Jenna’s Beach Braid Studio is open for business 😂💁🏼‍♀️ 

I’m putting my Girl Mom talents to the test this week!! While Adaline declined the photo op, these 5 girlies were excited to show off their braids! Peyton’s had a friend staying out here with us, and the girls’ cousins have some amazing manes! Which means there is no shortage of hair to braid over here 😂 

 I am linking some of our beach hair essentials here: 
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Jenna’s Beach Braid Studio is open for business 😂💁🏼‍♀️ I’m putting my Girl Mom talents to the test this week!! While Adaline declined the photo op, these 5 girlies were excited to show off their braids! Peyton’s had a friend staying out here with us, and the girls’ cousins have some amazing manes! Which means there is no shortage of hair to braid over here 😂 I am linking some of our beach hair essentials here: #liketkit

tie-dye knot-front tank | Abercrombie & Fitch (US)
pajama shorts set | Abercrombie & Fitch (US)
UNITE Hair Leave-IN Conditioner, 8 Fl Oz | Amazon (US)
COOLA Scalp & Hair Mist Organic Sunscreen SPF 30 from | Revolve Clothing (Global)
No. 3 Hair Perfector | Sephora (US)
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Parents, it’s about that time. 😬 Time to start that chaotic back-to-school hustle — with early mornings, drop-offs, pick-ups, homework, sports...did I mention it would be a little chaotic?! 🙃 With all three girls in school this year, and Peyton moving into the 5th- and 6th-grade building AND playing travel soccer, there is a lot of “new” for us this year! The alarm goes off SO early on school mornings, so getting back into a solid bedtime routine is a must! We are getting back on track with @NatrolOfficial Melatonin. Melatonin works as your body’s internal clock - it manages sleep-wake cycles. But things like screens, stress, and routine changes can throw you off cycle. That’s where melatonin supplements can help. The Natrol Kids Melatonin is my go-to for those nights when you’re trying for an early bedtime, and the kids just aren’t having it. After the second cup of water, the third bedtime story, and back rubs, I reach for the Gummies! The girls love the great-tasting berry flavor, and I love them because they help the girls fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.† They’re also 100% drug-free and non-habit forming, so the girls get a good night’s sleep and wake up ready to tackle the school day!
Natrol’s melatonin products are available for the whole family, and are great solutions for occasional sleeplessness!* You can find them at your local drug store and select grocers! AD #natrol #SleepSmart #BacktoSchool
Collecting shells is so fun! The scent of decaying marine life? Not so much!

Cleaning your sand dollars is easy! Follow the steps in this video.
Find more at
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Dave and I have this weird thing we do when we travel together. 

One of us (usually me 😂🤓) always says, “I’m glad we were here together in our nation’s capitol!” in our best Forest Gump voice. 

Usually we are on Marco Island or anywhere that is clearly NOT in our nation’s capitol. And then we laugh and laugh like the tourists we are 😂 ✌🏻 

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A 6.5 morning beach walk [aka a hike 🥵] in 92° heat was intense, exhausting, fun AF and slightly dehydrating. 

But nothing beats a morning spent hunched over, ass in the air, looking for some shells 😏🙃 #ifyouknowyouknow #sanibelstoop

We saw some sea turtle nests, a small sting ray, some horrifying crab/creature that was way too fast for comfort, and made a handful of new shelling buddies! (Ruth from Ft Lauderdale, this one’d for you!!!) 

My jaw literally hurts from smiling today! 😬 truly in my happy place with my favorite Dave!! 

Where is your happy place?

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Nordstrom sale outfit
Tan runs dress runs true to size 
Suede ankle booties and cute fall hat

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#rdbabe red dress boutique summer vacation outfits so perfect for the beach!
Tropical dress and two piece set
Woven belt 
Date night dresses 

Nordstrom sale find
Chunky turtleneck free people sweater 
Cozy knit 

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Packing for a beach vacation
Maxi dress
Bikini and coverup coola sunscreen
Suitcase organized packing 

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Nordstrom sale sweater #nsale
Free people sweater
High rise denim shorts 

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Mentally, though, I am here 🌈🌊🌅 

Let’s play a game of would you rather! Would you rather: have everlasting phone battery life or unlimited WiFi?

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Huge sale on the Dooney & Bourke Denison Croco Ruby Crossbody! Cute purse for fall

The QVC price is $155.42, and the retail price is $188.00.
-First time customers can get $10 off with code OFFER.
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Guys. Adaline starts kindergarten this fall. 🤯 😭 I KNOW. While I may never emotionally be ready for this day, Adaline is so excited! She’s been working hard and “practicing for school” with the help of the new The Beginner’s Bible Preschool Workbook and The Beginner’s Bible Learn Your Numbers wipe-away books!

The Beginner’s Bible Preschool Workbook is perfect for summer learning, and reinforcing things the girls learned at school last year, to help get ready for the new school year!

Remember our tried-and-true favorite The Beginner’s Bible Learn Your Letters book? Well, check out the all new The Beginner’s Bible Learn Your Numbers!! It’s no surprise this one is a favorite! Addy has been hard at work practicing writing her numbers along familiar Bible story pictures. We love that this is a “wipe clean” board book — it comes with a dry-erase marker, so Addy can write, wiping away, and write again and again! 

She’s more than ready for the first day of school, but it’s a good thing I have a few more weeks to mentally prepare myself 😅😭

#thebeginnersbible #beginnersbible #earlylearning #preschoolbooks #kindergartenprep 

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Trying to explain to David why we need a 6 month vacation here twice a year 😏😏

#LTKtravel #LTKswim
It’s a shell of a life 😏

Dave and I hiked 6.5 miles yesterday, so the plan today is: ass in chair, drink in my hand 👌🏻😉

#LTKtravel #LTKswim
Suede ankle booties and Shacket from the Nordstrom sale
Styling a shirt jacket
Mom jeans

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Nordstrom sale outfit
Tan dress
Ankle booties for fall
Chanel beige bag
Front porch 

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Joanna brixton straw hat on sale #nsale #nordstrom 
Sun hat
Wide brim hat 

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I like to let David know I’m interested in his golf tournaments by repeatedly asking, “Why doesn’t our grass look this nice?” As we cart around the course 😏😉 

In other news, we leave tomorrow for sunshine, the beach, and hopefully lots of seashells!! Cannot wait! 

Tell me one thing you’re looking forward to this week! 

It’s a golf tournament weekend for David! Which means I get to drink rum in a golf cart, and wear a cute dress 👏🏻👏🏻

…until you’re at the event, and you’re online to grab the link your “dress” and find out that half the websites are labeling it as a “tunic” 😂😳🤷🏼‍♀️ YOLO! 

Anyway! Let’s send David some good luck Instagram vibes and some spirit fingers for the rest of his tournament! 🏌🏼‍♂️⛳️ 

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Coola sunscreen on sale in the Nordstrom sale #nsale
Summer must have sunscreen
Organic beauty 

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Rainbow on the beach!
Bikini tropical vacation packing list 
Swimsuit revolve 

#LTKtravel #LTKswim
Swimsuit from aerie #aeriereal
Bikini for a beach vacation 
Tropical day date

#LTKstyletip #LTKtravel #LTKswim
Pretty sure my birthstone is actually a seashell 😏🐚🌅

Swipe over >> to see our shelling haul! Dave pulled his weight (for once 😉) and found 2 flat scallops, the majority of those sand dollars, and the big alphabet cone! 

There’s nothing sexier than a man who will comb a sand bar for sand dollars for you 😏😏

#LTKswim #LTKtravel
Wow guys, that girl on the dock over there got REEEEEALLY excited about this sunset 😏😉

Nothing beats champagne at one of our fave Marco spots while the sun paints the sky into a million pretty colors!! 😍🌅

Third time’s the charm 😉 


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Nordstrom sale look for less
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Barefoot dreams blanket on sale
Spanx faux leather leggings dupes 
Sherpa boots for fall 

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Nordstrom sale outfit
Black jumpsuit and suede ankle booties
Floppy felt hat for fall
Fall style #nsale 

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All white vacation outfit
Two piece set
Red dress boutique 
Brixton joanna hat #nsale Nordstrom sale

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I’m working on my parenting book. It’s called: Fine. Whatever. Go Ahead.

It chronicles a day in the life of a mother who slowly looses her mind, and ends up taking the kids to the pool at 8:30pm 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ (but they all slept in soooo👏🏻👌🏻) 

Remember when I was talking about how annoying it was to store bulky beach towels? These cute towels from @katydid are quick-drying, fold up super small, and are literally the cutest towels ever! 

Save with code: OHHEYJENNA ☀️

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Blue free people dress 
Beachy dress 
Shell necklace 
Cowrie seashell necklace 

#LTKbeauty #LTKstyletip