Tonight’s look ✨ // #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 Screenshot this pic to get shoppable product details with the app

Tonight’s look ✨ // #liketkit Screenshot this pic to get shoppable product details with the app

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Silk Wrap Top in Fresh Daisies | Madewell
High Waist Linen Blend Shorts | Nordstrom
Floral Tote Bag | Topshop US
Lip Color | Nordstrom
MAC Lip Pencil | Nordstrom
'X' Bracelet with Gold | Nordstrom
David Yurman Double X Crossover Ring with Diamonds | Neiman Marcus
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Hawaii has stolen our hearts…despite being the resident freak show at this hotel for the last 5 days because apparently twins aren’t as common as one would think 😂 Can’t wait to return but ready to be back with our baby ladies 🤍X, H & K //
Black dresses we wore to work the Hawaii wedding 🖤
Boat ride down the Napali coast 🌊
Friday Finds 08.12
Top 3 dry shampoos ✨
H’s designer wishlist item
K’s designer wishlist item
H’s travel outfit 💙
K’s travel outfit 💗
Kauai Packing List
Tomorrow, we head to Hawaii for the first time together for an @etoillyartistry wedding for the next 5 days. It’s really emotional for us to do these things together. If you had asked us 5 years ago if we thought we could build a brand and a team of artists that we are so proud to work with, we would’ve lied and said, “Yes.” But the truth is, we didn’t feel good enough. There was enough voices around that made us believe that it was better to stay where we were at. It was safer. Less risk. I’m so glad we told those voices to fuck off. So whatever your dreams are…do not stop. Do not listen. Do not keep your foot on the break. Run like hell and believe in yourself. Also surround yourself with people that believe in you just as much as they will call you out where growth is in need to be had. Thank you to our team. Thank you to our friends. Thank you to our family. And thank you to everyone who has thought what we’ve been doing the last 7 years was stupid because if they hadn’t…we wouldn’t have wanted to prove them wrong. X, H & K //
Spa morning //
Top Tens 08.08
Looking around to make sure no is witnessing me relapse on dark soda. //
Friday Finds 08.05
Hailey’s Summer Makeup Edit
Back To School Edition //
K’s everyday makeup routine ✨
“Be passionate and be involved in what you believe in, and do it as thoroughly, and honestly and fearlessly as you can.” - Marie Colvin // We accomplished the biggest goal we ever set for @etoillyartistry yesterday and this quote couldn’t feel more true to my heart these days. I remember a little over 5 years ago when we started our business I had to borrow money from my grandparents to help pay rent for the apartment I really couldn’t afford. I was barely making it (not really making it lol) and here I am today, proud of myself and Hailey in the most humble, honest way I know how to be as an artist + entrepreneur. Don’t give up on your dreams, they might just one day come true ✨ X, K //
Top Tens 08.01
K’s outfit for girls night at RH 🤍
Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale //
Framing this photo and putting on my night stand 🥹 my big girl!!! X, K //
A blue moment 🤍 X, K // dress is on sale
Friday Finds 07.29
Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale //
Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale //
Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale //
Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale //
Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale //
Sephora Haul //
Hot Take on the Dyson Airwrap Complete //
Top Tens 07.25
It’s funny how life works out. For most of our childhood summers, we spent our days at our grandparents lake house. We’d spend sun up to sun down on the boat and in the water, and truly, we thought then life couldn’t get better than this. And it did. Now we’re bringing our babies to the water and knowing that they are falling in love with it just like we did. Thankful for this weekend and that adulthood is mirroring childhood, but now we get to end our day in the sun with a martini 🍸 X, H & K //
Saks Fifth Avenue Picks //
Friday Finds 07.22