DIY Bunny Bait 🐰 2 cups pretzels 2 cups Cap’N Crunch 2 cups Toasted O’s 2 cups Rice Chex 2 cups/10oz bag of Pastel M&M’s Mix 2 cups/whole 10oz bag of white chocolate chips (sub almond bark if desired), melt in 30 sec intervals in microwave until melted Mix into pretzels/cereal/M&M’s Spread onto parchment lined sheet pan Sprinkle with Peeps sprinkles Place into fridge or freezer for up to 15 mins to harden Break up into pieces and place into container/bowl Enjoy! 🐰 #easter #eastertreats #bunnybait #fandt #frugalandthriving #eastersnack #dessert #bunny #easysnack #FoodTok #Recipe #Itk #fyp


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