Here are some of my favorite baking tools! These mixing bowls have rubber bottoms so they stay in place. Bake up the perfect cookies on these beautiful non-stick baking pans. And, KitchenAid mixers are the best. Make baking effortless with the right baking essentials.

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Here are some of my favorite baking tools! These mixing bowls have rubber bottoms so they stay in place. Bake up the perfect cookies on these beautiful non-stick baking pans. And, KitchenAid mixers are the best. Make baking effortless with the right baking essentials. Kitchen, appliances

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Williams Sonoma Oven Mitt | Williams-Sonoma
OXO 3pc Plastic Mixing Bowl Set with Black Handles | Target
Reynolds Parchment Paper Pop Ups 35ct | Walmart (US)
3pk Aluminized Steel Cookie Sheet Gold - Made By Design™ | Target
OXO Non-Stick Pro Cooling Rack | Target
OXO Dough Blender with Blades | Target
OXO Cookie Scoops | Williams-Sonoma
KitchenAid® 9-Speed Professional Hand Mixer | Williams-Sonoma
KitchenAid® Pro Line® Stand Mixer, 7-Qt. | Williams-Sonoma
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Sharing pizza ovens for every budget! We are in love with our Ooni pizza oven, but I’m sharing appliances to suit almost any budget. Let weekly pizza night become your new family dinner night.

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Another win for the Instant Pot air fryer lid 🙌🏻! Doesn’t this ravioli lasagna look absolutely delicious?! All resources are linked below.

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Psssst…your pantry is crying for a little spring cleaning. With these amazing storage containers, you can have the most organized pantry on your block! 

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This bargain bread knife is so easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever cut bread without it! Sales alert: it’s under $17 now!

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Some of my favorite products from Williams-Sonoma: GE profile ice maker, cappuccino milk frothier, cast iron skillets, copper chefs pan and spoon, and the best all-purpose cast iron Dutch oven. 

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Looking for easier meal prep? Then you need an Instant Pot pressure cooker! Make healthier meals quick and easy in under 30 minutes. These pots are now  $20 off and free shipping - don’t let this deal get away!

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I ❤️ serving up soup or stew in these beautiful bowls. Not only do they bring a pop of color to the dining table but they’re durable and dishwasher safe! Every time I open my kitchen cabinets and see this stunning dinnerware it brings a 😃 to my face. 

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Salad season is right around the corner. Step up your salad game with the perfect bowl and salad servers. 

These wooden salad tongs are no longer available, but I’ve included some equally amazing ones below.

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Make the easiest lasagna ever right in the Instant Pot with the air fryer lid. It’s $20 off now through Williams-Sonoma with free shipping. 
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I’ve rounded up some of my handiest kitchen tools for you! With these items in your kitchen drawers and cabinets, meal prep will be a easier than ever.

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Who is ready for pizza night?  Start a weekly family pizza tradition or step up your homemade pizza game with these amazing pizza ovens and tools.

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Spring is right around the corner. Order some pastel M&Ms to make these cookies and kick the season off right. 

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I use these sourdough supplies every week to make the best sourdough bread ever! #LTKGiftGuide 

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My favorite storage jars! From storing my sourdough starter to pantry staples, these Weck jars handle it all. And at under $6 they’re a steal. 

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My favorite bowl! This is the large sized serving bowl and I use it almost daily! From tossing a salad, to mixing batter or dough, to serving soup it’s the perfect bowl to have in your kitchen. Get yours now… 

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Check out my recommended Blackstone Essentials! 

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Food tastes even better when it’s served in these beautiful aqua colored bowls! 

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🚨On Sale Now! Get $20 off my favorite Instant Pot. Not only does this multi-pot pressure cook, but you can sous vide, make yogurt, or steam fresh veggies easily. Best of all? It’s under $100! 

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Once you make mashed potatoes in a pressure cooker, boiling them in a big pot of water on the stove will be a thing of the past! You don’t even have to peel or drain them. 

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Cast iron skillets aren’t just for stove top use. They are perfect for all my one pan casserole recipes that go stove top to oven. I love this affordable Lodge skillet (less than $30) but it is actually lightweight and easy to handle. That’s why it’s a Williams-Sonoma bestseller! 

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Your Valentine would ❤️ these! See what I used to make them and make your easy Valentine’s Day pastries. 

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Sales Alert! With an Instant Pot, making dinner is as easy as 1-2-3! This whole Lasagna Soup recipe was made right in the pressure cooker, even the pasta. And you can even toss frozen meat in (no thawing required). Get $30 off now!

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Valentine’s Day ready! These heart shaped ❤️ cookie cutters are perfect for biscuits, cookies, brownies, or even sandwiches. 

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Teppanyaki fried rice coming right up!  DO try this at home 🤩.

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When it is cold out, nothing beats a loaf of freshly baking bread in the oven! Bread making is a breeze when you have the right tools. Not only is this bowl the perfect size for mixing and rising dough, but you’ll be proud to place it on the table for serving up a side dish or salad. 

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Are you ready to spoil those you love? They will love these tasty heart homemade pastries. With these heart shaped cutters, you can show your love any day of the week. #LTKLove 

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Make this Zuppa Toscana right at home! It’s our favorite soup. 

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Once you make potatoes in the Instant Pot, boiling potatoes on the stove top will be a thing of the past! Just chop, add 1 cup of water to the pot, pressure cooker for 6 minutes, and they’re ready! 

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Make dinner prep a breeze with the Instant Pot and the right knife! Not only does this knife fit right in your hand making chopping effortless, but its gorgeous detail makes chopping veggies fun.

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It is bread day!  

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Serve dinner in style with these serving pieces! A pop of color brings out the beauty of your food. Snag the wooden spoon on sale today at Williams-Sonoma for only $4.99!

Head to for these recipes. Just search for “rice” or “chicken tenders” for the simple, easy recipe. 

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Make the best sourdough bread right in your Staub 4 quart Dutch oven! It’s on sale now. 

Get the easy, no knead sourdough bread recipe at 

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