My organization system for my small wire pantry still works well for me. Pantry storage pantry organization kitchen organization food storage oxo storage Elfa solution 

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My organization system for my small wire pantry still works well for me. Pantry storage pantry organization kitchen organization food storage oxo storage Elfa solution

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Shallow planters do more than hold plants. Here, I’ve used this shallow gray ceramic planter as a candy dish. home decor living room decor side table styling cane accent table 

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This over the door storage system is a great way to store art supplies and to save space. home organization playroom organization closet organization Elfa storage toy storage toy closet craft supplies 

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The gold framed pin board in Eliza’s playroom is currently 30% off! The play table and chairs are also on sale. home decor playroom decor office decor art table bulletin board wall decor

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My back deck refresh for spring was as easy as adding new pillows, a new rug, wall baskets and a deep clean, of course! Home decor outdoor living wall art black pillow neutral pillow outdoor rug porch decor decor decor outdoor lights

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I’ve added picture frame moulding boxes to add interest to my kitchen bar area. home decor kitchen decor woven bar stools pendant lights cream kitchen wall decor 

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My dining room underwent a dramatic transformation when the walls were painted Iron Ore and we added picture frame moulding boxes. home decor dining room decor crystal chandelier landscape art dining table ding chairs faux floral arrangement 

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Our playroom closet is organized to the max! home organization playroom organization toy storage Elfa system storage solution over the door mirror abacus shopping cart storage bin over the door storage 

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These new pillows I added to my back deck for summer are amazingly affordable and come in tons of colors and the pillow inserts are great, too! 

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I ordered these coastal home decor items for 20% off and the sale items qualified for an additional 20% off. The new savings code is: WAVES. home decor rattan side table woven lidded basket blue and white rug white bath mat white runner

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This white cane crib, macrame crib skirt and gingham crib sheet are 20% off (and more on the sale items) with code: WAVES. Home decor nursery decor nursery art neutral nursery decor

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Elizas big girl bedroom design plan- almost all pieces have arrived and many of the items are on sale this weekend! Little girl bedroom home decor bedroom decor bedroom rug 

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This lidded tulip basket is currently on rare sale and is 50% off. home decor basket storage living room decor woven hamper  bedroom decor bedroom storage toy storage

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Trending channel tufted beds. home decor bedroom decor vertical channel tufted bed horizontal channel tufted bed white bed platform bed pin bed big girl bedroom

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20% off all, even the sale items with code: WAVES. home decor coastal decor rattan counter stool macrame bed skirt beaded chandelier rattan tray rattan bar cart tassel pillow gift idea#LTKMothersDay

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Who is having company visit for the long weekend? Make sure your guest room is guest ready! home decor bedroom decor black dresser x bench white bedding teddy bear throw jute rug forsythia stems 

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I add life to my Iron Ore dining room by adding pops of green with live plants, a faux leafy tree and a lemon and blueberry wreath. BTW, my cement lamps are currently on sale! home decor dining room decor spring decor crystal chandelier cement lamp dining chair dining table sideboard jute rug white planter centerpiece cement basket pot

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Bookcase styling for a nursery or little girl bedroom and this bookcase is currently on rare sale. home decor nursery decor forest print white bookcase woven basket neutral nursery 

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This Rise and Shine breakfast board is a wonderful way to start the day. charcuterie board cheese board brunch board party food entertaining idea Mother’s Day graduation day bacon mini waffles


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Several of the items in our conversation room are currently on sale, including the chandelier. Home decor living room decor black curio cabinet iron chandelier bird print coffee table styling faux olive tree black sconce

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The wood bead chandelier in my breakfast nook is currently 25% off! home decor dining room decor beaded light fixture dining table dining chair sideboard round mirror white curtains white rug

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So many of these beaded chandeliers are currently on sale, including the ones I have in my breakfast nook and bedroom. Home decor wood bead chandelier dining room decor bedroom decor wood bead fixture clear bead chandelier

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These acrylic floating shelves in the playroom keep our favorite story books organized. The shelves come in a two pack and are available in three different sizes. home decor playroom decor playroom storage book shelf book storage forest mural play table play chair

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This adhesive cup is intended for a razor, but here I use it for my daughter’s toothpaste and tooth brush for easy access. bathroom organization vanity organization bathroom storage solution cabinet door storage 

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Play kitchens come with their own storage, but I added a few extra items to keep things organized. playroom organization playroom storage toy storage home organization tufted rug butterfly poster pot and pan storage rack bluebird print wall clock kid apron 

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Shallow planters do more than hold plants. Here, I’ve used this shallow gray ceramic planter as a candy dish. home decor living room decor side table styling cane accent table 

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Elizas big girl bedroom design plan- almost all pieces have arrived! Her pink and purple orientalist rug is on sale for Way Day and her baskets and rattan trunk are 20% off at Serena and Lily today!  Little girl bedroom home decor bedroom decor bedroom rug 

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My moody dining room features Iron Ore paint with picture frame moulding boxes on the walls. home decor dining room decor jute rug landscape art crystal chandelier faux green tree cement lamp sideboard dining table dining chair faux hydrangea arrangement 

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When I got home from vacation a few weeks ago, I don’t think ALL of me quite made it home. So, in conjunction with my office updates (more coming soon!), I decided to trade in one @Minted gallery wall (est. in 2016!) for another, but made it… beachy. I love being able to “go to” that happy place while sitting at my desk now – not just for the beauty and memories but to keep that reminder there of why I work ;) The colors and skyscapes of these three prints – all part of the same series by @photo_kamala – totally won me over and made it so simple to choose. I’ve linked these pieces in the LTK app and new customers can use code KELLEYART2022 for 10% off art! A few pro tips:

1.	If you’re looking for a pair, trio, or gallery of similar prints (by the same artist), search ii (indicating the second of an artist’s series) on the Minted website to pull up art that likely has additional pieces. This is how I located not only these sunset-y, pretty beach prints, but lots of pairings throughout my house. There are thousands of artists’ work available so narrowing the site down quickly is really helpful!
2.	I’ve done matted prints, prints that go all the way to the frame, metal frames, wood frames and more from Minted. You can and should test out all the combinations because framing and white space around a photo (or lack thereof) can make your pieces look totally different!
3.	There’s now a mobile AR tool so you can see what the art will look like in your room – while you’re browsing, you just click “View In My Room” under any listing and a QR code will pop up so you can view it on your wall virtually.

In stories, I’m also sharing a few other gallery combos that evoked a beach-like spirit which were contenders for my office. I’m going to be concentrating on incorporating more things in my office that are meaningful and make me HAPPY and this was a great place to start!

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These modular drawers are a great solution when you have a bathroom vanity that doesn’t have drawers. home organization bathroom organization cabinet organization bathroom storage vanity storage humidifier storage solution 

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Botanical and floral playroom murals home decor playroom decor playroom wallpaper nursery wallpaper peel and stick wallpaper flower wallpaper girls room wallpaper 

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These bins hold a ton and come in several different sizes. I’ve added labels to make things easy to find and to stay organized. playroom closet storage playroom organization closet organization Elfa closet storage solution label maker label clips over the door storage

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20% off with code: GOFORIT for all, even the sale items! home decor coastal decor nursery cane crib rattan counter stool macrame crib skirt bamboo mirror woven storage basket crib sheet rattan ottoman gift idea

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Some of my favorite nursery decor items are currently 20% off or more with code: GOFORIT home decor white cane crib macrame crib skirt crib sheet blue and white pillow basket pendant light nursery art nursery rocker neutral nursery

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The shiplap ceiling, painted Tricorn Black, is one of my favorite features in my home. home decor living room decor black curio cabinet coffee table styling iron chandelier bird print cane accent chair stoneware vase faux olive tree green linen pillow

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Captured this sweet moment of our girl dressed as a modern day Snow White as we were heading out for Disney On Ice. Toddler girl fashion dress up Minnie Mouse backpack quilted pink cross body purse stick on I earrings red converse sneakers wingback chair cane accent table woven pillow

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I’ve used components of the modular storage system in my kitchen and office. Here, I’ve added several of the components to this modular drawer that is an additional storage solution to my bathroom vanity. home storage bathroom storage cabinet storage home organization bathroom organization cabinet organization 

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