Today! Beautycounter is offering 30% off the cleanser and charcoal mask pictured here! Also, if you’re a new member, they’ll take 20% off most items. I’m not sure if the two offers can be combined. Beautycounter cleanser - Works as a makeup remover and overnight hydrating face mask too. Very gently removes eye makeup. I used to scrub way too hard on my eyes with all my mascara on but not anymore with this. Charcoal mask - I think this smells minty. It definitely feels like it’s tightening things up as it dries. It’s not tacky so it doesn’t take too much work to wash off. Sunscreen- I needed a daily sunscreen to help with sun and screen exposure. I’ve read this is the number one product you should be using to prevent signs of again. I haven’t been very consistent with my use but I’ll get there. It’s hard when you have 3 other layers of products you’re applying at 6am. This doesn’t leave much of that white shadow at all so *thumbs up*. Vitamin C- I bought this after my coworker gave me a sample. I loved that it contains Vitamin C and turmeric. You can smell the turmeric slightly but you can definitely smell it when you wear a mask. I felt like I needed something to even out my skin after I had blotches of different skin color on my face from my eczema and contact dermatitis from masks so I started to use this. My skin color has evened out and I think this is the one product that really makes me glow. But it makes sense because it has a hit of yellow. One caveat though, turmeric in my culture has been used as a “whitener” meaning it can make indian skin lighter. Unfortunately, our elders have passed on that fair is lovely and dark is just not. Not true of course. I love my tanned self. This product definitely wiped away my tan unfortunately. Tinted moisturizer - I have this in medium. It works as a moisturizer, tint and sunscreen all in one. My skin is extra dry in the winter so I will use this on top of my moisturizer as a light foundation.

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