Last summer I attended a Gatsby party so I decided to make it the front cover for the 5 reader requests tonight. Here are a few notes on each look: ▪️Gatsby Party: If I can wear feathers on my head to a party I'm there ;) Amazon has great accessories and I linked a fabulous retailer for the dress. ▪️White Party: Pretty straight forward and easy to narrow down. Just find a dress that flatters your figure. The way I like to narrow it down is I go to SAKS, search dresses, then by color and then scroll until I find the right cut for my body. ▪️The Beach Wedding request was a little ambiguous because there are so many unknown factors. Are you by the beach or on the beach? What's the dress code? If I was attending a wedding on the actual beach I would wear something a little longer in case it's windy and I wouldn't wear heels....obviously. ▪️Vegas Bachelorette: The biggest deciding factor is the shoe for me, what is going to be comfortable for you on what will likely be a VERY late night.

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