4. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood :: 7.5/10⭐️ I just didn’t get the hype with this book.. I felt like it was very drawn out and unrealistic. Olive Smith, a PhD candidate, tries to convince her BFF that she is not in love w her ex by kissing the first man she sees, who so happens to be the most hated and difficult professor at Stanford- Adam Carlsen. Olive is surprised when he agrees to be her fake boyfriend for the summer. Olive and Adam get invited to speak at a well known science conference and everything just get flipped upside down. The truth needs to come out one way or another! The last 31% was good- VERY steamy (I’m looking at you, chapter 16.. 🔥). If you like typical romances, you’ll love this one. It just didn’t do it for me! The chapters were very long, and I felt some of the bulk could have been left out. I did really like that each chapter began with Olives hypothesis of the events that would take place - that was cute. #LTKRefresh


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