Love all these beautiful pieces! Love all the classic jewelry designs. To shop click link in bio to LTK or Amazon storefront! On Amazon it will be in the June List! Everything is linked on our profile in the @shop.Itk app. Direct url to our LTK >> Direct url to our Amazon Storefront >> You can also source all links by clicking on the link in our bio and heading to our LNK website where you can find links to our LTK or Amazon storefront and more! #over50style #over40style #over30style #over60style #midsizestyle #preppystyle #classicstyle #fashionfinds #liketkit #jewelry @Lisi Lerch


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Kate Cluster Pearl Small - Earrings - Belle of  the Ball | Lisi Lerch Inc
Mila Hoop - Gold & Pearl Earring | Lisi Lerch Inc
Jordan - Raffia Earring | Lisi Lerch Inc
Ginger - Straw (5 New Colors) | Lisi Lerch Inc
White Natural Lana  with Gold Beaded Necklace | Lisi Lerch Inc
White on White Lana Beaded Necklace | Lisi Lerch Inc
Golf Charm Necklace | Lisi Lerch Inc
Lucy - Bamboo Acrylic Bracelet | Lisi Lerch Inc
Adèle Dress | Sezane Paris
Sol Dress | Sezane Paris