Suqqu, Japanese makeup, spring 2023 makeup launches, Suqqu s/s 2023, makeup swatches, spring swatches, treatment wrapping lip Here are sunlit swatches of the SUQQU S/S 2023 Collection…the treatment wrapping lip is a must as it’s hydrating, cushiony, long lasting and comes in gorgeous shades. This collection will sell out so pick up what you can quickly!⚡️🌞💃🏼 Shade specifics: SUQQU Treatment Wrapping Lip: 01, SUKEZAKURA 05, YURUSHIIRO 101, SHIROSUMIRE Signature Colour Eyes: 13, RANMANZOME 122, HARUKAZEZOME Nuance Eyeliner: 04, BORDEAUX 109, SAKURA PINK Eyelash Mascara: 107, NUANCE BORDEAUX 106, NUANCE BEIGE Melting Powder Blush: 103, NADESHIKOZOME 105, SHIROZORA #LTKGiftGuide


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