Don’t forget the fish this holiday season! 🐠 We are going to attempt to pull off a Christmas Miracle, and squeeze in four family Christmases this year. Wish us luck and smooth travel days?! We are making sure London’s pet fish stay fed while we are gone with the Tetra Weekend Tropical Feeding Block! Unlike other slow release feeders,’s Weekend Tropical Slow Release Fish Feeder Food has an innovative gel feeder block - so it won't disintegrate on its own and cloud the water (because who wants to come home to a dirty fish tank?!) It’s so easy to use: simply leave the Tetra Weekend Tropical Feeding Block in your aquarium to encourage natural foraging. Are you traveling or staying home this holiday season? #tetrafish #sponsored


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Tetra Weekend and Vacation Feeder Slow-Release Fish Food for Tropical Fish 1.06 Ounce (Pack of 1) | Amazon (US)