We have a piece of dark chocolate after every meal, because why not right? But that gets expensive to get ones with good quality ingredients. SO I started to make my own. It is seriously so simple, takes about 15 minutes and if you make a large batch and keep it in the freezer you only have to do it once a month! I got some cute chocolate moulds from amazon and it is only 3 ingredients! 2C cocoa butter 1C cocoa powder 1/2C maple syrup or coconut sugar I order mine from @organictraditions and they gave me a code for you! HILSHEALTHYEATS20 saves you 20% 1. Fill a pot halfway with water; bring to a simmer 2. Put a glass bowl on top (double boiler style) and pour in cocoa butter 3. Once that is melted, add the cocoa powder and maple syrup 4. Once smooth, pour into moulds and place in the freezer 1. I store mine in a glass jar in the freezer and break off a piece each night #LTKSpringSale


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