Don’t miss out on this Halloween must-have! Don’t be sad in October when it’s sold out - get it now!

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Don’t miss out on this Halloween must-have! Don’t be sad in October when it’s sold out - get it now! #LTKSeasonal

You've Been Ghosted Fair Isle Sweater | ModCloth

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This ethereal princess dress made me feel ALL THE FEELS this past weekend and I just saw that it’s on sale for $78! Originally $168!

Get it for less than what I paid. Lucky ducks!

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I am absolutely obsessed with this dress! If your autumn is warm where you live, you need this! So pretty and light! The sleeves are chiffon so no extra warmth at all!

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Fall essentials are hitting the racks (both real and virtual) and it’s time to stock up on sweaters and booties while they’re in stock. Check out these plus size fall necessities that I love!

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September #FableticsPartner outfit! Super cute and functional!

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Fun fact: I was wearing this outfit last weekend when my boyfriend’s car ran out of gas unexpectedly and we had to walk to buy a gas can and gas ⛽️ 😅 talk about the perfect outfit to be wearing to walk in the 80°+ with humidity! My thighs were safe from chub rub, and this tank top really keeps you cool.

I’m wearing the 3x in all pieces and they fit very true to size. I wear a 3x or 22/24 at torrid and Lane Bryant, and these fit the same as theirs.

Grab yours to have the perfect late summer walking attire… and make sure you keep your gas tank topped off. 😉

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So you want to know some of my cat mom essentials? No? Then keep scrolling. But I figured I’d put some links up since I get so many comments on my cat content. 

I just started using the tidy cats breeze litter system and so far it’s making for easier clean up!

I have the cat tree and have moved it from the original apartment I put it together in to 3 different apartments and it’s still in good shape!

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Autumn rains need autumnal rain jackets! This one is still available in all sizes through 4x! I’m wearing the 4x here and could easily fit in a 3x, but I wanted to be extra sure I’d be able to wear sweaters under it so I sized up.

It’s a very thin coat that doesn’t offer any extra warmth - just protection from the rain, which is what I prefer in a rain jacket! 🦊☔️

The blue one with deer is only available to 2x right now, but I thought I would include it just in case. ☺️

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I have found the mother-load of autumn accessories! 🍁🏈🍎✏️ 🎃

Whether you’re a sports buff, a teacher, or just love the Fall Vibes™, Lane Bryant has you covered! Grab these now before they hit the new arrivals section!

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Use code BDAY for 35% off site wide! I made sure these were all available in plus sizes. I already ordered a couple things… and have a couple more in my cart!

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Request: long dresses! So many to choose from! Here are just a few. :)

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Got a request for jumpsuits for shorties. Decided to include some rompers too!

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Rounding out the teacher/business casual category, here are some pants and shorts that will be gold for early school year when you still might be a little too toasty for pants!

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I’m doing requests from my Instagram. Here are my favorite teacher/business casual dresses and skirts! This only includes ModCloth, Lane Bryant & Maurices. So many cute options!

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I’m doing requests from my Instagram. Here are my favorite patterned teacher/business casual tops! This only includes ModCloth, Lane Bryant & Maurices. So many cute options!

#LTKSeasonal #LTKcurves #LTKstyletip
I’m doing requests from my Instagram. Here are my favorite solid color teacher/business casual tops! This only includes ModCloth, Lane Bryant & Maurices. So many cute options!

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I’ll admit, I felt a little lost when the request for “cool pants” was the first one to show up in my question box, but here I’ve compiled some cool pants to take you from work tk cocktails to the bike trail… or your couch. 😉

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Everyone loves a good hat. I get questions about mine often! The last couple hats I’ve bought were from Altar’d State. Here are some faves I’m eyeballing… I definitely need that orange one!

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I’m so ready to start transitioning into fall content… but I know we still have a couple months of heat left! To get ready for fall vibes while staying cool, i’m shopping for fall tones and patterns in summer styles!

Here are mu favorites from Lane Bryant. What do you think?

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If you’re like me, you’re already looking ahead to Fall. If you’re still in hot summer temps but want to buy clothes that can transition into autumn, here are my picks from Old Navy!

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Plus size ladies… I know we have a complicated relationship with Old Navy, but I truly do love their sweaters, and I’m one who loves to plan ahead! Some of these are less than $15! Grab some sweaters and be prepped for September!

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Seriously loving my July Fabletics Partner outfit! The shorts are perfection - biker shorts underneath with side pockets PLUS running short details on top and a third zippered pocket on the back waistband! And you can’t beat a mesh tank top on a hot day!

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Matching my ice cream with my new #FableticsPartner outfit! 😅

This adorable outfit dropped today and I can’t get enough of it!

I’m wearing a 2x bra and a 3x shorts & top. The shorts have pockets and the whole outfit is super comfortable for lounging or yoga!

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Not my typical content, but I wanted to share some gift ideas I came up with for my boyfriend’s birthday! Have a sports loving gamer dude on your shopping list? He might like something like these!

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The softest and coziest lounge set I’ve ever worn?! Yup I said it!!! This set from Fabletics is one I didn’t want to take off for a straight week. Just washed it this weekend and ready to wear it some more! 

Just the right amount of oversized while still fitting great, all pieces are true to size with some extra room. If you want fitted, size down.

I’m wearing 3x in all 3 pieces.

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Who knew a random photo I posted in my sweatpants would garner so much interest?! Check out these comfy Walmart joggers for just $14! Currently only available in Black, Grey, and Navy. But up to 4x, which is awesome! I’m wearing the 3x and wish they were a little higher waisted but I still like them!

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I recently discovered the LIVI Soft collection at Lane Bryant and HAD to check it out. It’s exactly what I’m looking for from an athleisure outfit - functional, some compression, but also SO SOFT. Sometimes you want your athletic clothes to be more moisture-wicking or cooling... but other times you just want to few cozy, look cute, and be able to fun errands if you need to.

I couldn’t resist this galaxy print set. I’ve linked items from the line here... but they have been selling FAST. I can’t wait to see what colors and designs they’ll be releasing next! 

I’m wearing a 2x bra and a 3x legging.

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Whether you’re with your boo, your gal pals, or your furry friend, Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different this year. Loft is having a 50% off sale with the code “TREAT”, so go grab some of these cozy Valentine’s Day essentials before they sell out! ❤️

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Loving the holiday spirit with all the sequins and glitter a girl could dream of! Need an outfit to wear to your local outdoor holiday display? Lane Bryant has these pretty boots 60% off today, and other good sales to check out too!

Boots available in size 7-12 wide as of this post, and they’re under $40 today!

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Low quality photo to show off some high quality sweaters! Took a chance and got some holiday sweaters from the old navy men’s department and they are amazing! The red one is an XL I bought for my BF and it fits me well as a fitted look! And the black one is an xxxl I got for myself, and it fits oversized! I’d say an xxl would be my ideal fit. I usually wear a 22/24 or 3x at most plus size retailers. There are still some xl-xxxl available in 4 patterns, so I’d scoop them up while they’re still there! Currently on sale for $26 in cart!

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