Before and after using Dr Diamond Metacine Instafacial® Plasma & Emulsion serum and cream luxury skincare duo. RESULTS: The biggest changes I saw were that my pores looked a lot smaller and less visible, improvement in overall skin tone and radiance, and that my skin color looked more even. BUT it’s not a miracle fix or face lift in a bottle but there are definite improvements. TIPS FOR USING: Don’t use a full pipette but just a few drops to make it last longer. I made the mistake of using a full dropper each time and it only lasted me 3 weeks whereas I still have plenty of emulsion left. In the morning I followed with SPF. In the evening I skipped night cream as I found it hydrating enough by itself. ABOUT METACINE: They were created by world renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Diamond to mimic the effects of the doctor’s celebrity favorite, in-office Instafacial procedure - a multimodality treatment that utilizes lasers, microneedling, and platelet rich plasma to stimulate cellular regeneration for a more radiant and flawless complexion. FAQ’s The plasma in the InstaFacial® Plasma is formulated with bioengineered human identical growth factors that stimulate platelet-rich plasma’s ability to support skin repair & rejuvenation. Skip your vitamin c and serum and use the plasma instead. Follow with SPF in the morning. #skincare #drdiamond #instafacial #takeyourmetacine #drdiamondsmetacine #drdiamondwillseeyounow #dailydose #doctorsorders


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