Been living in this ribbed set, layering with a long cardigan. Feeling snug as a bug. 


Been living in this ribbed set, layering with a long cardigan. Feeling snug as a bug.

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MAMA Before & After Ribbed Set | H&M (US)
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Our mini haul from 

This is in no way sponsored we just like to share our all time faves that we keep reordering
Our new rattan and wood stools. 

We are loving them! Warning : they are a little hard on your bootie. Could use a pillow if you want more softness. 

Great price as well. To ship to Canada we used a service called cross border.
The cutest set on sale today. Added to cart right away.
Loving this rug and duvet cover combo !
What bedroom dreams are made of
Bedroom snugness 

Pantry is starting to unfold 

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One of my first little babe purchases and I couldn’t love it more. ☁️
Our cabin hammock 

Linking our faves for margarita night ! #liketkit #LTKhome #LTKunder50
Found the perfect home for our sconces in our guest room #liketkit
Loving on this recent gift from my Mom! Now I want the res rod the set. I found some other great ceramic vases and linked those as well! #liketkit
Everything we use to make our chilled vanilla oat milk lattes
We super love this wall sconce and the matte finish. The price is also incredible !! We also ordered two in white.
Scenes from our rainy day 

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Favourite corner of our office
New fun and flirty suit for summer. 
The bottoms are pretty cheeky! 
Both fit true to size. 

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Feelings snug as bug today 💜

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My toque is on sale today. Love this ribbed Henley, it’s so soft. I have it in a few colours now because I found myself reaching for it so often. #liketkit #LTKunder50
Snug as a bug #liketkit
New feeder for the front porch 

#LTKSeasonal #LTKunder50
Our go to mascara choice
The best blanket there ever was 

#LTKhome #LTKSeasonal
This set makes me so excited for spring. 💕

#LTKSeasonal #LTKunder100