40+ / 5’ 7"/ size 0-4 Ask me your sizing questions on Ig! My style: Effortless Chic Follow me for fashion, beauty & home! 💕😘😘
Currently obsessed with this Anine Bing sweatshirt and this Saint Laurent bag that holds all my essentials doing errands in nyc . ❤️

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Outfit of the day… love this flowy pink print top paired with my fave denim brand Agolde and my Jimmy Choo silver pumps. 

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It’s that time… to update your home for the holidays! Linked products that would make great host/ hostess gifts too 🙌🏼💕💕

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A yummy host/hostess gift! These cookies dipped in chocolate are perfect to gift yourself as well! 😉

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Fall Outfits- Whether it’s vegan or real leather, a moto style jacket is a fall essential! Love this vegan leather jacket for its quality and price (under $100)! Head to my blog JosephinaCollection.com for more Fall Must Haves!

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Fall outfits… an everyday look for this season. This top is so versatile! In satin fabric, it is so easy to dress up. Obsessed with the thick gold chain I’m wearing and the jeans  are my most comfortable! 💕💕

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All set for more work-from-home with this luxe leather desk blotter. Also prepared ahead of the game for 2022 with this gorgeous planner. Both make the perfect holiday gift especially with personalization! Tagged 2 statement necklaces on trend and must haves this season… Wearing them on repeat! ❤️

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Had this grey sofa in my ultra modern NYC apartment and now in my traditional living room in the suburbs… Love it’s minimal look and that it works in so many different types of spaces. 

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Newest addition to my living room… a plush white rug that is washable! Not the best lighting in this video, but it’s a bright white . Love that I don’t have to worry about spills and stains, and it’s so soft as well! ❤️

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Love this minimal chic bench that adds some shoe storage to my closet as well! ❤️ On sale now!!🙌🏼

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Current faves... Love a bag to add a pop of color to my look. Linked this same bag in a gorgeous powder blue and a similar bag in the same shade of bright pink. 💕💕

Lately, I’ve been wearing less makeup but eye makeup and skincare is still essential for every day! Linked in this post are some current beauty faves:
- Lip oil is hydrating and feels luxurious. 
- Brow gel: versatile color that wears naturally
- Liquid eyeliner 
- Brow pencil 
- Mascara: for dramatic volume, 
- Body lotion that’s hydrating and a necessity this time of year!

And last but not least, this camera is the perfect blend of compact and high quality. Great for video, now I just have to make some! 😂 😉

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Love this plump and firm skincare face mask...❤️ Perfect for self care Sunday and to treat yourself for Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day, of course! Also linked a favorite eye mask and some feet masks that are  on my shopping list! 💕💕

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Love a bold, statement accessory to  add some fun and drama to my casual outfits. Tagged some of my fave silver/ metallic bags available now to add a little sparkle to my life! ✨ Makes a great Valentine’s Day gift to give yourself! 😉❤️
Also tagged this lightweight down  jacket that is so warm and currently on repeat! 🙌🏼

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Moto jackets lined with faux fur or shearling is my fave way to stay warm as well as chic in the winter! ❄️  Linked to this one as well as two lower priced options. 😘
📷: @lydiahudgens

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Gorgeous holiday gift sets, these beauty and skincare gifts from L’occitane are luxe as well as reasonably priced. Perfect to give as well as receive! 🎄 Especially love the advent calendar which I look forward to every day! ✨ Ship or buy online and pick up in store. 🌟 *gifted

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This chenille sweater is so soft and cozy! ✨💕 A go-to top, especially during the holiday season! 🎄 

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Holiday Gift Ideas all under $50! 

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A fire pit and a Yeti mug are my cold weather accessories. 😉🌬❄️

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Obsessed with these mask chains that double as a necklace, purse handle replacement and chic camera strap . 💕💕💕 So practical, they make a great gift!! ✨✨

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Gift guide: Home Edit / WFH

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Gift Guide: Gifts for the home and WFH. Check out my blog, JosephinaCollection.com, for more! 🎄

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This chenille sweater is so soft and cozy! A gift to give and receive. ❤️

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Love leather bags and accessories from Gigi New York. Use my code JOSEPHINA20 for 20% off until December 6th. Get those items on your gift list crossed off!!

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This ‘City Wallet’ is my go-to now. There’s a pocket to hold a cellphone, and of course, everything that’s you’d put in your wallet. So convenient! Perfect gift idea for yourself or a friend/family member. ✨ Use my code JOSEPHINA20 for 20% off until December 6th! 

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From my Work From Home gift guide, a leather desk blotter. Makes any surface sophisticated and desk worthy! This one is reversible: blue on side and tan on the other! Especially love the personalized touch. 💕💕

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Personalized gifts are especially important this season.... Love this luxe planner that can be customized with initials. ❤️ Linked to this exact daily planner.and festive table runner. Also linked to 2 other gorgeous planners from Gigi New York. Use my code JOSEPHINA20 on the Gigi New York site for 20% off! 🙌🏼

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A classic nail color, love this ‘gel effect’ nail polish. My current go-to!. 💅🏻💅🏻

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Mask chains are the perfect gifts to give and receive. 💕 Love this one as it is very lightweight. Now I don’t need to worry about where my mask is! Best of all, you can use it as a strap to a small purse, etc. Linked to a gold metal chain that doubles as a tres chic necklace or a luxe strap for my LV pouch.🙌🏼

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If you’re working from home, and especially if you’re a digital content creator, a ring light is a must. Love this one: adjustable brightness and color tone, cell phone holder, and remote control. Also love the chrome legs that go well with my decor. 😉✨✨

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My all-time fave sunglasses. Linked to the exact frame style, but you can also customize and personalize your own. Love it! Perfect to gift or to give yourself for the holidays. 😉👏🏼

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