Re: my eyebrows, IT’S THIS STUFF!! It makes eyebrows grow back, AND they get a lot darker. It’s mind-blowing, honestly. Linking the full-sized tube on sale here. (Comes with 2 other products I’ve never tried.) it’s pricey, but a tube lasts me around 4 months (you only use it once per day) so it comes to around $22 per month. Not bad! I have suffered from hair loss for years due to genetics (just runs in the family!) and this is the ONLY thing that’s ever worked for my eyebrows. I should note that this works to regrow eyebrows you once had. It won’t make hair follicles appear where they never were. But if you wish you could get your “old” eyebrows back, or darken your current eyebrows, this is for you! I’ve gotten a few mean comments about this 😅 but whatever; I feel more like myself with visible eyebrows! 👏🏻 (also I’m terrified of micro blading. Have friends who do it and it looks AMAZING but I just know id come out with one eyebrow considerably higher than the other 🤣)

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