As if you didn’t already leave Target with 100 things you didn’t go there for 😬🙋🏼‍♀️ Loving this black + white palette. Curved shower rod is sold out in black, so I linked a similar one [the exact one we have]! Shop my daily looks by following me on!! #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100 Target finds, Friday finds, black and white Target, opalhouse, threshold, hearth and hand, hearth & hand, black white decor, magnolia Target, Johanna Gaines Target, fireplace mirror, brass fireplace mirror, gold fireplace mirror, brass mantle mirror; gold mantle mirror, mantle mirror, short olive tree, small olive tree, countertop olive tree, 2’ olive tree, master bedroom art, master bedroom artwork, master bedroom decor, line art, minimalist art, black and white art, black white line art, outline art, fingers crossed, pinky promise art, pinky promise, fingers crossed art, romantic art, minimalistic art, black kitchen cart, small kitchen cart, tiny kitchen cart, microwave cart, black microwave cart, mobile kitchen cart, kitchen cart wheels, kitchen cart casters, small mobile kitchen cart, wash your hands, wash hands sign, bathroom signs, bathroom sign, wash hands plaque, bathroom plaque, black white sign, black white bathroom sign, white planter, white pot, brass planter, brass pot, gold planter, gold pot, white metal planter, white gold planter, white brass planter, white gold pot, white brass pot, white gold plant stand, white brass plant stand, white black 2x3 rug, small black white rug, black white aztec rug small, black white kitchen rug, black white bathroom rug, black white vanity rug, black while kitchen rug, black white entry rug, small black white outdoor rug, small firepit, tabletop firepit, countertop firepit, apartment firepit, rental firepit, curved shower rod, curved shower rod, black curved shower rod, black shower rod, matte black shower rod, matte black curved rod, white body wrap, white shower wrap, white bath wrap, Velcro towel, Velcro wrap, Velcro robe, college shower wrap, college shower towel, strapless robe, white towel wrap, tabletop gas firepit, countertop gas firepit, small gas firepit, extra small gas firepit, gas fire pit, small gas fire pit, apartment fire pit


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28.5" Artificial Olive Tree in Pot Green/White - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee | Target
Pipestone Tabletop LP Firepit - Project 62™ | Target
Holding Hands Framed Wall Canvas Black/White - Opalhouse™ | Target
36" x 24" Over the Mantel Mirror Natural MDF Back - Project 62™ | Target
2'X3' Sylviidae Stripe Woven Accent Rug Black - Opalhouse™ | Target
Windham Wood Top Kitchen Cart - Black - Threshold™ | Target
Bath Body Wrap - Room Essentials™ | Target
'Wash Your Hands' Wall Sign Black / White - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia | Target
72" Dual Mount Curved Steel Shower Curtain Rod With Tiered End Cap - Made By Design™ | Target
Iron Planter With Brass Stand White - Project 62™ | Target
V Hook Shower Curtain Rings Matte Black - Made By Design™ | Target
iDesign Curved Metal Shower Curtain Rod, Adjustable Customizable Curtain Rod for Bathtub, Stall, ... | Amazon (US)