It’s the negative comment we get constantly - we are too old or too tall for short dresses! We are 5’10 and 5’9 for reference, so please don’t comment on the length of the dresses. It’s hurting our feelings. We like how we look. Wearing mediums in all. Use code TANDT15 for 15% off site wide! Everything is linked on our profile in the @shop.Itk app. Search TANDTTWINTALK in the search bar to find & follow our profile. LTK has an amazing search feature on our page to find what you are looking for! You can also source all links by clicking on the link in our bio and heading to our LNK website where you can find links to our LTK or Amazon storefront and more! #over50style #over40style #over30style #over60style #midsizestyle #preppystyle #classicstyle #fashionfinds


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Portia Dress | Avara
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Jane Dress- Navy | Avara
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