Make it simple, natural, and genuine! @dillards 14 days of clean could not be more timely. The fourteen day beauty event starts Friday 8/12 and lasts 14 days through 8/25. Curated clean products and services are highlighted during the event in stores and online. I am always craving a fresh start late summer …. and early fall. It’s exciting to think about trying new products…. fresh, clean, and luxuriously effective. Organic, natural, and genuine beauty from the inside out is a worthy lifetime goal AND a daily process. It’s time to refresh /replenish with a clean start. Favorite products highlighted during the event are beauty bio, smashbox, sigma, finch berry, milk + honey and philosophy…..just to name a few. Make it simple but a statement. Customizable services are offered in stores during the event. They include mini facials, brush cleansing, routine skincare consultations, and plans to help you to determine the right formulas for clean beauty and glowing skin! #dillards14daysofclean #dillardsbeauty #theedgebeauty #takethedayoff #cleanbeauty #brushrefresh #cleanyourroutine #dillardsbeauty

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