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Little Nomad Play Mat | Heart of Gold | House of Noa (formerly Little Nomad)
Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym, Green, Gender Neutral (Frustration Free Packaging) | Amazon (US)
Amazon's | Amazon (US)
Amazon's | Amazon (US)
Icon White Frame Gallery, Set of 7 + Reviews | Crate and Barrel | Crate & Barrel
Skip Hop Explore and More Baby's View 3-Stage Interactive Activity Center, Multi-Color, 4 Months | Amazon (US)
Chiffon Sheer Curtain Panel - Threshold™ | Target
Oversize Chunky Textured Diamond Throw Pillow - Opalhouse™ | Target
20"x20" Oversize Simone Cotton Fringe Trim Square Throw Pillow - Décor Therapy | Target
UTEX Children Toy Box with Front Book Storage Area, Kids Toy Storage Bench, White | Amazon (US)
Paxton Sofa | Arhaus
International Lux Side Table - Satin Gold | Target
Shelburne Round Coffee Table Natural - Threshold™ | Target
Thornley Area Rug | Boutique Rugs
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Some favorites that are on my wishlist this year too. 🥰

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For The Mama Gift Guide
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Postpartum picks for baby in those newborn days!

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Postpartum game changers for mama! 

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Here are my top picks that were GAME CHANGERS in the postpartum season for mama and baby  

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Some favorites that are on my wishlist this year too. 🥰

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perfect look for a maternity session in any season. 😍

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my style lately = how far can I push the line between pajamas and real clothes?

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the perfect, most flattering dress for maternity photos. + comes in SO many color options too. 🥰

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love this “loads of love” print by the cutest little Etsy shop of locally hand made baby clothes! 

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Not gonna lie, I used to be extremely hesitant about the idea of sleep training.. I think it’s because the first thing that comes to mind is leaving a crying baby in a crib. And no mama heart wants to hear their baby cry!

But after a while, the sleep deprivation was starting to catch up to us. BIG TIME. We went from having some decent stretches to returning back to the newborn days at the 4 month regression. I’m talking up every 1.5 hrs or sometimes less. I was starting to feel myself fall apart. And Sylas was starting to get frustrated too. He would cry + cry because he was so tired and the things that used to get him down no longer worked for putting him to sleep. It was as if he was telling us he was ready to learn to sleep independently.

So, we finally decided to reach out to our sleep consultant, Michele @goodnightfamilies. And I am SO DANG GLAD we did! 

I loved having a detailed, step by step plan for what we needed to do. It was almost like I needed permission from an expert to teach our baby to sleep on his own. Knowing the exact plan, and that Sylas didn’t have to cry for any more than 3 minutes, made me so much more comfortable with the idea.

By night 4 of our program, Sylas slept through the night and was putting himself down for naps + bed time on his own. We were totally blown away and were SO thankful for Michele’s help! 

We certainly still have “off” days but Sylas knows how to fall asleep without us, and most nights he sleeps at least 10-12hrs. Even on the bad days it is a FAR cry from where we were before this!

I know Michele can help you just as much as she has literally changed our lives! Head to my stories today to hear from her as she answers the questions y’all had for her!

Who could use a little more sleep in their life?!?!

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a compiled list of the items that we found MOST helpful from our baby registry! We used and still use these on a regular basis. 

#LTKfamily #LTKbaby #LTKbump
When you already love some retail therapy, having a baby takes it to the next level. 😂

I had so much fun curating this little list of all the cutest Valentine stuff for the babes!!! I found so much goodness at Spearmint LOVE and was so excited to share it with y’all. 

I think Sylas needs that “Lover Boy” onesie, what do y’all think? 🥰♥️

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I cannot believe we have an (almost) 6 month old baby!!!! It feels like all of a sudden little man is just so much more aware of the world around him and I have been loving every bit of it. 

Since I always get lots of questions in my stories I thought it would be fun to do a little random of our faves from each month! It seriously feels like you live a million different seasons with a baby and a lot of the the things that work for ya will change on a regular basis. 

So, here’s a compilation of our FIVE MONTH FAVES and I included a bunch more items too in the LTK app! 

I plan on going backwards too and doing this for newborn through now too so it can be helpful to all the new and expecting mamas out there too! 💗

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