Looking for the perfect champagne flutes to ring in the new year? These beautiful champagne flutes from Crate & Barrel are my all-time favorite! They work perfectly for the sparkling cranberry champagne and tequila cocktail.

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Looking for the perfect champagne flutes to ring in the new year? These beautiful champagne flutes from Crate & Barrel are my all-time favorite! They work perfectly for the sparkling cranberry champagne and tequila cocktail. #LTKgiftspo

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Edge Champagne Glass | Crate & Barrel
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Make an easy and delicious hummus platter. You can easily make one batch of hummus and add 3 unique flavors on top to switch things up!

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Or, I also made a fun option that you could drop off on someone's porch. 

Here are all the supplies you'll need to make your own birthday board!
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For complete list visit: homebodyeats.com/gifts-for-cooking-enthusiasts/

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New to making cocktails at home? These are some of my all time favorite at-home bar tools. They are great to have on hand to make cocktails during the weekend or even for a party. These would make great gifts (especially if you're searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for him or her). Pair with your favorite bottle of liquor for the perfect gift!

Make your very own Mexican tamale platter! This board includes all your favorite tamale toppings and side dishes including Mexican rice, cucumber avocado salad, queso, guacamole, cotija cheese, and MORE!

These are some of my favorite boards and accessories to make this epic Mexican charcuterie board.
Need a fun cooking project? Try homemade ice cream! This would be the perfect thing for Valentine's Day at home, or maybe even a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one! Here are my top 3 favorite ice cream maker. After lots of research, these are my favorite:
1. most cost / space effective (Cuisinart)
2. best quality (Whynter)
3. best attachment (KitchenAid)
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These tools are great for serving large salads! My favorite tip is using a small condiment holder for salad dressing. This will keep the salad from getting soggy or wilted...just like they do it at the restaurants. This is a great trick if you're serving salad at a dinner party.

Want to know the SECRET to amazing veggie burgers?
1. Use lots of spices to add flavor (southwest seasoning is my favorite)
2. Use almond flour for a healthier way to bind your burgers so they don't fall apart
3. Use a non stick frying pan for cooking so your burgers don't stick and fall apart. Remember to flip the burgers gently.

My favorite products for veggie burgers and linked below!
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A bottle of London dry would be perfect for these pomegranate and blood orange martinis in the picture.

#LTKgiftspo #LTKunder50
A beautiful martini glass definitely makes your cocktail taste even more delicious! These are a few of my favorite martini glasses. They would be a beautiful addition to your holiday dinner meal, or they would make a great gift for your mom, sister, or anyone who loves to drink.

#LTKgiftspo #LTKunder100
Of you're looking for a holiday cocktail, you've got to try peanut butter whiskey! There are lots of different peanut butter whiskeys out on the market, but here are a few of my favorites (especially Skrewball). These would make the perfect Christmas cocktail for your friends or family...or it would even make a great last minute gift!

#LTKgiftspo #LTKunder50
Need some easy and delicious holiday shot recipes? This one is super easy and made with my favorite peanut butter whiskey and kahlúa. This would also make a perfect gift for a family member!

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Looking for a unique tequila cocktail? do you sparkling cranberry champagne and tequila cocktails are perfect for the holidays! I've linked some of my favorite tequilas (blanco, reposado, and añejo tequilas) below!

Full Tequila Guide on homebodyeats.com
What I got you frozen alcoholic apple cider whiskey slushies are the perfect fall or winter cocktail. Whether you're looking for a holiday cocktail (for Thanksgiving or Christmas), this is a whiskey cocktail your family and friends will love! These beautiful copper mugs keep the slushies nice and cold.

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Looking for the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for the pizza lover in your life? These are all my favorite pizza essentials to make the best pie out there! Whether you need a gift for her (mom, sister, aunt) or a gift for him (dad, brother, uncle), these will be the perfect gifts for anyone who is serious about cooking up a quality pizza!
Create the most beautiful holiday and Christmas cocktails with these beautiful champagne flutes.
Cheese and charcuterie boards are essential for the holidays! These are some of my favorite cheese board essentials that everyone needs to prepare of upcoming holiday appetizers. 

#LTKgiftspo #LTKunder50 #LTKhome