Wanted to share some updates! 1, I have been battling an extreme amount of anxiety this month and I’m sorry it’s affected my posting cadence! Onward and upward!! 2, I think I figured out my itchy skin issue and what has seemed to fix it… you’ll never believe it. Stay tuned. 3. I’ve also simultaneously been going through the worst stomach pain for months - which led me to having to eliminate certain things, which yes was triggering for me… but so happy to report I am pain free currently 👏 4. Parenting full time and working full time is hard in the summer. Yes, even when you’re living at the beach for a few weeks. Yes, even when you have the privilege of working from home. I am a ceo and hardly feel like it. Barely keeping up!!! 5. I’m going to be recapping our time at the beach through this week!


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