#Ad If you know me, I’m all about a good drinking vessel! Having a bottle that I like makes it easier to hit my hydration goals, which is important when I’m at the CrossFit gym hitting PRs. 🙌🏽 I recently received the Luxe Kit from HydroJug and both bottles fit perfectly into my lifestyle. Sharing details below ⬇️ - Studded SHKR: great for your pre-workout and post workout protein. It also comes with a tumbler lid and straw, making it highly versatile for everyday use. I use it in the morning for my reds, greens, and fiber powder mix, and pop the tumbler lid on and use it was my bottle for the work day. - Glass Studded HydroJug: I love the silicone sleeve for added insulation and protection, especially since this one of the bottles I love to take to the gym with me. I know a bottle, especially of this size, is going to come in handy as we get back to outdoor workouts and running once the weather turns. #HydroJug #LTKfit


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