential athleisure pieces and ship them right to your door! 


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Spring feels like it’s so far away. So we are bringing you daisy flowers and creamy coffee to warm you up and make you smile. 

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Who is ready for a vacation? Or a staycation? 

I’m hunting for new pool and patio furniture.

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I love crisp mornings, cozy warm towels, white bathrooms, and showers that smell like spring. 

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We are collecting ideas for refinishing our attic. I’m pitching a new yoga studio! But it will likely end up being two new offices for my husband and I. 

What would you use this space for? 

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It’s a beautifully sunny morning in our farmhouse kitchen. Time to make a big breakfast and start the day! 

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Let’s play! It’s all fun and games until it’s bath time! After a long day of playing outside, it’s time for a bath and brushing. Our dogs love getting cleaned up and feeling soft.

Check out our favorite grooming products. 

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Make your skin look and feel great naturally with the healing properties of Aloe Vera. Your skin will thank you! 


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I DONUT know what I’d do without sweet treats with my bestie! He’s the milk to my cookies, the straw to my bottles, and the sprinkles to my donut. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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Every lady should have a dress that makes her feel sexy. Little red dresses with thin spaghetti straps are so sensual! 

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Who misses brunch?? What would you order and who would you like to invite? 

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In our minimalist style, we like to group up our favorite things and leave more open space for light and calm. So I collect Buddha statues and brass candle sticks, which pair together quite well on our iron and wood shelves. 

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We found some refreshingspring looks at Target for your living room today that we know you will love! Let the light in and enjoy creamy yellows and soft natural textures. 

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It’s cold out and Wynter is ready to sleep til spring! Our dog collection of cozy blankets, warm jackets, and soft beds are great for dogs who like to stay warm and sleep! 


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I’m a little bit sassy and a whole lot of AWESOME. This is fantastic. I love it. 

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