My 💯 Etsy and Small Business Gift Guide for Her ❤️ #liketkit

My 💯 Etsy and Small Business Gift Guide for Her ❤️ #liketkit

Zebrawood and Epoxy Drop Earrings | Etsy | Etsy (US)
3 Pack Beginner Embroidery Kit  Modern Flower Embroidery Kit | Etsy | Etsy (US)
Winter and Autumn Dressing Gown Fluffy Home Loose Bathrobe | Etsy | Etsy (US)
Glass Candle Holder  Candlestick Holder  Plant Pot  Wedding | Etsy | Etsy (US)
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850 mL Glass French Press  Amber  Backordered Ships early | Etsy | Etsy (US)
Wall Mounted Geometric Air Plant Holder Made from Reclaimed | Etsy | Etsy (US)
House Number Plaque Address Sign Modern House Numbers | Etsy | Etsy (US)
100% linen duvet cover linen bedding Christmas Gift | Etsy | Etsy (US)
Buy together, get free shipping | Etsy (US)
Gold Coin Choker  4mm Gold Disc Necklace  Gold Coin Necklace | Etsy | Etsy (US)
Black Ceramic mug black stoneware mug | Etsy | Etsy (US)
Sophie 100% Turkish Cotton Throw Blanket in Full Size Cream | Etsy | Etsy (US)

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Most of my life, I used to think I was the weird girl who had to try a lot harder than everyone else to fit in. I also used to think that I wasn’t smart enough to contribute any helpful ideas whether it be at work, ministry, or at home.

It wasn’t until I realized that everyone has different lived experiences, skills, backgrounds, and even different ways of thinking that are valuable. When I realized that my ideas could be useful not despite my differences, but because of them - that was the real game changer. 

Now, when something pops into my head that I know no one else is thinking about, I know it’s not because I’m a weirdo (ok, maybe a little) but it’s because we all think differently and that can be a really good thing when working with others in all sorts of capacities like parenting, work, ministry, whatever. 

Have you ever felt like the odd ball in the group?
What's one thing you want to do OR not do this Mother's Day?? I want to go for a run, spend time writing, get brunch with the farm.. and maybe strawberry picking??? 🍓

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Love my Still makeup! #liketkit
Which is your favorite, clutch 1 or clutch 2? @able is one of my favorite brands to wear and support. Use code FESTIVE25 to get 25% off everything today!

Shop your screenshot of this pic with the app #liketkit
Me & my squad 🥰
I'm so freaking proud of these two. David has been riding the bus!! And loves it! Evy is still home with us but she's been reading with us much more and practicing some letter recognition at home. While these two still have their moments, I feel like they've been getting along so well recently and have started to really look out for each other, and as a parent, that's honestly the best ❤️ #liketkit
What I use for bleach and toning! #liketkit
When you got ketchup on your face but you don't care because the fries were too good 😂🍟
Recently Josh and I have started a daily "quiet time" for the kids and let me tell you - it has been a game 👏🏼 changer. Not that we don't love being around our kids - seriously they're the best. But Josh and I do so well when we have a few quiet moments in the day 🤫 especially when the kids haven't been in school since the beginning of the year. Do you do a daily quiet time? How long does it last? #liketkit
When I start to understand child leashes ☝🏼😂This particular child has a hard time walking in a straight line, let alone wearing a mask 😜 But of course, we try. 😷 #liketkit
There not much more of a greater feeling than being in your favorite place with your favorite people 🌴👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐾 #liketkit
Tonight we couldn't find Evy for 15 minutes (we took this photo yesterday). At first we were all, "Ok she probably just went upstairs to change her outfit for the 10th time today." Then a few minutes later it was... Ok this isn't funny anymore. We had the whole family running in and out of rooms calling for her, running up and down the road, I had David check their "hideout" in the woods, and even a few neighbors helped us look. I was beginning to think - Ok how long do we look ourselves before calling the police? 
And then a few seconds later Josh's sister came out of the house saying she found Evy.... Pooping in David's closet 💀💀💀😐💩😭😆😴 All the emotions! I'm just glad somebody smelled her. I mean, found her. My goodness. Have you ever had a similar experience?? #liketkit
How are you currently expressing yourself creatively? 
I think it's really cool that we get to use art to communicate, to express ourselves, and even as therapy. I've always loved writing, currently love photography, and want to pick up drawing again. Swipe to see the paintings the kids worked on today! (Evy says there's a reindeer in hers...). #liketkit
Love this ribbed set from @beachriot! #liketkit
Some things we can do in uncertain times:

• Hold on to what you know won't change

• Give each new day to the Lord and ask Him to give you peace and joy no matter what the day holds

• Do little things each day that you have control over, ie. the way you use your free time, getting dressed in the morning, being intentional the the kids, making coffee JUST the way you like it.

• Think about how you want your kids to remember this time: full of panic and fear or strength and stability

• Pray for those who are hurting and sick

• Help in little ways: order food in from local restaurants, donate to charities who are helping, check in with the elderly, ask friends and family if there's anything there need. 

What would you add?

#stayhomestaysafe #liketkit
+8 #liketkit
This photo is cute, but if I'm being honest, tonight was a rough night. Currently watching Sofia the First alone with Evy while David went to bed early 😥 It would be so much easier to turn a blind eye to some of the things we see and hope that the kids still turn into decent humans later, but that's not how parenting works. we always tell the kids that we don't like giving consequences, but they're important to help us learn how to do better next time. Sometimes giving consequences sucks for parents too. Here's to a fresh start tomorrow 💗 #liketkit
This weekend we need to organize the heck out of our stuff! We're in conversations with moving companies and it's not as easy to figure out how much stuff you actually have when you're living with someone else 🤪 I'm thinking I'm just going to try to stuff all of our worldly possessions into 1 room for 2 months so it's easy to keep track of. Sound like a good plan?? #liketkit
Yesterday Evy woke up from her nap and was inconsolably grumpy. Nothing helped, not being held outside, offering 100 different snacks, mom trying to be silly, nothin. But this boy broke through. He can always get her to laugh and tries so hard to all the time. They're two very different peas in a pod but they work so well 💗 #liketkit
It can be easy to feel stressed out by the kids. Their needs, questions, 19495991 year long stories, activities. But recently I'm doing my best to remember that these are the moments I want. I don't *want* the moments where I'm staring at my computer screen, but I often prioritize them over those 19495991 year long stories. I forgot that those are the moments I'm working for. Those are the in-between moments that give so much else meaning and purpose. Stop and enjoy them. Those are the moments we'll remember. #liketkit
I've gotten questions from you recently about how I do my makeup & what products I use so I thought I'd record going through my regular morning routine today! #liketkit
New blog post is up!!! I was so excited to write this post about how we paid off $30k in student debt and have so far saved $20k for a down payment (not to mention pay off a whopping $5k medical bill when Evy had the flu last year 😰). There were definitely areas where we could have been more strict with ourselves, and I still wouldn't consider us "expert" dept payer-offers. But we did make a lot of sacrifices along the way and learned a few tricks. Check out the link in my bio to read the blog! #liketkit
Fridays are for free feelings, kisses, and cuddles. Hoping this weekend feels like a long one ♥️ #liketkit
When you're accidentally twinning with your mini-me 🥰
The softest, squattable denim courtesy of @1822_denim's Butter Box! #liketkit
Hold 'em tight. They don't stay little forever 💜
Funny enough, we started the year with no plans other than to move at some point 🤗 and plans are already starting to line up just like that 💁🏼‍♀️ I feel like my life is a constant pendulum of feeling bored, feeling overwhelmed, and then feeling bored again 😅 
So even with moving, family trips and potential vacations in the works, I still want to guard against this year feeling rushed and chaotic. I want this to be a year of holding family close and enjoying each other 💜 #liketkit
The face you make when you're choked by a unicorn princess crown #girlmom
Diving into the deep side - do you ever go throughout your day juuust fine and then you lay down to go to bed and the weight of the world just falls on you?? I partially blame it on being too tired to be rational 🥴. But I started to notice that this is a time of day when I regularly feel more "down" or stressed or simply overwhelmed. So, instead of leaving it that way, I decided to take steps towards making it a more positive part of the day. I deleted a few distracting apps from my phone, started reading my Bible regularly this time of day, and literally counted my blessings by thinking of good things that happened during the day, things I can be excited about, and things I can turn over to God and simply let go of. What are steps you take to make your day more positive and less overwhelming? #liketkit
Ten things that make me feel excited:
• Travel plans
• New workout clothes 😂
• A new creative idea
• Meeting a friend for coffee
• Providing for my family
• The feeling right after a run 
• Waking up to a sunny day - the possibilities!
• A beautiful hike
• Seeing developmental breakthroughs in the kids (potty training, anyone??)
• Alone time - again, the possibilities!
What makes you excited?? #liketkit
You've probably heard me say before that David LOVES arts and crafts. Like, our kitchen table is perpetually covered with paper clippings, makers, tape, playdough, you know it. He's even started getting in on our creative "process" when it comes to taking photos! This spot was his idea and I love following his lead when he has his own ideas. Not bad, Bud! #liketkit
When a toddler touches my face I have 2 simultaneous reactions: 1). WHERE HAVE THOSE HANDS BEEN???
and 2). Never let go 😭
You?? 😂
PSSST. My boots are ethically made by @nisolo and they're on sale!! Plus you can use my code 25CHELSEADAMON to get 25% site wide! 🙌 Everything on their site is timeless and QUALITY. Swipe up in stories to check them out! #liketkit
10 things that help me feel peaceful:
• The perfect Spotify playlist for a current mood
• Finishing a workout in the morning
• Cuddling
• All bills paid for the month and some money saved
• Time spent in God's word and seeing how it applies to life
• Alone time
• Settling in to work at a coffee shop
• Feeling prepared
• Finishing a project
• Forgiving
When do you get that *peaceful* feeling? #liketkit
I was reminded today that God places things in our lives to be uplifting. Things like music, His word, friends, rest, exercise. Sometimes these things just happen, but other times, when they’re not happening on their own, it’s ok to seek them out in order to feel refreshed and inspired and in awe of God and His goodness again. Has anything been uplifting in your life today - something that made you feel grateful? If not, go out and find it ♥️ #liketkit