Are you prepared for the upcoming cold + flu season?! We always try to be stocked up and ready to go with our favorite sick baby/toddler essentials for when that 1st cold hits! 🤒 Our top items for your sick baby/toddler kit include: 1. Saline Mist or Spray 2. Extra Medicine  Cups & Syringes 3. Soothing Chest Rub 4. Gentle Boogie Wipes (for nose) 5. Children + Infant Motrin 6. Children and/or Infant Tylenol 7. Snot Suckers 8. Extra Snit Sucker Filters 9. Throat Soothing Suckers (for ages 3+) 10. Vapor Drops (for bath or humidifier) 11. 3-in-1 Thermometer 12. Cool Mist Humidifier Head to the blog to check out our sick baby/toddler essentials post AND our 10 common baby + child illnesses and remedies post for more info! 🐝

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