It’s my favorite day of the week so why not do a new #FridayIntroductions!? Let’s jump right in as I share 5️⃣ things about myself! 😉💕 1️⃣I’m a plant mama! 🌱 My girls are named Ladygirl + Yolo! I am not one to keep things alive so my Chinese fern and snake plant were no brainers! 2️⃣I REALLY want to be at Williams Brice Stadium tomorrow as my FAVS ( @southcarolinagamecocks ) take on Tenn. buttttttt #COVID19 is STILL nothing to play with! 😷🏈🐔 3️⃣I currently have 28 unopened packages at my house...RIGHT NOW! Trust me, Jay has already told me to not do any more online shopping! He said he’s going to do a #giveaway to get rid of it! 🥴📦 4️⃣Some think I’m an influencer full time, but I’m not! M-Fri. I’m in mortgage ops at First Citizens! So all of the paperwork that comes with becoming a homeowner, I handle! 🏡 Tip of the day: DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB the day before your closing! [let me know if you want daily lender tips] And my final fact, of course has to be about food... 5️⃣I really have a love/hate relationship with spicy food! 🌶 I love to eat it but I’m a MAJOR wimp! I sweat, my nose begins to run, and I suck up all the available air in the room to attempt to cool down 🥵 Whew! That’s all I have for today, folks! I hope this allows you to feel like you know me a little better! That’s the goal, right?! Happy FriYAY, my precious loves! ✌🏾💕✨ 📸: #Shopmystyles by using the app! // #AKCESSME #liketkit #bloggersgetsocial #fridayintroduction #falldresses #falloutfits

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