Sometimes we forget that the simple mundane everyday takes we do as moms means anything. Like meals and cooking. Not just cooking with our kids. Just cooking in general. These are my two littles who love making their own pizzas at home. But my oldest who is 19 calls me and text me on recipes and how to questions. She will say things like I miss eating so and so. Mom how do you make it? Hearing this put a stop in my step. You see for her it was home, memories and comfort. But when we as moms are busy and just trying to survive the long days we just see it as feeding hungry gremlins all day. But we are creating memories mamas and don’t discontinue your love and tireless daily efforts. Kids remember and it will be the simplest of things that bring them home and comfort. On a side note my family loves the organic brand @goodandgathertarget their pizza crust, cheese and sauces are so yummy. What is your favorite from @target ? And I kinda am a sucker for the dollar section...gets me every time. Lol Double tab if you can relate 🤣 #liketkit #LTKfood Download the shopping app to shop this pic

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