Four Years ago today I uploaded my very first #ootd on Instagram and I cannot believe how far I’ve come! Sharing your life and thoughts publicly can be extremely intimidating so it actually took me two years to have the courage to come on this platform but I am so grateful that I did! People often ask me how all the time how I got started? and the answer is you just gotta go for it and post that first picture! Don’t look back, don’t hold back and most importantly don’t be anyone else but YOU! Any mistakes you will make along the way you will learn from and that is what life is all about on IG or not. Thank you for joining me as always and I hope I will continue to inspire and be inspired and stay on four more years and beyond! And Good luck to anyone that is getting started I wish you a happy journey- DREAM BIG 💕 #glamouraspiritturns4 #bloganniversary // Shop this dress #liketkit . . . . . . . . .


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